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ESO Orzorga’s Recipes

Orzorga, master chef, needs you!

The king’s hearth-wife is holding a competition to celebrate Orc culture. Without my assistant, I can’t finish my classic Orc recipes…


To complete these quests, you will need access to Wrothgar (Orsinium DLC) or have an ESO+ Subscription.

To unlock the zone, you have a couple of methods. The most immersive is to travel to your starter area (Stonefalls, Auridon, Daggerfall) and an Orc messenger will find you near the wayshrine and send you to the Ambassador who will take you via caravan to Wrothgar.

The other option is to view your collection window (default U on the PC) and click the DLC icon in the top right-hand corner.

Kindred Spirits

  • Gather Wrathberries (10)
  • Gather Skin of Ice Stream Water

Travel to the large body of water on the map East of Orzoga. There you will find Wrathberries in batches of 2-3 per plant. Nearby, there is a source of pure water node that is labeled Ice Stream Water.

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A Healthy Choice

  • Gather Harpy Brains
  • Gather Harpy Bile
  • Gather Sedge Grass (6)

This quest will involve a lot of running to the southwest, if you haven’t unlocked any wayshrines in Wrothgar.  A short distance there is a mountain pass full of harpies. Killing them did advance the quest.

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Thicker Than Water

  • Gather Ogre Intestines
  • Gather Ogre Heart
  • Gather Echatere Moss (8)

Head to the East to harvest the moss and kill the named Ogre called Numakelurruz the Radish Eater to obtain the ogre ingredients.

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Feast to Remember

  • Gather Glacial Tomato (8)
  • Gather Tundra Truffle (5)
  • Gather Durzog Lichen (3)
  • Get Bear Head from Gnarl-Fang

This one involves the most travel. When you approach the bear head location, you will find a dead bear (quest item) guarded by a polar bear. When you start to click the tomatoes in the field on the outskirts of Orsinium, you will be attacked by a pack of goblins.

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