ESO W2T: Farming Group Dungeon / Monster Sets

#WelcomeToTamriel! In this guide, we discuss the how you can farm group dungeon / monster set gear in the Elder Scrolls Online. However, this guide does not discuss recommendations for Meta (best in slot) gear and suggests you check out one of the many #ESOFam build content creators available online.



Want to try out on a new character build but the build does not explain where you can get that gear?

I am BenevolentBowD and I am here to help.

Start with a Build

While the game has been introducing new features to the game to help new players, the skills  advisor for example, does not recommend equipment, enchantments, potions, or food. There are over 150 gear sets in the the Elder Scrolls Online and this list keeps growing.

Determining an optimal gear configuration for your character can be overwhelming.

Do not worry. 

There are several good Elder Scrolls Online TheoryCrafters who publish builds for the community. Below is the link to my collection of recommended theorycrafters that I have gathered over the years.


If I have missed one of your favourite build creators, please shout them out in the comments section on youtube.

While most guides are clear on the name of the gear and their recommended inventory slots, the guides often assume that the viewer will know how to farm the gear.

Find out where to get gear

After reviewing some build suggestions. you will need to know where to find the gear you need.  In this guide, I will be explaining how to farm dungeon sets and monster sets.

For group dungeon information, I recommend the UESP website. It lists all the gear sets, identifies the group dungeon, and provides useful maps.



Ok, while you look up your dungeon sets on the website, I will provide a quick summary of group dungeons.

Next, let’s discuss where each piece drops.

There are four mob types that drop gear in group dungeons.

Overwhelmed with information yet?

Well, here are 4 final notes you need to know.

Coffers provide shoulder items in a random weight and trait (excluding Nirnhoned) from one of the sets identified in the tooltip. 

Form a Group (if necessary)

One of the challenges with farming group dungeons is finding a group and battling the RNG of getting the preferred gear drop.

One of the best times to farm a dungeon is when it is offered as a daily pledge or during the month when it’s style page has a chance to drop off the final boss. You can find out the next time your group dungeon will be a pledge by checking out my ESO Calendar (link below).



Future Proofing

One final note, I want to discuss ways to future-proof your build against changes to item sets.  Changes to abilities and gear sets often occur at least once a year. Sometimes the developers take gear in a new direction.  

Here are a few future-proofing tips.

  • Deconstruct the gear you don’t need to add them to the “sticker book” (item set collection).
  • Reconstruct from “sticker book” using Transmutation Crystals as needed.


In closing,here is a useful graphic summarizing the “Gear Grind Process” discussed in this guide. I hope you find it useful.

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