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ESO Emote List

Today’s journey to me to the city Wayrest. I was late getting into the city so I sought out an inn of some repute. The Cloudy Dregs Inn was recommended by a few of the guards so I headed there.  It was here where I met a travelling band of entertainers and we discussed the years of practice it took them to express believable emotions during their performances.


This article catalogs the list of emotes in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.


  1. Ceremonial
  2. Cheers and Jeers
  3. Emotion
  4. Entertainment
  5. Food and Drink
  6. Give Directions
  7. Physical
  8. Poses and Fidgets
  9. Prop
  10. Social
  11. Collectible
  12. Crown Store
  13. Personality Only
    1. Assassin
    2. Brassy Assassin
    3. Commander
    4. Drunk
    5. Duchess
    6. Jester
    7. Telvanni Magister
    8. Thief
    9. Scholar
    10. Other (Crown Store)

The following are a list of emotes in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

An official emote list is available on the help screen (F1 by default) as an icon with the happy/sad theatre masks in the top right corner. Blue items indicate that they are affected by the current "personality" being applied to your character.

BOLD – indicates emotes with sound features


  • /attention
  • /bestowblessing {longer version}
  • /bless
  • /blessing  {until you cancel}
  • /bow
  • /bow2 {with hand flare}
  •  /handtoheart
  • /honor
  • /kneel
  • /kneelpray
  • /pray
  • /ritual
  • /salute  {one arm}
    • /saluteloop
    • /salute2 {arms crossed}
      • /saluteloop2
    • /salute3  {right hand within left}
      • /saluteloop3


Cheers and Jeers

  • /approve
  • /boo
  • /cheer
  • /clap {loop}
  • /disapprove
  • /dishonor
  • /dismiss
  • /doom
  • /exasperated
  • /facepalm
  • /fistpump
  • /goaway
  • /grats
  • /handsonhips
  •  /impatient
  • /leaveme
  • /rude
  • /shakefist
  • /shh
  • /shout
  • /spit
  • /taunt
  • /thank
    • /thanks
    • /thankyou  {no noticeable difference}
  • /threaten
  • /thumbsdown
  • /thumbsup
  • /wagfinger
  • /whistle



  •  /angry
  • /annoyed
  • /armscrossed
  • /confused
  • /cry {loop}
  • /crying {loop}
  • /cuckoo
  • /disgust
  • /downcast
  • /drunk
  • /headscratch
  • /heartbroken
  • /humble
  • /laugh
  • /lol
  • /sad
  • /scared
  • /sigh
  • /surprised
  • /surrender



  •  /applaud
  • /bored
  • /celebrate {loop}
  •  /dance
    • /dancealtmer
    • /danceargonian
    • /dancebosmer
    • /dancebreton
    • /dancedarkelf
    • /dancedrunk
    • /dancedunmer
    • /dancehighelf
    • /danceimperial
    • /dancekhajiit
    • /dancenord
    • /danceorc
    • /danceredguard
    • /dancewoodelf
    • /drum
    • /flute
    • /horn
    • /juggleflame
    • /lute


Food and Drink

  • /bdcake
  • /drink {mug}
    • /drink2 {wine goblet – holds goblet until cancelled}
    • /drink3 {bottle}
  • /eat {drumstick}
    • /eat2 {bread}
    • /eat3 {apple}
    • /eat4 {bowl and spoon}
    • /eatbread
  • /meal {eat of plate}
  • /pie {hold pie and fork it}
  • /potion {like drink2 but goblet disappears}
  • /pour
  • /prov
  • /smallbread
  • /soupbowl


Give Directions

  •  /beckon
  • /blowkiss
  • /come
  • /followme
  • /point
    • /pointb {behind}
    • /pointd {down}
    •  /pointl {left}
    • /pointr {right}
    • /pointu {up}
  • /rally
  • /search
  • /self
  • /stop
  • /you



  • /cower
  • /crouch
  • /jumpingjacks
  • /kick
  • /knock
  • /lookup
  • /poke
  • /push
  • /pushup
    • /pushups {slight difference from pushup}
  • /sit {sit ground, arms crossed}
    • /sit2 {sit kneeled}
    • /sit3 {sit ground legs to side 45′ left}
    • /sit4 {sit ground legs outstretched to front, left foot tapping}
    • /sit5 {sit ground legs bend up to chest, head bowed, hands crossed on knees}
    • /sit6 {sit ground right leg outstretched, left bent up, arms supporting behind}
  • /situps
  • /sleep {on side, hands as pillow}
    • /sleep2 {on back}
  • /smash
  •  /stagger
  • /stomp
  • /take
  • /tap
  • /touch


