ESO Endeavors


Here are your daily and weekly ESO Endeavors updated minutes after the information is available. Complete your Endeavors faster using the timesaving tips provided and compare your totals with the endeavors counter.

Endeavor Reward Counter (Day 226)

Seals Gold XPTrans.
If you have completed all the endeavors to date, this is what you have earned.

Today’s Endeavor
15 Seals + 3.5K Experience
(Maximum = 45 Seals + 10.5K XP )

  • Kill 5 Trolls (tips)
  • Afflict 30 Enemies with Weapon Poisons (tips)
  • Complete 1 Battleground Match (tips)
  • Enchant 2 Pieces of Equipment (tips)
  • Acquire 1 New Mundus Stone Boon (tips)

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Weekly Endeavor
250 Seals (1 Maximum)

  • Destroy 125 Clockwork Foes (tips)
  • Complete 7 Public Dungeon Group Events (tips)
  • Complete 2 Arenas (tips)

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