ESO Spoiler: A Hireling of Telvanni (Telvanni Magister Personality)

The Telvanni force me to work, but I make sure it brings them no pleasure.

Note: The purchase of the Morrowind Chapter is required to complete this achievement.

This quest begins in Sadrith Mora on the largest island off the east coast of Vvardenfell.  The questline will take a few hours to complete.

Tip: There are a lot of thieving  and legerdemain activities required for this quest line.  Improved Hiding, high pickpocketing, and sneaking gear sets would be very helpful to complete the quests given.
Tip: There is a quest to deliver Mushrooms to Sadrith Mora in Vivec City. The quest giver also gives insight on how to get there quickly using the services of the city navigator.


  1. Deliver Mushroom Quest in Vivec City (Optional)
  2. Travel  to Sadrith Mora
  3. Walk north of the Sadrith Mora Wayshrine, to locate Eoki
  4. Quest: A Hireling of House Telvanni
    1. Travel to Tel Naga (large mushroom tower nearby)
    2. Talk to Sun-in-Shadow (main floor)
    3. Find Eraven Onthim’s chamber and locate a letter (Council Mushroom tower to the northwest.
    4. Help Brelan Neloren with his problem
      1. Pickpocket a Brelen’s target.
      2. Return to Sun-in-Shadow
      3. Travel to Zaintiraris
      4. Open the entrance
        Light the braziers with the number of skulls indicated: 2, 3, 5, and 6.
      5. Find a way to access the central chamber
        Follow the quest marker and kill the guardian of the key.
      6. Take the relic to Tel Branora
        (Southeast most island with the wayshrine)
      7. Talk to Therana about Sun-in-Shadow
      8. Take the Writ from the table and return to  Sadrith Mora
      9. Present the Writ to Eraven Onthim
      10. Take the lift to the council chamber.
    5. Quest: Rising to Retainer
      1. Talk to Sun-in-Shadow in Private.
        House is on the eastern part of town.
      2. Travel to Vos
        (Tel Mora Wayshrine)
      3. Talk to the locals and be referred to Barys Rendo.
      4. Help find Barys Rendo’s son, believed to be at the Esutanamus Daedric Shrine.
        (Located to the southeast)
      5. Help Seythen escape
      6. Locate Barys Rendo on the outskirts of Vos and learn the fate of the deed.
      7. Hunt down Mertis.
      8. Return to Sadrith Mora and give the news to Sun-in-Shadow.
      9. Get the Deed from Jinrisa (trespass quest in the Adept’s Hall — Near the Enchanter)
      10. Talk to Sun-in-Shadows and then deliver the deed to Firuth.
      11. Obtain the writ and return to Sun-in-Shadow
    6. Quest: Objections and Obstacles from Eoki.
      1. Go before the council
      2. Return to Sun-in-Shadow with the decision.
      3. Travel to Tel Aruhn and gain an audience with Magister Gothren.
        Tip: You can use persuasion or pay gold.
      4. Talk to Magister Gotheren’s assistant, Arith Sendrul, and assist him with his thief problem.
      5. Travel to Shashpilamat (northeast of Molag Mar Wayshrine)
      6. Talk to Zashanti
      7. Return to Sun-in-Shadow
      8. Decide how you with to deal with Ralasa.
      9. Return to Sun-in-Shadow
    7. Quest: The Magister Makes a Move
      1. Meet Sun-in-Shadow at her home
      2. Examine her home.
      3. Visit Magister Gothren in Tel Aruhn.
      4. Steal Magister Otheri’s Journal.
      5. Deliver the journal
      6. Retrieve the artifact from Zalkin-Sul.
      7. Enter Zalkin-Sul
      8. Talk to Lathanal
      9. Decide your working relationship.
        1. Gold or Notes from inside
      10. Find the Tools to Release the Crystal (4)
      11. Release the crystal
      12. Escape the mine!
      13. Return to Tel Aruhn
      14. Talk to Magister Gothren
      15. Talk to Sun-in-Shadow
    8. Quest:  The Heart of Telvanni
      1. Return to Sadrith Mora and talk to Sun-in-Shadow
      2. Talk to Eoki
      3. Deliver payment to the ropefish
        1. Find Lagdabash in the Inn.
        2. Talk to Sun-in-Shadows
        3. Tell her Eoki’s plans or lie
        4. Travel to Bothamul (west of Tel Aruhn)
        5. Search the camp
      4. Locate the Ropefish Camp
      5. Talk to Eoki at Vassamsi Mine.
      6. Decide Plan
        1. Knock out or kill guards
      7. Escape the mine
      8. Deal with the Slave Master
      9. Help Sun-in-Shadow make a decision
      10. Talk to Sun-in-Shadow to complete quest


  • Several War Maiden Items
  • Telvanni Magister Personality
  • 1 Skill Point
  • 332g
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