ESO Companions Bastien, Isobel, Ember, and Mirri

ESO Companions

In this Elder Scrolls Online Beginner’s Guide, I share my understanding and notes about the Companion system introduced with Blackwood. Companions are NPC (non-player characters) you can unlock to help you on (most) of your adventurers in the Elder Scrolls Online.


  1. Unlocking your companion(s)
  2. Accessing the Companion Settings
    1. Setting Companion’s Appearance
    2. Equipment
  3. Combat
  4. Rapport Events

Unlocking Your Companion(s)

As the title suggests, you can unlock more than one companion. However, you may only have one active at a time. To unlock a companion, you will require access the Blackwood or High Isle content and to complete their unlocking quest. Before unlocking a companion, consult the notes below.

– You many only have a companion or assistant active at one time.
– They can be added to your quickslot for easy summoning and dismissal.
– Group limits for Group Dungeons, Group Arenas, and Trials apply to – Companions and they will be auto-dismissed as other players zone in.
– Companions cannot be summoned in PvP areas, Solo Arenas, or Housing Instances.
– Companions cannot be summoned while you are in combat.
– Companions have to be unlocked on each character but the companion’s progress (level, unlocked abilities, rapport, etc.)is shared account-wide
– Adding companions to your Allies quickslot wheel and then triggering the slot will begin the companion’s quest if it hasn’t been unlock on that character.

You can find your companions at the following locations

  • Bastian Hallix (Dragonknight) can be found south of Deepscorn Hollow along the southwest coast of Blackwood
  • Ember (Sorceror) can be found at Tor Draioch just north of Gonfalon Bay, High Isle
  • Isobel Veloise (Templar) can be found at Castle Navire on the southwest coast of High Isle.
  • Mirri Elendis (NIghtblade) can be found north of Doomvault Vulpinaz in northern Blackwood
Locations of Companion Quests – Blackwood
ESO High Isle and Amenos Companion starter quests Ember and Isobel
Locations of Companion Quests – High Isle and Amenos

Accessing the Companion Settings

To access your companion settings, summon them and talk to them.

Select Companion Menu to access your companions settings.

The companion menu has three tabs: Character, Abilities, and Collections.

The character tab provides a good overview of your companion’s status and where you choose your equipment. Here you will see their ability bar, their level, and rapport. Rapport is how much your companion likes or dislikes you. In other games, the terms reputation or faction is used.

Companion Menu – Character Tab

Companion levels on combat experience and their personal quest lines.
Experience buffs that affect your player apply to your companion (Event bonuses, consumables, etc.)
If the rapport between your character and Companion is very low, your Companion may voluntarily unsummon themselves and be unavailable for some time.

The skills tab is where you can define your companion’s build with the abilities available to them.

Their ability bar defines the priority of their abilities.

Companion Menu – Skills

Weapon and armor skills level up much like your characters.
Guild skill lines are leveled by completing guild daily quests: Fighter’s Guild, Mages’ Guild, and Undaunted.

The collectibles tab is where you can set the appearance of your companion and select their mount.

Companion Menu – Collectibles

Setting Your Companion’s Appearance

If you want greater control over your companion’s appearance than just selecting a costume, you can do so at an outfitting station.

Be sure to select the companion tab before accepting your changes. If not, you will changing your character’s appearance.
Your companion’s head armor is always hidden.

Outfit Station Menu – Companion Tab

If you do not see any options on the companion’s tab at the outfit station, you need to talk to your companion and change their outfit setting.

Companion Menu – Character Tab – Outfit Setting

If the outfit setting is set to ‘No Outfit’, the companion’s default appearance is shown.


You can purchase white Companion equipment from Weaponsmith, Woodworker, Armorer, Leatherworker, and Tailor merchants throughout the world, allowing you to customize your Companion’s role.

Fine (green), superior (blue) and epic (purple) quality Companion equipment with traits can be obtained as rare drops from monster throughout the world, particularly from bosses .

You companion must be ACTIVE to loot companion gear.


Companion Ultimate Slot (Empty)

Companion abilities utilize a cooldown system to determine frequency of usage, with various abilities having an array of cooldown times.

Otherwise, companions behave similarly to pets. You can use the Pet Attack command [Y + Left or Right Click] by default with Keyboard UI or [L3 + R3 + Left or Right Bumper].

You can designate your companions target by heavy attacking.

You can have your companion automatically cast their ultimate or manually triggering their ultimate with their ultimate slot near your ability bar.

Ultimate ability is unlocked when your companion reaches level 20.

