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ESO The Lady in the Cistern Achievement

Learn every rumor about the statue in the Thieves Den.



To complete this achievement (5pts.) in the Thieves’ Den, you need to find the seven guild members’ notes around the Thieves’ Den.

Andarri’s Theory

Located near the Tip Board on a nightstand next to a bench seat with the wooden back.

Thrag’s Theory

Located in the west entrance way (near the heist board) on a crate with a huge barrel behind Qasneta.

Quen’s Theory

Located near Tavrina’s Stall on a crate next to a lit lantern next to some bunk beds and little red dragon-like creatures in cages.

Walks-Softly’s Theory

Located near the guild trader on the table where Brucus Gurges is seated and drinking.

Velsa’s Theory

Located in the far south section of the hideout in a “L” shaped corridor often frequented by a couple of torchbugs in a small alcove on the east side.

Silver-Claw’s Theory

Located on a crate in front of the Fence Anbi’s stall near one of the entrances.

Zeira’s Theory

Located on a crate with a barrel on the platform above Tavrina’s Stall.

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