ESO Guide: Craglorn Daily and Weekly Quests

Once an adventuring region for the fiercest bands of 4 or 12 player groups, now most of the region can be completed by a well equipped combat veteran, but at least 2 party members are recommended.

Within its borders, there can be found 14 daily quests and 4 weekly quests. However, to find adventure, you will have to leave the towns to find it.


Daily Quests

Unlike the newer areas, the daily quests are not conveniently obtained from one or two quest boards. Like most other dailies, the quests can be shared.

Tip: Upper Craglorn Cave Delver and Craglorn Pilgrim achievements can be done at the same time.
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Lower Craglorn (7)


  1. Supreme Power (Fights-With-Tail, Elinhir) : Free Elinhir from the Blackcaster Mages.


Rahni’Za School of Warriors

  1. The Trials of Rahni’Za (Fada at-Glina, Rahni’Za School of Warriors): Find out what has happened to the swordsmen at an elite Redguard training school.


Shada’s Tear

  1. The Fallen City of Shada (Greban, Shada’s Tear): Cleanse the waters of Shada’s Tear.
    1. The Reason We Fight (Nhalan, Shada’s Tear): Release an undead Nedic priest from his curse.
    2. Waters Run Foul (Ralai, Shada’s Tear): Release the researchers from the Nereid Queen’s influence

Need help with the Waters Run Foul Puzzles?


Seeker’s Archive

  1. The Seeker’s Archive (Ibrula, Seeker’s Archive): Uncover the secret in the ancient library.



  1. Critical Mass (Sara Benele, Spellscar): Enter a giant obelisk and help stabilize its core.
    1. First you go to each of the three shards indicated on your map and clear of mobs.
    2. Activate the shard.
    3. Find Sara and talk to her.
    4. Wait for her to open the portal.
    5. On the first few floating “islands”, clear the mobs to reveal the bridges.
    6. Once you reach the large floating “island”, Sara will start to make bridges after each battle.
    7. After the final battle, Sara will open a portal back to Craglorn.


Upper Craglorn (7)


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The Gray Passage (Lore: The Gray Passage, Dragonstar, Caravan Company Depot): Gain the Stars’ favor by completing this pilgrimage.

  • The Truer Fangs (Safa al-Satakalaam, Dragonstar): Assassinate three Satakal worshippers who converted to the Scaled Court.
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    Exarch’s Stronghold

    1. Iron and Scales (Lashburr Tooth-Breaker, Exarch’s Stronghold): Avenge the Iron Orcs by striking back at the Scaled Court‘s minion.



    1. Souls of the Betrayed (Crusader Dalamar, Skyreach Catacombs): Investigate a claim of necromancy and disturbed undead in Upper Craglorn.
    2. The Blood of Nirn (Nendirume, Skyreach Hold): Prevent the Scaled Court from acquiring a large supply of nirncrux.
    3. Uncaged (Mederic Vyger, Skyreach Pinnacle): Seal an ancient laboratory filled with angry Celestials.


    Valley of Scars

    1. Taken Alive (Scattered-Leaves, Valley of Scars): Find Scattered-Leaves‘ missing guards in the Valley of Scars.


    • Yokudan Coffer of Distinction
      • Ferrous Salts
      • Yokudan Motif (Rare)
      • Zone Set Item
    • 414 gold


    Weekly Quests (Trials)

    The weekly quests are on a seven day timer and don’t reset at a recurring time each week.

    Belkarth (Click to Enlarge)
    1. Ha Ra Citadel
      1. Assaulting the Citadel (Kailstig the Axe, Crossroads Tavern Belkarth ): Launch an attack on the Celestial Warrior‘s stronghold.
    2. Aetherian Archive
      1. The Mage’s Tower (Mighty Mordra, Crossroads Tavern Belkarth): Defeat the Celestial Mage to save her from the Serpent.
    3. Sanctum Ophidia
      1. The Oldest Ghost  (Turk Redclaws or Atidel): Launch a direct assault on the Celestial Serpent.



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