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ESO Litany of Blood

“Woe unto they, Night Mother, those born to Anu. From beyond death’s prison, I offer those who meet my unshriven gaze with your blade’s cold caress. You will know them by their eye…”

Tip: With the exception of Skywatch, the navigators / caravaners can take to all of the Litany of Blood target towns if you do not have all the wayshrines unlocked.


  1. Walkthrough
  2. Aldmeri Dominion
    1. Skywatch, Auridon
    2. Elden Root, Grahtwood
    3. Marbruk, Greenshade
    4. Vulkwasten, Malabal Tor
    5. Rawl’Kha, Reaper’s March
  3. Ebonheart Pact
    1. Davon’s Watch, Stonefalls
    2. Mournhold, Deshaan
    3. Stormhold, Shadowfen
    4. Windhelm, Eastmarch
    5. Riften, The Rift
  4. Daggerfall Covenant
    1. Daggerfall, Glenumbra
    2. Wayrest, Stormhaven
    3. Sentinel, Alik’r Desert
    4. Shornhelm, Rivenspire
    5. Evermore, Bangkorai


  1. Talk to Nevusa to get the Litany of Blood Quest.
  2. Read the Litany of Book
  3. Talk to Nevusa and obtain your own copy of the book.
  4. Assassinate the targets below using the Blade of Woe
  5. Return to the Dark Sanctuary and claim your Polymorph, Title, and Achievement.
Note: I unlocked this quest after I completed my first Sacrament. Also, the targets will wander in their respective towns. Often they are found near markets or guilds.

Skywatch, Auridon


“From Skywatch, I offer she who reflects the heavens in her gaze and dress, drifting from the dance to dance”

Cimalire, a female Altmer  a white only left eye wearing a blue dress and. I found her wandering around the mage guild area.

Elden Root, Grahtwood


“From Elden Root, I offer he who is as aged and gnarled as the trees, his back bowed but not bent.”

Diredelas, an older male wood elf with a bow on his back. Often found around the Outside Inn: below fishing, listening to the bard, or enjoying a drink inside.

Marbruk, Greenshade


“From Marbruk, I offer she who surveys the market beneath an auburn Veil and keeps silver close to her heart.”

Caraleth, a tattooed red-headed fighter, often found in the Fighter's Guild.

Vulkwasten, Malabal Tor


“From Vulkwasten, I offer she who sweeps away the seasons with straw and the swich of her tail.”

Sihada, a noble khajiit sweeping the walkways around  Vulkwasten.

Rawl’Kha, Reaper’s March


“From Rawl’kha, I offer he who clothes his stripes of brown with stripes of gold.”

Dablir, a well-dressed Khajiit male that can often be found strolling between the blacksmith forge and the guild traders.

Ebonheart Pact

Davon’s Watch, Stonefalls


“From Davon’s Watch, I offer he who is silver, ash, and fire, draped in copper filigree.”

Dinor Girano, dark elf noble, likes to walk the promenades overlooking stairs leading down to the docks and wander around the bank. Also, likes to browse the Mystic area.

Mournhold, Deshaan


“From Mournhold, I offer she who marches beneath a red crest and wields winding steel.”

Cindiri Malas, a proud dark elf soldier that often stands watch in the Royal Bazaar wearing her Red Pact Armour.

Stormhold, Shadowfen


“From Stormhold, I offer she who is caked in mud but wears a halo of bone, bright and untouched by mire.”

Gideelar, an argonian female with horns that circle her head like a halo likes to clean up town with her rake. Frequently seen near the dye table.

Windhelm, Eastmarch


“From Windhelm, I offer she who bears time at her waist, but for whom age has not robbed her golden crown.”

 Hakida, an elderly woman with a braid around the top of her head, likes to take strolls by the Fighter's guild to watch the brawny Nords work up a sweat.

Riften, The Rift


“From Riften, I offer he whose arms are coiled and stained with the ink and weeds of the sea.”

 Eldfyr, a proud male Nord wearing green and circlets at near each elbow, that has been seen walking from the market to the Fighters' Guild, where he will wander the upper floor in search of a strong drink.

Daggerfall Convenant

Daggerfall, Glenumbra


“From Daggerfall, I offer he whose dress is as cool as his demeanor and pate as barren as his heart.”

 Cesarel Hedier, a bald male who likes to stalk the dark narrow alleys northeast of the Daggerfall stables.

Wayrest, Stormhaven


“From Wayrest, I offer she who peers from behind a crimson curtain and marred her face to hide her nature.”

 Alix Edette, a red-headed dockworker dressed in blue, works in the southeast part of town.

Shornhelm, Rivenspire


“From Shornhelm, I offer she who greets death as a sister, her smile joyless and unflinching.”

Bulag, the knife juggler, likes to entertains by the pack merchant and the guild traders. Occassionaly walks outside the walls west of the traders.

Sentinel, Alik’r Desert


“From Sentinel, I offer he who leaves a trail of neat black ropes dangling over a golden cage.”

Ebrayd, redguard with dreadlocks and a gold leaf embossed brown shirt, enjoys spending time in and around the blacksmith forge.

Evermore, Bangkorai


“From Evermore, I offer she whose heart bears many scars, but does not fear to wear them proudly.

Berea, redguard female with having visible scars on her chest frequents the graveyard after strolling from the Emporium, past the Anchor Point Inn (stops at the patio for a drink), and a visiting at the The Stalls.


  • Title: Executioner
  • Cadverous Assassin Polymorph
  • 50 Achievement Points


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