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ESO Dragonhold: The Dragonguard’s Legacy


I seek your help in a most urgent matter. Dragons ravage Elsweyr, and my former students means to fight back against the beasts. I have done my utmost to support him, but find myself in need of your aid…

Kasura’s Letter

Obtaining Quest

To begin the Dragonhold Prologue, pick up the “Letter from Kasura” quest starter item from the in-game Crown Store (it’ll be listed under Quest Starters). Then look for the Imperial messenger, Hinzuur, in Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall City, or Davon’s Watch and begin the adventure that takes you into the ravaged wildlands of Southern Elsweyr.

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When you complete the Dragonhold Prologue quests, you earn new ways to show your allegiance to the Dragonguard: a Dragonhorn Curio memento and Dragonguard Banner furnishing for your home.

The Quest (Summary)

You will be provided with an artifact to reveal hidden glyphs and sent to a nearby tomb and beyond.

During your quest, you will need so solve three puzzles. The solutions are provide below if you are experiencing trouble or just rushing through them during the community event.

First Puzzle (Glyphs)

There are six possible combinations using the three glyphs discovered to unlock the door based on the number of tiles.

Fortunately, the solution is found in Kasura’s Notes (initially on the table near her and later in your pack as a quest item)

“With our Blades, Honor is sealed. With Bravery, the Way is revealed.”

Kasura’s Notes
  1. Blades
  2. Honor
  3. Bravery

Second Puzzle (Braziers)

The solution to this puzzle is to read the markers next to the braziers. With the text, you will find the words First, Second, Third, and Last.

  1. Ghelin-Brol
  2. Vashu-Pir
  3. Jaiv-Yora
  4. Ettiene

Third Puzzle (Drawbridge / Pulleys)

Grappling your way around the tomb and some exploration will reveal the answer to the drawbridge puzzle. Each pulley has a picture (Bird, Hourglass, and Khajit) and three states (Top, Middle, Down).

Remember, “Khenarthi flies overhead. Alkosh stands in glory. The mane bows before their greatness”.

A former student of Kasura

The bird is Khenarthi, Alkosh’s sigil is hourglass (time), and Mane is the Khajiit leader.

  1. Use the Bird pulleys until both are in the top state
  2. Use the Hourglass pulleys until both are in the middle state.
  3. Use the Mane (Khajiit) pulleys until both are in the bottom state.
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