ESO Guide: Gold Coast / Dark Brotherhood Daily Quests?

Dark Brotherhood

Joining the Dark Brotherhood unlocks two sets of dailies. The first are contracts and the second Sacraments.

To start the Dark Brotherhood main quest line, talk to Amelie Crowe in any Outlaws refuge or at the Anvil Docks. Alternatively, you can access the quest from your collections menu.

Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Gold Coast


To unlock Contract quests, you need to complete the first three Dark Brotherhood quests (Voices in the Dark, Signed in Blood, and Welcome Home).

Once there, kill the target requested and return to NPC next to the contract book in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in the Gold Coast. The target will have a Dark Brotherhood Sigil (black hand) over their head.

Theses are not regular dailies and you can do as many as you like. However, as a result, they do not result in obtaining tickets or reward boxes during special events.

Single Targets
Fighter’s Guild
Bahree – sweeps the corridors of the inner courtyard. They can be eliminated out of view of others.
DeshaanTal’Deic FortressMivryna Nerandas – Patrols in the entrance area. There are a lot of potential witnesses including those sleeping in the cots. Take them out when she enters the side passage. Watch for NPC that comes down the stairs to visit the same area.

Thelvamu Verethi – Patrols the North staircase. There is a guard that will patrol the staircase. It can be tricky to execute the attack on a moving target, especially using a controller. If the guard catches you on the stairs, flee, roll at top of stairs then jump down towards the door. Exit the door and head left.
EastmarchFort AmolGin Wan – Patrols the area near the Merchant Caravans. A good place to eliminate the target is in front of the nearby by house. There are no witnesses there.
Helrytta – walks the docks. Some potential witness may need to be cleared before targeting the target.
Fighter’s Guild
Hilaire Falbert – found him tending the target dummy on the lower floor. He will leave and go into the back hallway: a perfect place to take them out.
GlenumbraLion Guard RedoubtAmelie Lemonds – They pace near northeast gate (inside). Might be a bit tricky with all the other guards around. If you get into trouble, take the stairs on either side of the gate and jump down.
StonefallsDavon’s Watch,
Tribunal Temple
Athis Telendas – wanders to the left on the main (upper floor).
Grandmasters Hall
Snarbugag – paces back and forth within the warehouse nearest to the city gate. Best to take him out as he walks way for the group of citizens in the main room. Caution, guard ocassionally patrols through the warehouse from the water door.
The RiftShor’s StoneBreywenne – I found them sleeping in a bed in an untitled inn. Unfortunately, I couldn’t target them on Xbox. Bug?
Currently, collecting data. Quests recently changed.

Abandon regular contracts until a spree quest is offered. Slot some Leniency Edits or Counterfeit Edicts if you have them. Some targets are inside buildings that may also contain guards. To exit a building, you must not have been hit within 2 – 3 seconds. Check your guild rosters and friends list for possible fast travel opportunities.

Contract: Sprees

Travel to the location indicated and kill any three citizens.


  • Dark Brotherhood Reward Pouch
    • Random
      • Gear
      • Black Beeswax (Style item)
      • Roguish Stealth Draught
    • Gold : depends on level, race, and champion point perks.



Sacraments are unlocked by reaching Dark Brotherhood Rank 2 and completing the first four Dark Brotherhood quests (Voices in the Dark, Signed in Blood,, Welcome Home, and A Lesson in Silence. ). The quests are offered from Speaker Terenus in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in northern Gold Coast.

Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Location

Each Black Sacrament consists of a primary target and several bonus challenges to increase the rewards.

  1. Kill the targets in a prescribed manner: Using Blade of Woe or Poison
    1. To use Blade of Woe, approach the target from behind while hidden and activate the Blade of Woe option when it appears.
    2. To use poison, equip a consumable poison (crafted, looted, login reward, or crown crate loot) on your inventory screen on your weapon(s).
  2. Secondary Target will be offered. This will be an NPC or item.
    1. If doing the secondary target, DO IT FIRST.
  3. Leave before the Overseer arrives
    1. Once you kill the primary target, you will have two minutes to escape (return to the entrance room with the ladder).
  4. Do not get spotted
    1. To obtain the bonus rewards from the Speaker, you can not be spotted by NPC’s in the location more than 4 times.
    2. There is an achievement if you complete Sacraments without being spotted.
    3. The NPC’s with lanterns will be able to detect you if you are hidden.
    4. You can kill the lantern NPC’s without being detected if you can kill them within two hits.

While on the mission, there will be a special Dark Brotherhood icon over the target’s head (black hand) which will clearly identify them as you approach.

The targets can spawn in as many as four different locations.

If time runs out, abandon quest. Just do it right in middle of instance and get kicked back to TG/DB hideout.
Give it 15 minutes or so and instance will reset. Take quest again and it will likely be easier because you have some experience of area you are sneaking through.
Carry Poisons because some sacraments offer optional rewards for killing target with poison.

Sacraments Locations
  1. Sewer Tenement
  2. Smuggler’s Den
  3. Trader’s Cove


  • 604g
  • Unidentified Sithis’ Touch Equipment (blue or green depending on if all conditions met)
    • Counterfeit Pardon Edict
    • Sithis Item
    • Crafting Motifs 36: Dark Brotherhood Chapter (rare)


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