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ESO Clockwork City Recipes

Brengolin, the cook in Slag Town, needs some assistance in creating some unconventional cuisine and I have agreed to lend him a hand.


To complete these quests, you will need access to Slag Town Outlaws Refuge (Clockwork City DLC) or have an ESO+ Subscription.

To unlock the zone, you have a couple of methods. The most immersive is to travel to a Mages’ Guild and read the Order of the Eye note.

The other option is to view your collection window (default U on the PC) and click the DLC icon in the top right-hand corner.


Obtaining these items below will speed up your progress in obtaining these recipes

  • Unlocked Brass Fortress Wayshrine (Clockwork City)
  • Unlocked Mire Mechanica Wayshrine (Clockwork City)
  • Unlocked Port Hunding Wayshrine (Stros M’Kai)
  • Speed gear / Speed Champion Point Passives / Fast Mount
  • Thief gear (Night Terror, Night Mother’s Embrace, Darloc Brae), Medium Armor with Improved Sneak, Legerdemain (Improved Hiding)
  • Edicts to reduce any bounties you may incur.

Launder or fence any stolen items in your character’s inventory just in case.

clockwork city
map elder scrolls online clockwork city slag town outlaws refuge Brengolin's location
Brengolin’s Location

Tarnished Truffles

  • Find Ironstalk Mushroom (3)
  • Steal Salas Ramothran’s Notes

Locate the Slag Town Outlaws’ Refuge northeast of the Brass Fortress Wayshrine. Find Brengolin near the banker.   Travel to the Halls of Regulation delve and follow the map markers, return to Clockwork City to steal the notes, and return to the Outlaw’s Refuge.

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Tasty Tongue Varnish

  1. Learn the Location of the Root Liquer
  2. Obtain the ingredients
    1. Steal Port Hunding Reserve in Stros M’kai
    2. Steal Wellspring Hooch
      Tip: It is in the Clockwork Basilica and once you enter the location will appear on your map.

Head to the guild traders. Talk to Maurice. He will tell you where to find the ingredients. Travel to Stros M’kai. Go to the Screaming Mermaid tavern and head left to the stairs to the upper floor. Take the Port Hunding Reserve found in a chest behind one of the red sofas. Return to the Brass Fortress and steal the Wellspring Hooch. When done, return to Maurice in the Outlaw Refuge and give the “Liquer” to Brengolin.

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A Matter of Tenderness

  1. Gather Wild Fabricant Meats (12)
  2. Get Hand-Raised Nix Meat

Get the meat. Head to the stables and obtain the hand-raised nix meat from a chest on a platform above the animals. Next, travel outside the Brass Fortress and kill Fabricants (Nix Hounds, Katgouti, Beetles, Verminous). I obtained meat from the same mobs outside the circles.
Return to the Outlaws’ Refuge (outside) and talk to Brengolin.  Finally, head inside the Outlaws’ Refuge to complete quest.

map clockwork city a matter of tenderness stable location.
map clockwork city suggested fabricant hunting areas a matter of tenderness quest

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