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ESO Crafting Voucher Vendors

If you do sealed writs, you will earn crafting vouchers to spend at the special vendors in the capital cities.

Merchant Stall
General Telvar Merchant offers a means to obtain crafting material without harvesting nodes.

If you have successfully completed sealed Master Writs, then you will have some special crafting currency called Vouchers. These vouchers can be banked and spent at two special Mastercraft Vendors: Rolis Hlaalu and his assistant Faustina Curio. These vendors are located in the alliance capitals of Elden Root (Grahtwood), Mournhold (Deshaan), and Wayrest (Stormhaven)


Rolis Hlaalu

The Rolis Hlaalu’s inventory consists of basic and attunable standard crafting stations (furniture), seasonal gold recipes for each crafting profession, Glass and Ebony Motifs, special furniture documents, and more.

Featured Recipes

  1. Alchemy Station 35v
  2. Animus Stone 50v
  3. Attunable Blacksmithing Station 250v
  4. Attunable Clothier Station 250v
  5. Attunable Woodworking Station 250v
  6. Blacksmithing Station 35v
  7. Blueprint: Alinor Easel, Carved 125v
  8. Clothing Station 35v
  9. Crafting Motif 16: Glass Style 180v
  10. Crafting Motifs 37: Ebony Style 250v
  11. Design: Blackwood Provisioning Station 125v
  12. Diagram: Deadlands Throne 125v
  13. Diminished Aetherial Dust 50v
  14. Dye Station 35v
  15. Ebony Motif: Unidentified Chapter 20v
  16. Enchanting Station 35v
  17. Formula: Fargrave Water Globules, Static 125v
  18. Gilding Wax, 20v
  19. Hlaalu Furnisher’s Document 10v
  20. Hlaalu Master Furnisher’s Document 25v
  21. Night Pumice 8v
  22. Pattern: Deadlands Tapestry, Mehrunes Dagon 125v
  23. Praxis: Deadlands Puzzle Cube 125v
  24. Praxis: Target Centurion, Dwarf-Brass 275v
  25. Praxis: Target Centurion,Robust Refabricated 450v
  26. Praxis: Target Skeleton, Humanoid 125v
  27. Praxis: Target Skeleton, Robust Humanoid 200v
  28. Provisioning Station 35v
  29. Recipe: Aetherial Ambrosia 250v
  30. Research Scroll, Blacksmithing, 1 Day 3v
  31. Research Scroll, Clothing, 1 Day 3v
  32. Research Scroll, Woodworking, 1 Day 3v
  33. Sketch: Fargrave Window, Grand Medallion 125v
  34. Storage Chest, Fortified 200v
  35. Storage Chest, Oaken 200v
  36. Storage Chest, Secure 200v
  37. Storage Chest, Sturdy 200v
  38. Storage Coffer, Oaken 100v
  39. Storage Coffer, Secure 100v
  40. Storage Coffer, Sturdy 100v
  41. Transmute Station 1250v
  42. Woodworking Station 35v


Faustina Curio

With the exception of a few items, Faustina’s items require an achievement in order to purchase.

When the furniture recipes first appear on Rolis' inventory, they do not need the achievement.
  1. Attunable Jewelry Crafting Station 250v
  2. Blackwood Journeyman Furnisher’s Document 20v
  3. Blackwood Master Furnisher’s Document 50v
  4. Blueprint: Leyawiin Divider, Carved Starfish 100v
  5. Clockwork Mixed Furnisher’s Document 30v
  6. Crafter’s Furnishing Folio 1,100v
  7. Dark Elf Furnishing Folio 600v
  8. Design: Leyawiin Bowl, Squid Special 100v
  9. Diagram: Deadlands Torture Rack 100v
  10. Dragonhold Furnishing Folio 700v
  11. Ebonheart Furnishing Folio 700v
  12. Elsweyr Furnishing Folio 700v
  13. Formula: Blackwood Cottage Painting, Unframed 100v
  14. Jewelry Crafting Station 125v
  15. Markarth Furnishing Folio 700v
  16. Markarth Mixed Furnisher’s Document 30v
  17. Master Crafter’s Banner, Hanging (Master Craftsman) 10v
  18. Morrowind Journeyman Furnisher’s Document (Voice of the Failed Incarnates) 20v
  19. Morrowind Master Furnisher’s Document (Voice of the Failed Incarnates) 50v
  20. Murkmire Mixed Furnisher’s Document (Traps and Treasures) 30v
  21. Outfit Station 500v
  22. Pattern: Leyawiin Tapestry, Hunting Party 100v
  23. Praxis: Leyawiin Hearth, Carved Wood 100v
  24. Research Scroll, Jewelry Crafting, 1 Day 10v
  25. Sketh: Leyawiin Lightpost, Ornate 100v
  26. Skyrim Journeyman’s Furnisher’s Document (Titanborn’s Partner) 20v
  27. Skyrim Master Furnisher’s Document (Titanborn’s Partner) 50v
  28. Summerset Furnishing Folio 800v
  29. Summerset Journeyman Furnisher’s Document () 20v
  30. Summerset Master Furnisher’s Document () 50v
  31. Western Skyrim Furnishing Folio 700v


