Things to do in Tamriel

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Here is an overview of the diverse content that can be found in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Base Game


There are various activities the player can undertake to unlock new skills and make money. These include joining NPC guilds, participating in the justice system (legerdemain skill line),  finding skyshards, and unlocking collectibles (moments, pets, furniture, titles, colours, and more.)



Some people prefer to make (a lot of) money stealing from others. Stealing items in public will often result in a bounty and unpleasant interactions with unkillable guards.  Stolen items can not be sold at regular merchants or banked. They can only be sold or laundered by fences located in Outlaw’s refuges in larger towns. The fences will only accept a limited number of items each day depending on the passives unlocked.

Skyshards and Skill Points

Collecting three skyshard unlocks another skillpoint.  Once you collect all of the skyshards in a zone, you will be able to purchase skyshard packs on other characters from the crown store to save time running around and unlocking them again.


There are 8 rare colours that can be obtained by collecting trophies from the various beasties found around Tamriel.  There was a time you had to use them to add them to your collections but it is automatic now and they can be safely sold to vendors.

Examples: Smoldering Ember Heart, Petrified Spider Egg, Whirring Dynamo, Troll Skull, Lashing Tentacle, Banekin Horn, etc.

Collectible Hunting


Player Vs Player

Alliance War

The alliance war zone Cyrodiil was designed for large scale battle of small armies (aka Zergs) and employs the use of seige equipment like fire pots, ballistas, catapults, trebuchets, and battering rams.

The zone is unlocked when your character reaches level 10 and you can select a campaign by hitting the ‘L’ key (PC).


Battlegrounds were designed for arena style combat between 3 teams of 4 players. The battles take place on a variety of maps and have different ‘games’ such a capture the flag, death match, and more.  Players can obtain a daily quest for a random battleground each day using the group finder.

Players access the battlegrounds from the battleground NPC in the starter areas of Davon’s Watch, Daggerfall, Vulkhel Guard, Vivec City and more.

There is also The Imperial DLC which adds an urban combat element to the game with the added complication of swarms of Daedric mobs and bosses.



Crafters work in the tradehall

In addition to being able to craft gear for yourself, friends, and guildmates, crafting is a good source of gold and way to pass the time before and/or after a hard day of adventuring.



If adventures are what you seek, no MMORPG would be complete without dungeons.

Trials / Arenas

Trials are intended for large “raiding” groups of 12. Usually Trials are completed in pre-made groups from within the ranks of Trial Guilds. However, solo players can often find base game trial group announcements in Craglorn.

Arenas feature several waves of opposing forces. There are two types: Solo and Group.  The most popular arena is Maelstrom Arena (Orsinium DLC).  The base game group Arena is Dragonstar arena in Craglorn. Another group arena is Black Rose Prison in Murkmire (DLC).

Note: There are weekly leaderboards for this content found on a tab in your journal.

Public Dungeons

Public dungeons are intended for small groups of two or more but a skilled player can solo them.

Group Dungeons

Group dungeons are intended for 4 players. The Undaunted offer 3 daily quests each day called pledges.

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Veteran Dungeons

Veteran dungeons are more difficult versions of the group dungeons and often requires more skill, better gear, and higher champion points. The Undaunted offer 3 daily quests each day called pledges.

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Note: Players can do a random dungeon quests each day which is accessed by the groupfinder.  The first random offers a much higher reward. The rewards will listed in purple (1st one of day) or blue (2nd or more of the day).


Exploration and Quests

Dark Anchors

Daedra forces are attempting to merge their planes with Nirn by dropping huge anchors from the sky. They are a popular spot for levelling characters and a good place to farm zone jewelry.

Note: The Fighters' Guild offers daily quests to deal with the daedra incursions.


Delves are exploreable areas like mines, caverns, and ruins. They are intended for solo players.


Main Quest

The main quest is obtained from a hooded figure in the starter towns of Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, and Vulkhel Guard.

Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact, Coldharbour, Craglorn

The best way to explore and track your progress is to pull up your map and access the zone guide.

The zone guide provides information on

  • Story quests completed
  • Skyshards found
  • Delves completed
  • Striking Locales (points of interest)
  • Crafting Set locations found
  • Public Dungeons completed
  • World Bosses completed
  • Lorebooks found

Unique Dailies




Since it’s introduction into the game, hordes of players are spending a lot of time and gold on housing.


Holiday Events

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Downloadable Content (DLC’s) and Chapters

Note: Thinking about buying DLC's or subscribing to ESO? Check out this guide on getting the most of ESO+.


These prologue quests do not require access to the DLC or chapters and often reward you with a momento or other collectible such as a pet.






  • Summerset: Do you know about the daily and weekly quests?
  • Relics of Summerset
    (Lantern of Lies, Heart of Indrik, Silver-Tongued Quill, Unraveling Wand, Skull of Minor Cursing, Shadowcutter Blade, Soulkeeper’s Urn, Chest of Condemnation, Never-Ending Scroll,  Inescapable Helm, Sticky-Fingered Lute, Fan of False-Face, Pillow of Sweet Dreams, Mirror of Fatal Premonition, Monochrome Paintbrush, Hourglass of Perceived Time, Jaunt of the Jilted, Ever-Filling Chalice., Chestplate of Dessication, Shattering Sword)
  • Unlockable Collectibles










Dragon Bones


Clockwork City


Horns of the Reach


Shadows of the Hist


Dark Brotherhood


Thieves Guild




Imperial City


Summary of Dailies