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While not one to partake in Battlegrounds often, I do like to record Elder Scrolls Online History.


  1. Introduction
  2. Daily Quests
  3. Modes
  4. Battleground Weekend History


In September of 2022, The Elder Scrolls Online added special weekend events featuring Battlegrounds Player vs. Player. Battlegrounds are small scale team based Player vs. Player matches consisting of 12 players split between 3 teams.

You can join the event by navigating to the Activity Finder and selecting Battlegrounds. You will be given the option to do a random solo or group battleground match.

During the weekend battleground events, battleground participants will earn an additional 25% Alliance Points.

To earn the Random Daily Bonus your team must finish first or second. Champion Abilities are disabled in the Battlegrounds.

Daily Quests



Earn points by killing enemy players

Capture the Relic

Earn points by capturing enemy relics and returning them to your base.

Chaos Ball

Earn points by taking possession of the Chaos Ball and retaining possession over time. Beware. While in your possession, the Chaos Ball will deal an increasing amount of damage over time.

Crazy King

Earn points by capturing and holding points that will regularly move to different locations on the map.


Earn points by capturing and holding points while your time maintains possession.

Battleground Weekends

The limited number of events suggests the events will be held every 3 weeks starting on a Thursday (North America) and ending Tuesday (North America).

No.DateFeatured Event
12022-09-22Capture the Relic
22022-10-13Chaos Ball


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