The auto ultimate setting is found in the Gameplay section of the game settings. Shown below.

Settings / Gameplay Menu – Companion Ultimate Auto Cast Setting


Bastian+500 Personal Quests (Once each)
+125 Mages’ Guild Daily
+10 Visit Mages Guild Buildings (20h)
+10 Visit Artaeum or Eyeva using portal (20h)
+10 Random Encounters that help people (?)
+5 Scry an Antiquity (5m)
+5 Loot Psijiic Portal (5m)
+1 Read Book (15m)
+1 Kill a Worm Cultist at Dark Anchors (10m?)
+1 Kill bandits (5m?)
-25 Murder
-5 Pickpocketing
-5 Stealing (includes opening thieves’ troves)
-5 Killing Passive Animals
-1 Make recipe with Cheese ingredient
+500 Personal Quests
+125 Mages’ Guild Daily
+125 Thieves Guild Heist without time bonus
+125 Completing High Isle Delve Boss Daily
+25 / +5 Fencing a purple-quality to NPC Fence
+10 / +1 Winning a Tales of Tribute game
+10 / +1 Pickpocketing a guard
+10 Choosing Clemency Dialog option when caught by guard.
+5 /+1 Looting Safebox or thieves trove
+5 Completing a Thieves Guild Tip Board Daily
+5 Use a counterfeit pardon edict
+1 Harvesting Runestone
+1 Killing Wolves
+1 Successfully escaping a guard
+1 Trespassing
+1 Selling a purple-quality item to a regular NPC fence
+1 Entering an outlaws refuge or the Thieves Den
+1 Summoning non-combat pets (cats)

-10 Witnessed doing a crime (stealing, killing innocent NPC)
-25 / -5 Paying bounty to guard
-10 Choosing flee option after caught by guard.
-10 Witnessed Trespassing
-5 Killed by a guard
-1 Fishing

Isobel+500 Personal Quests
+125 Undaunted Guild Daily
+25 /+5 Visiting Undaunted Enclave
+1 to +10 Talking to Alliance Leaders (+10 Emeric, +5 Ayrenn, +1 Jorunn)
+10 Talking to Lyris Titanborn
+125 Completing High Isle World Boss Daily
+5 Killing a delve boss
+5 Killing boss-type Daedra
+5 Crafting “sweet-food”
(Bananas in Moon-Sugar Syrup; Banana Surprise; Banana Millet Muffin; Honey Nut Treat; Sweetroll, Mistral Banana Bread; Pumpkin Cheesecake; Carrot Cheesecake; Jeral View Inn Carrot Cake; Creamcheese Frosted Gorapple Cake; Bewitched Sugar Skulls; Candied Jester’s Coins; Sorry, Honey Lager) (1h)
+5 Crafting at Blacksmithing table
+5 Completing a volcanic vent
+1 Killing Daedra
+1 Using a repair kit
+1 Accepting duel request
+1 Summoning non-combat pet dog (Duradach Mountain Dog, Imperial War Mastiff, or Bravil Retriever pets)
-10 / -1 Killing innocent NPC with or without Blade of Woe
-5 Entering Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
-1 Stealing from container, thieves trove, or corpse of innocent NPC
-1 Entering an outlaws refuge
Mirri+500 Personal Quests
+125 Fighters’ Guild Daily
+125 Ashlander Relic Quest (20h)
+10 Visit Daedric Shrine Delves and Public Dungeons (30m)
Mehrune’s Spite, Sanguine’s Demense, Sheogorath’s Tongue, Ashalmawla, Broken Tusk, Mephala’s Nest, The Cave of Trophies, The Grotto of Depravity
+10 Visit Museums
Khajiit of the Moons, Rithana-di-Renada, House of Orsimer Glories, Vault of Moawita, Kari’s Hit List, Library of Vivec
+10 Visit Brass Fortress
+5 Excavate an Antiquity
+1 Read Book
+1 Kill a goblin
+1 Kill a snake
Passive, Giant Snakes, etc.
+1 Make Alcoholic Beverage (5m)
-25 Use Blade of Woe (Major) (?)
-10 Enter Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
-5 Blade of Woe (Minor) (during Major BoW cooldown)
-1 Harvest Torch Bug or butterfly (?)

Table of Rapport changing events

Items with two number (e.g. +10 / +1) indicate there is a rapport difference between first and subsequent actions during cooldown period.

If you have both companions and like Antiquities, you can level both companion rapports by summoning one before you Scry and the other companion when you Excavate.


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