Poses and Fidgets

  • /breathless
  • /cold
  • /dustoff
  • /faint
  • /headache
  • /huh
  • /idle {shift weight / shoulders}
    • /idle2 {hands behind back}
    • /idle3 {look left / right}
    • /idle4 {breathing heavier}
    • /idle5 {hands on hips}
  • /knockeddown
  • /knuckles
  • /leanback
    • /leanbackcoin
  • /leanside
  • /phew
  • /playdead
  • /preen
  • /rubhands
  • /scratch
  • /shieldeyes
  • /shrug
  • /sick
  • /stretch
  • /tilt
  • /yawn



  • /bucketsplash
  • /controlrod
  • /hammer
    • /hammerlow
    • /hammerwall
  • /letterlookup
  • /rake
  • /read
  • /shovel
  • /sitchair
  • /sweep
  • /torch
  • /twiddle
  • /wand
    • /wand2 {longer}
  • /write



  • /beg
  • /beggar
  • /brushoff
  • /comehere
  • /congrats
    • /congratulate
  • /curtsey {same as /bow}
  • /flirt
  • /give
  • /greet
  • /hail
  • /hello
  • /kiss
  • /kowtow {“I’m not worthy”}
  • /no
  • /nod
  • /overhere
  •  /payme
  • /plead
  • /wave
  • /welcome
  • /whisper
  • /yes


Crown Store

  • /admireme (Sep 2017)
  • /comegetsome
  • /festivalbeggar
  • /festivetreats
  • /flipthebird
  • /flex (Sep 2017)
  • /handpuppet (Chatty Hand Puppet)
  • /happyface
  • /iseeyou
  • /jugglepumpkin
  • /kickthedirt
  • /lineinsand
  • /mimewall (Wall Pantomime)
  • /sadface
  • /skullponder
  • /soulgem /parchment, /clippers (Rock, Paper, Scissors game emotes)
  • /tada
  • /throweggs
  • /tracker



  • /banneraldmeri (10 Alliance Standard Bearer’s Emblems by opening Pelinal’s Midyear Boon Boxes)
  • /bannercovenant (10 Alliance Standard Bearer’s Emblems by opening Pelinal’s Midyear Boon Boxes)
  • /bannerebonheart (10 Alliance Standard Bearer’s Emblems by opening Pelinal’s Midyear Boon Boxes)
  • /begone (DLC – Clockwork City)
  • /bullhorns (DLC – Horns of the Reach)
    Enter one of the two dungeons for the first time.
  • /gladiatortaunt (30 Arena Gladiator’s Proofs, available by completing Conquest Missions in Cyrodiil)
  • /guarstomp (Northern Elsweyr Defense Force Cache Containers)
  • /glowglobe (Finding Seven Runebox Fragments in Sunhold).


Personality Only

Assassin (Dark Brotherhood)

  • /eat3 {eat apple of knife}
  • /greet {examine point of knife}
  • /leanback {leanback take dagger out, flip dagger, return to sheath}
  • /leanside {slyly survey the surrounding, play with weapon, return to sheath}
Idle: Takes dagger out of sheath and twirls it non-chalantly puts it back in the sheath then removes it moments later to examine the edge.


Brassy Assassin

Emulate the distinctive attitude of a certain bold and brassy Morag Tong assassin with this brash and irreverent personality–and just hope she finds it flattering rather than irritating! (July 2017)

  • /stretch {stretches shoulders by bending arms and applying some pressure with other hand and then rotating neck}
  • /idle2 {places left hand on hip, shifts weight a bit to the left, staring left and occasionally glancing to the right}
On activation, shifts weight to rear left leg and place right hand on rear hip.
Idle: Switches resting hands on alternating hips. Occasionally, wipes mouth with left hand and folding arms on chest.



