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ESO Jester’s Festival Quests

The ESO Jester’s Festival occurs late March and Early April and it is an event you do not want to miss.  This article summarizes the quests and provides useful tips to completing them  successfully and quickly.

Note: This article living article and I update the information as I complete the quests. 


  1. Obtain Event Quest
    1. How to Get to the Jesters
  2. Quests
    1. Getting the Band Together
    2. A Foe Most Porcine
    3. The King’s Spoils
    4. A Noble Guest
    5. A Prankster’s Carnival
    6. Springtime Flair
    7. Royal Revelry

Obtain the Jester’s Festival Quest

  1. Open the crown store and obtain your free Jester’s Festival Invitation Scroll.
  2. Use the scroll to obtain the quest “The Jester’s Festival“.
    Complete one:
    1. Talk to Jester King Jorunn
      (South of Ebonheart, Stonefalls)
    2. Talk to Jester Queen Ayrenn
      (North of Vulkhel Guard)
    3. Talk to Jester King Emeric
      (East of Daggerfall)
Tip: If you have any of the free starter houses (Ebony Flask, Mara's Kiss, The Rosy Lion) the jester's are located not far from them, you can fast travel to house to start and turn jester quests.
Jester King Jorunn (Click to Enlarge)
Jester King Emeric (Click to Enlarge)
Jester Queen Ayrenn (Click to Enlarge)


Tip: You can loot the containers and items around jesters' tents without incurring a bounty.

How to Get to Jesters

There are a few options on how to get to the Jesters.

  1. Checking your friends, group, and/or guild lists for players in Auridon (Vulkhel Guard), Glenumbra (Daggerfall), and Stonefalls (Ebonheart).
  2. Asking in Zone, but this option isn’t very popular and may wake up the chat trolls.
  3. Use the Navigator system that is made up of Caravans (Cart Icon) or Ferries (Anchor Icon) located in the main city of each zone to get you to one of the zones listed above
  4. If you have completed the initial Ebonheart Pact Homestead quest, you can recall to your house (Ebonheart Inn) in Ebonheart.
  5. If you have completed the initial Aldmeri Dominion Homestead quest, you can recall to your house (Mara’s Kiss Public House) in Vulkhel Guard.
  6. If you have completed the initial Daggerfall Covenant Homestead quest, you can recall your house (Rosy Lion Inn)  in Daggerfall.



The quests are offered sequentially, but can be done in any order.
The quests can be shared.
The quests reset at the same time as pledges and writs.

Suggested Walkthrough

  1. Head to Ebonheart, Stonefalls
  2. Obtain the following quests
    1. Jester King Jorunn (A Noble Guest)
    2. Soars-in-Laughter (A Prankster’s Carnival)
      1. Do not forget to grab the prank kit.
    3. Samuel Gourone (Getting the Band Together)
    4. Quest Poster on pole (A Foe Most Porcine)
  3. Do ‘A Noble Guest
    1. Turn-in quest to Jester
    2. Run up the hill to Mephala’s Nest for first Band Member.
  4. Travel to Vulkhel Guard
    1. Port to Outside Mara’s Kiss Public House (free for Aldmeri characters or low cost purchase), or exit and use the nearby Wayshrine and travel to Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine (Auridon).
  5. Travel to Vulkhel Guard Jester’s tent nearby.
    1. Obtain quest from Jester Queen Ayrenn (Springtime Flair).
    2. Run to Vulkhel Guard crafting area to interact with the grumps.
  6. Travel to Skywatch (Auridon)
    1. Barbed Hook Private Room inn or Skywatch Wayshrine
  7. Travel to ‘The Mercantile’ area.
    1. Interact with the grumps
    2. [If Klumbert is your prank target, they are also here]
    3. Travel to College Wayshrine (Auridon)
    4. Head north across bridge and interact with grumps in college (use right door).
  8. Travel Ondil Delve
    1. Port outside Mara’s Kiss Public House or return to the nearby College wayshrine to port back to Vulkhel Guard.
    2. Use the nearby wayshrine to port to Tanzelwil Wayshrine (Auridon).
    3. Head north to Ondil Delve for 2nd Bandmember.
    4. Once you have secured the 2nd Bandmember, return to Vulkhel Guard.
  9. Travel back to Vulkhel Guard
    1. Port outside Mara’s Kiss Public House or return to the nearby Tanzelwil Wayshrine to port back to Vulkhel Guard.
    2. Turn Jester Queen Ayrenn’s quest.
  10. [If you have to prank Skurnd in Mistral (Khenarthi’s Roost), but haven’t unlocked Khenarthi’s Roost, run to the docks in Vulkhel Guard to rind to the island]
  11. Travel to Dreslan Tower, Glenumbra
    1. Use the nearby Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine to travel to Wyrd Tree Wayshrine. (If you haven’t unlocked it, travel to one of the two Daggerfall Wayshrines and run north)
    2. Run to Dreslan Tower to collect 3rd Bandmember
  12. Travel to Daggerfall
    1. Port outside Rosy Lion In or return to the nearby Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine to port back to Baelborne Rock Wayshrine.
  13. Travel to Daggerfall Jester’s Tent. (Glenumbra)
  14. Turn-in Getting the Band Together quest
  15. Grab Jester King Emeric’s quest (Royal Revery)
    1. Head to nearby Illesan Tower.
    2. Obtain ingredients.
    3. Port to Rosy Lion Inn or port to Daggerfall Wayshrine.
    4. Jump down from the walls and run the short distance to the Silumm delve.
    5. Once you have the ingredients, complete the quest steps in your journal.
    6. Run back to tent or fast travel to Rosy Lion Inn or Port to Baelborne Rock Wayshrine.
    7. Turn-in Jester King Emeric’s quest.
  16. [If you have the prank in Bal Foyen, do it now]
  17. Travel to Hammerdeath Arena
    1. Fast travel to Soulshriven Wayshrine in Stormhaven and run north to Hammerdeath Arena.
    2. [If you have the Hammerdeath Bungalow (65,000g), you can use it for a free trip to Hammerdeath Arena]
    3. Fast Travel to Wayrest using Wayshrine or Navigators and run west to the arena.
  18. Obtain both quests outside the arena.
    1. A Foe Most Porcine
    2. The King’s Spoils
    3. Complete quests in the arena and turn in.
  19. Travel to Ebonheart (Stonefalls)
    1. Return to Ebonheart Jester’s Fest Tent (Brothers of Strife Wayshrine or The Ebony Flask Inn Room – Free for Ebonheart Pact players or low gold purchase).
    2. Turn-in Prank quest.

