ESO Antiquities

Antiquities were added to the Elder Scrolls Online with the Greymoor Chapter. There are antiquities for all kinds of playstyles: PvP, PvE, Housing, Fashion, etc.. Zenimax Online Studios have said the Antiquities will be added to future content.

There are three activities associated with Antiquities

  • Obtaining Leads
  • Scrying (mini-game)
  • Excavation (mini-game)

Let’s exam each in some detail.

Obtaining Leads

In the course of adventuring, you will discover leads whether or not you have access to the Greymoor content.

There are different kinds of relics. Below is a list of the different categories.

  • Appearance Items
    • Adornments
    • Emotes
    • Hats
    • Markings
      • Head
      • Body
    • Outfit Styles
    • Motif Chapters
  • Furniture
  • Mounts
  • Mythic Items (1 Piece set Items)
  • Treasure (Vendor Loot)

Just about any activity in the Elder Scrolls Online could result in finding a lead: Delves, Public Dungeon Bosses, Group Dungeon Bosses, World Bosses, Dragons, Colossus, Imperial City Bosses, Harvesting nodes, treasure chests, Battlegrounds, Looting Containers (Urns, Vases, Jewelry Boxes, Psijic Portals, Safeboxes, Thieves Troves, etc.), doing Dailies, Excavation, killing mobs, and Fishing.

If you don’t have any leads, there are built-in leads for each zone that are repeatable. Also, merchants and innkeepers sell leads for zone map furnishings.

Much of the information gathered for Leads for the ESO community has been through the coordinated efforts by Inklings and you can find their information posted on

Unlocking Antiquities Skill Lines

To unlock the Antiquities skill line, you need access to Western Skyrim (Greymoor DLC/Chapter) and complete a brief introduction quest.

In an alley just southeast of the Solitude Wayshrine, you will find a poster titled “Calling All Antiquarians”. Interacting with this poster will start the quest “The Antiquarian Circle”.

The Antiquarian Circle is building between the Bards’ College and the Palace. Once inside, talk to Verita Numida. After talking to her, interact with the Antiquarian’s eye on the nearby table. Return to Verita to complete quest and obtain the skill lines: Excavation and Scrying.


Scrying is the process of determining the location of relics’ dig sites.

The object of the scrying mini-game is to create a path from the starting location at the bottom middle to each of the large glowing circles on the game board.

The path is created by removing tiles from the game board by using the methods at your disposal based on your level.

This tools will allow you to change regions of tiles to the same symbol, remove tiles with a certain symbol connecting the revealed portion of the game map, or reveal a certain number of tiles in a straight line.

When you click on a “hexagon tile”, all adjoining tiles with the same symbol will be removed at the same time.

If you are successful connecting a path to all of the circles, the dig site will be revealed on the world region map. If not, additional dig locations will appear on your map and you may have to visit multiple location before you discover the real dig site.

You can have multiple leads active at one time by scrying their locations.


Once a dig site has been discovered. Excavation is the process to find and uncover the relic from the ground. Excavation has two parts: Location and Extraction.

Locating the relic is best explained as a process of elimination. Your goal is to eliminate as much of the excavation site as possible.

First, you concentrate on white highlighted regions identified from your test dig sites. Next, eliminate parts of the white regions with future test dig sites.

The video below demonstrates how to find a relic by eliminating most of the excavation site using three test sites. View Written Guide

Learn the basics of relic hunting


As you attempt more difficult excavations, fissures will start to appear on your excavation map. Fissures are squares on the map with steam / smoke escaping from below the surface. These are very briefly explained on a tutorial tip.

Fissures are explosive and can set off a chain reaction that could destroy your relic.

The video below explains how to execute a controlled fissure explosion. View Written Guide.

Learn how to safely trigger a fissure explosion to reveal additional parts of the map.


If you are playing on PC and are chasing down Antiquities, then I highly recommend the addon called DisplayLeads.