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ESO Inventory Management

I have often referred to ESO as Endgame: Sack Organizing or just Endless Sack Organizing. Unfortunately, inventory management is a mini-game that no one can escape in the Elder Scrolls Online.

Here are a few ways to improve your inventory management endgame.

ESO Plus

The quickest way to immediately improve your available inventory slots is to purchase an ESO Plus membership.

  • Craft Bag
    • All crafting items will be stored in a special inventory that will be accessible at the crafting stations.
  • Double Bank Space (Account-wide bank)
  • Double Furnishing Space

Learn more about ESO+ Benefits.

The advantages of ESO Plus is the amazing crafting bag and the double bank space. Housemancers will greatly appreciate the increased housing furniture limits.

The disadvantages are that costs real money and has a time limit (ESO Plus subscription period). Also, to full benefit from the double bank space, you will need to upgrade your bank (see next section).

Crown Store Pets

A controversial method of increasing your inventory is the purchase of special pets from the crown store.

Currently, there are two such pets and purchasing multiple pets do result in stacking the rewards.

  • Bristleneck War Boar (+5 Slots per character)
  • Explorer’s Pack Donkey (+5 Slots per character)
  • Mournhold Packrat (+5 Slots per character)


Every account has bank storage that is accessible to all your character through an NPC banker or NPC Banking Assistant (sold-separately in the crown store).

NPC Bankers, found in most towns, will allow you to increase your storage limit for in-game gold.

To max out your account bank limit, it will cost you 769,200 gold.

View table of slots, incremental cost, and cumulative costs. (UESP.net)

The advantages of increasing your bank limit are that you can assess the bank on all characters and the bank contents are available from the crafting stations.

The major disadvantage is the cost.

Pack Vendors

Pack vendors are found in starter towns and most larger towns.

When you upgrade your pack, you are increasing the inventory on the current character.

To max out your account bank limit, it will cost you 179,700 gold.

View table of slots, incremental cost, and cumulative costs. (UESP.net)

You can max out 4 characters for less than maxing out the account bank

You get a free bank space upgrade at level 16 if you have not purchased an upgrade from the Pack Vendor.

Housing Chests

You can purchase storage chests for your houses from

You can not increase your storage limits by buying more houses and placing chests in them.

Each storage chest can be named. When a chest it placed in any house, the contents of the chest are accessible.

“Mule” Characters

Mule characters are characters created for the purpose of holding more of your stuff. It’s a good way to make use of unused character slots or a retired main character.

They can be an useful form of storage for players without ESO Plus.

Their main disadvantage is that they require moving items to and from the account bank to store or retrieve items.

“Mail” Storage

Storing items in the mail has been a popular method to temporarily store items. However, this method requires trust.

Since you cannot mail items to yourself, this method consists of mailing items to a trusted account and they return the items to you. Several mail addons have a “Return to Sender” feature triggered by keywords in a mail message’s subject line.

Changes to the mail system in Update 30 make this method riskier as messages older than 30 days will be deleted. Previously, the items were returned to the sender.

This method can be handy when you have run out of space while in a dungeon and you can mail items to free up space.

“Storage” Guilds

Guilds with 10 or more members have access to a guild bank of 500 slots.

The three most common ways to create a storage guild are

  1. Create one with 10 friends
  2. Purchase additional ESO Editions
  3. Takeover a retired/inactive guild.
    1. Ask the guild leader to promote you to leader before they leave the game.
    2. Often when players leave the game, they do not leave their guilds.

You can only be the guild leader of one guild.

Additional Account(s)

The last method I will provide is the purchase of additional account(s).

Purchasing additional account(s) will allow you to multiple the benefits of the previous methods and provide a safe way to take advantage of the mail storage method.

The main advantage is additional storage and safe method of mailing items.

The main disadvantage is it costs real money and it can be tedious moving items to and from a secondary account.

Purchase a standard edition of ESO, when it is on sale. A standard edition account comes with 8 character slots and when on sale, it is cheaper than purchasing one additional character slot for your main account.


There are several items that will automatically vendor, delete, or stack items to free up space.

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