There is a lot of running around. Equipping speed gear will help.
Still need to add any more prank victims. I will add them in the order as I obtain more of the quests.

TheoryCRAFTING EP.14 – Farming Jester’s Event Boxes


All Festival Tents

Getting the Band Together

  1. Travel to any Jester’s Festival Tent (Daggerfall, Ebonheart, Vulkhel Guard.
  2. Speak to Samuel Gourone.
  3. Recruit the three band members
    1. Dresan Keep Tower, Glenumbra
      1. Find Bloodroot Rose and use summoning circle.
    2. Mephala’s Nest, Stonefalls
      1. Find Spider-Venom Wine and use summoning circle.
    3. Ondil, Auridon
      1. Find Fiorallian Muskwind and use the summoning circle.
      2. It usually took me 3 – 6 mobs to find the wine.
  4. Return to Samuel Gourone.

Mephala’s Nest is near the Jester’s Festival Tent in Ebonheart. There’s a bottle and summoning circle in one of the rooms near the entrance.
Ondil is a short distance from the wayshrine. I recommend doing this one after the Vulkhel Guard Jester’s quest.
Dresan Keep is just north of the Wyrd Tree Wayshrine. The bottle is usually inside the keep under the tower stairs or at the top of the stairs.


A Foe Most Porcine

  1. Travel to the Festival in Daggerfall, Ebonheart, or Vulkhel Guard.
  2. Read the note A Prestigious Invitation
  3. Travel to Hammerdeath Arena (Stormhaven, Northwest of Wayrest. North of Soulshriven Wayshrine)
  4. Take to Rozette the Rapscallion
  5. Enter the arena and defeat the King Boar.

You can complete this quest at the same time as The King’s Spoils.

Talk to Jad’zirri first before entering the arena.

While the baskets will light up during the arena fight, if you are a decent DPS, there’s no need to grab the apples during the fight. The apples in the basket restore some of the King’s Health.

There will be one more bucket after the fight. You get more cider from the NPC as a reward later if you collect more apples during the fight.


The King’s Spoils

  1. Travel to the Hammerdeath Arena (Stormhaven, Northwest of Wayrest. North of Soulshriven Wayshrine)
  2. Speak to Jad’zirri
  3. Head to the arena to obtain the apples.

You can complete this quest at the same time as A Foe Most Porcine.


Ebonheart, Stonefalls

A Noble Guest

Avoid the Butcher while on this quest to complete the Princess Rescuer Achievement.

Click to Enlarge
  1. Steal Mudcrab Apples
  2. Go to the house on your quest map  to obtain the apples
    1. House near the stables.
  3. Find Jester’s Betrothed
    1. Argonian district of northern Ebonheart.
  4. Feed Princess
  5. Lead Princess to Jester
  6. Return to Jester

In 2020, the mudcrab apple barrel was moved which makes it much easier to complete without a bounty.

Tip: You will have to steal the apples and, as a result, may get a bounty. Launder or sell any stolen items before doing this quest if you do not wish to risk losing them. (It is supposed to be easier in 2020)|

Tip: If you have any counterfeit edicts from the thieves guild quests or thief troves, use them to eliminate your bounty

Tip: Got bounty from stealing apple? You can safely get to the princess by going around the town along the east wall heading north.