A Commander must project confidence and master, or no one will want to obey her orders. Behave as if you’re the one making the rules, not following them. Walk like you own the place, and stand like an Emperor.” — Magus-General Septima Tharn. (September 2016)

  • /rubhands {rubs hands as to be shaking dust off them}
  • /handsonhips {moves hand from behind back to side}
  • /brushoff
Idle: Stands with bent arms behind back forming a diamond and resembles the classic pose of a ship's captain on the bridge of the vessel



Thish ish gonna make you wobble an’ weave like you’re intoxit … inebriash … drunk ash a skunk. It even worksh on High Elves.” (August 2016)

  • /laugh {belly laugh holding drink then raise arms up}
  • /cheer {hearty cheer while moving mug forward as to “clink” mug with another player}
  • /drink {classic “chugging” of the mug followed by belch}
  • /sick {places hands on mouth and appears to look for place to vomit which in the end is the character’s mug}
On activation, pours self a drink from a vase.
Idle: Appears to struggle to keep upper body from swaying back and forth.


One may have to associate with individuals of low degree, but that’s no reason for vulgar behavior, indelicate gestures, or poor posture. Class always tells, don’t you think? — Duchesss Olivie Delrusc.

  • /flirt {left hand on hip, fan appears in right, fans self and occasionally stops to fix hair}
  • /preen {as if looking in a mirror, gestures hands around head as if making subtle adjustments, and turns both directions to see if clothes make butt look fat}
  • /tilt {pulls out a hand mirror and admires self. Occasional, hair adjustment}
On activation, drops arms to side, pivots torso to right, and head turned to the front.
Idle:pivots and raises left hand as to order a drink in an inn.



Whether you’re feeling flamboyant and theatrical, or just ready to jape and jeer at the world, adopt the mocking mannerisms of the Jester and poke some fun at those who take life too seriously. Time to yuk it up!  (March 2017)

  • /cheer {pulls confetti out of mouth several times}
  • /spit {fire breathing with torches}
  • /leanside {very low “tough-guy” leanback on elbow}
  • /bow {flourishing bow with a quick return to standing)
  • /idle2 {grand gesture to the right}
  • /idle3 {quick gesture with hand and then slight lean back}
  • /idle 4 {slight gesture of left hand then slight lean forward with left held forward/side with hand open}
On activation, makes a very theatrical bow.
Idle: Head up, hands on hips, one foot slightly in front of the other. Perodically will suddenly switch feet forward.
Running: melodramatic fascistic like march.



Ever notice how everyone in Tamriel keeps a journal? Now you can show the world that you’re making your own scholarly record of your adventures and the deeds of those around you. Perhaps the pen is mightier than the sword. (April 2017)

  • /threaten {leans back as if to prevent person nearby from seeing what is being written}
  • /annoyed {moves book to the left and dismissively waves person or thing away}
  • /tilt
  • /kneel {sits on knees, reads book while scanning with fingers}
  • /yes {pauses writing and nods}
On activation, begins writing in a journal, occassionally stoping to lick quill and turn page.
Idle:pivots and raises left hand as to order a drink in an inn.


Telvanni Magister (Morrowind)

We have one rule that governs the actions of every member of House Telvanni–there are no rules. We are ambitions, curious, devious, and yes, power-hungry.  For the mage with the most power wins, and the winner is always right.” — Magister Gothren  (Completion of the Telvanni quest line in Vvardenfell) )

  • /Read {casts spell to summon two floating books}
  • /juggleflame {juggles bright sphere while swirling particle effects light up hands}
  • /ritual {summon bright sphere and swirls it in front of upper body}
  • /doom {similar to ritual but it fails}
  • /idle2 {similar to standing at attention}
  • /ilde4 {puts hands in front fingertips on each hand touching and moving away}
  • /armscrossed {}
  • /tilt
On activation, one arm crossed width-wise on chest while other elbow rests on it and hand occassionally rubs chin.
Idle:pivots and raises left hand as to order a drink in an inn.



If you’r going to sneak, for the love of Tava don’t do it half-heartedly. Hide! Be furtive! Lurk like you mean it! Because I’m done bailing you out of the Abah’s Watch lock-up. — Zera of the Thieves Guild. (October 2016)

On activation, crouches a bit and twist upper body to the right to create a narrower profile.
Idle: Periodically scans the area or rubs hands together, fingers frequently moving slowly as if to keep nimble.
Movement: Moves in a semi-crouched position.



These personalities are obtained from the Crown Store and often vary with the crown crate seasons.






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