Recipe Pack Contents

Crafter’s Furnishing Folio

  1. Diagram: Apparatus, Boiler
  2. Formula: Case of Vials
  3. Diagram: Apparatus, Gem Calipers
  4. Blueprint: Podium, Skinning
  5. Blueprint: Tools, Case
  6. Formula: Bottle, Poison Elixir
  7. Design: Mortar and Pestle
  8. Blueprint: Cabinet, Poisonmaker’s
  9. Praxis: Orcish Table with Fur
  10. Pattern: Orcish Tapestry, Spear
  11. Design: Orcish Skull Goblet, Full


Markarth Furnishing Folio

  1. Blueprint: Solitude Well, Noble 125v
  2. Design: Provisioning Station: Solitude Grill 125v
  3. Diagram: Dwarven Minecart Ornate 125v
  4. Formula: Vampiric Cauldron, Distilled Coagulant 125v
  5. Pattern: Solitude Yarn Rack, Colorful 125v
  6. Praxis: Solitude Hearth, Rounded Tall 125v
  7. Sketch: Dwarven Crystal Sconce, Mirror 125v


Morrowind Furnishing Folio

  1. Formula: Mages Apparatus, Master
  2. Diagram: Dwarven Gyroscope, Masterwork
  3. Pattern: Dres Sewing Kit, Master’s
  4. Praxis: Hlaalu Bath Tub, Masterwork
  5. Design: Mammoth Cheese, Mastercrafted
  6. Blueprint: Telvanni Candelabra, Masterwork


Dark Elf Furnishing Folio

  1. Formula: Alchemical Apparatus, Master
  2. Diagram: Hlaalu Gong
  3. Pattern: Clothier’s Form, Brass
  4. Praxis: Hlaalu Trinket Box, Curious Turtle
  5. Design: Miniature Garden, Bottled
  6. Blueprint: Hlaalu Gaming Table, “Foxes & Felines”


Dragonhold Folio

  1. Blueprint: Elsweyr well covered
  2. Design: Elsweyr bread basket, feast-day
  3. Diagram: Elsweyr gong ornate
  4. Formula: Elsweyr mortar and pestle, engraved
  5. Pattern: Elsweyr bed, Senche-Raht
  6. Praxis: Khajiit sigil, moon cycle
  7. Sketch: Elsweyr game, swan stones


Summerset Furnishing Folio

  1. Sketch: Alinor Ancestor Clock, Celestial
  2. Sketch: Figurine, The Dragon’s Glare
  3. Diagram: Relic Vault, Impenetrable
  4. Pattern: Alinor Bed, Levitating
  5. Blueprint: Alinor Bookshelf, Grand Full
  6. Praxis: Alinor Gaming Table, Punctilious Conflict
  7. Formula: Artist’s Palette, Pigment
  8. Design: Alinor Grape Stomping Tub


Ebonheart Furnishing Folio

  1. Sketch: Silver Kettle, Masterworked
  2. Blueprint: Frog-Caller, Untuned
  3. Design: Pottery Wheel, Ever-Turning
  4. Formula: Alchemical Apparatus, Condenser
  5. Praxis: Hlaalu Salt Lamp, Enchanted
  6. Pattern: Dark Elf Tent, Canopy
  7. Diagram: Hlaalu Stove, Chiminea


Elsweyr Furnishing Folio

Diagram: Elsweyr Gate, Masterwork
Pattern: Elsweyr Chaise Lounge, Upholstered
Blueprint: Elsweyr Cart, Masterwork
Praxis: Elsweyr Statue, Shrine Lion
Formula: Elsweyr Incense, Fragrant
Design: Provisioning Station, Elsweyr Grill
Sketch: Elsweyr Cage, Filigree

Western Skyrim Furnishing Folio

  1. Blueprint: Solitude Game, Blood-on-the-Snow
  2. Design: Solitude Smoking Rack, Fish
  3. Diagram: Vampiric Chandelier, Azure Wrough-Iron
  4. Formula: Winter Cardinal Painting, In Progress
  5. Pattern: Solitude Loom, Warp-Weighted
  6. Praxis: Ancient Nord Monolith, Head
  7. Sketch: Blackreach Geode, Iridescent



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