Tip: If this is the first time traveling Ebonheart or if you have not completed the town quest, a NPC will approach and stand near the barrels and potentially block your way. He will not report you so you can usually safely loot the apples if you are hidden.

Tip: If you are a nightblade, you can cloak past the chef and guards.

How to get to Ebonheart without a Wayshrine


Prankster’s Carnival

  1. Travel to the Ebonheart Festival Tent
  2. Speak to NPC.
  3. You will be asked to prank their friend at another location.

Klumbert – You have to wait until Klumbert walks away from the cart before you can place the book. If you get this one, do it while doing the Vulkhel Guard Jester quest. Here is under the bridge near the grumps in Skywatch.
Skurnd – This character is found in Mistral, Kharnarthi’s Roost. You have to wait until Skurnd walks away from their seat before you can place the stink pot. If you don’t have Khenarthi’s Roost unlocked. head south from the Vulkhel Guard wayshrine and go to the eastern most pier at the harbour. Sugar-Claws will take you there for free.
Lejikeh – This character is found in Dhalmora , Bal Foyen. You need to place the slime bucket on the roof of their shed when they walk away. The Humblemud House is very close to her location in Dhalmora. If you don’t have Bal Foyen unlocked, take the road south from the Impresario tent in Davon’s Watch, Stonefalls.
DONT FORGET TO LET THE PRANK COMPLETE before return in to Stonefalls.


Vulkhel Guard, Auridon

Springtime Flair

Use the Skywatch house (Barbed Hook Private Room)to fast travel if you have it, if not check your guild or friends lists for players in your destination zone.

  1. Travel to the Festival in Auridon.
  2. Speak to Jester Queen Ayrenn.
  3. Prank Grumpy Temple Stoics in Vulkhel Guard (2)
    1. Head to the equipment crafting area
    2. Approach the Grumpy Temple Stoics and hit use button to hit them with flowers.
    3. Travel to Skywatch (Auridon)
      1. Barbed Hook Private Room inn or Skywatch Wayshrine
  4. Prank Grumpy Residents in Skywatch (2)
    1. Head to vendor area in Skywatch
    2. Approach the Grumpy Residents and hit use button.Tip: Enter the building through the rightmost door. Two grumps are just inside.
  5. Prank Grumpy Professors at the College
    1. Head to Collect of Aldmeri Propriety (Northeast Auridon – College Wayshrine)
    2. Approach the Grumpy Profession and hit use button.

Use the blossom consumables on other players to complete Smile, in the Name of the Queen. Good spots include the Jester’s tents (earlier part of event), near pledge givers in the capitals, or popular crafting locations like Vivec city, Mournhold, etc..

How to get to College Wayshrine if unavailable


Daggerfall, Glenumbra

Royal Revelry

  1. Travel to the Festival in Glenumbra
  2. Speak to Jester King Emeric.
  3. Acquire materials to create replacement illusion dazzlers.
    1. Glowing Ayleid Bone Dust (8)
      Silumm (Daggerfall Wayshrine, but close enough to run)
      Kill Dominion Soldiers, Werewolves, or loot ancient bone piles or powder remains found throughout the dungeon.
    2. Dragonfire Dust (8)
      Illessan Tower (Baelborne Rock Wayshrine, but close enough to run)
      Kill Red Rook Bandits or loot Dragonfire Crystals found throughout the dungeon.
    3. Talk to Jester King Emeric
    4. Wait for Jester King Emeric to make the dazzlers.
    5. Pickup the Dazzlers.
  4. Use Illusion Dazzlers
    1. Use Illusion Dazzlers at the Docks (3)
    2. Use Illusion Dazzlers at the Castle (3)
    3. Use Illusion Dazzlers at the Hillside (3)

To speed up the quest, I suggest you do Illessan Tower first (it’s near the Jester’s Tent).
In the Illessan Tower, there is a narrow, almost hidden passage, that leads up to the harpies that is often overlooked by other players and contains a few items on the ground. Watch for heavy sacks which are common in this delve. Fun Fact: If you kill the humanoids with Blade of Woe, you will still get the dazzler ingredients.
Once you have the dust from the Tower mobs or quest nodes, fast travel to the Rosy Lion Inn room (it’s free for Covenant characters or available for a few thousand gold) or you can spend the gold to travel to the Daggerfall wayshrine.
The Silummm delve is just below the ramparts by the Daggerfall Wayshrine.
If you have decent DPS, herd mobs into a group to kill quickly to obtain ingredients faster.
Once done, you can fast travel back to the Rosy Lion and then run back to the Jester’s Tent.
While you wait for the Jester to make the Dazzlers, loot the backpack and two trunks near and around the jester’s tent. You will not incur a bounty.


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