ESO Undaunted: Do you know about the daily quests?

In this article, you will find information on ESO Pledges, pledge rotation, other Undaunted Dailies, and more.

Dramatic scene unfolds

Who knows no fear of beast or blade, Undaunted ! Undaunted!
Who knows no fear of Daedric Planes, We Undaunted!
Who knows no fear of death of age, Undaunted! Undaunted! We are Undaunted!.

— Song of the Undaunted

Bored, light on coin, strong of arm /gifted in the arcane, and full of bravado? Well, the Undaunted has work for those looking to make a name for themselves. There are three types of daily quests:  Normal Pledges, Veteran Pledges, and Random Dungeon Events.


  1. Pledges
    1. Maj al-Ragath
    2. Glirion
    3. Urgarlag
  2. Daily
  3. Random Daily Dungeons Event


Upon reaching the level of 45, players will receive and invitation in the mail to join the Undaunted. The mail will direct you to the Undaunted Enclave in your Allegiance Capital:  Elden Root Grahtwood, Mournhold Deshaan, or Wayrest Stormhold.

Each pledge can be completed in one of three ways for a total of up to six keys per day.

  • Normal Dungeon: Completing a Pledge in a Normal version of the dungeon awards a single Undaunted Key.
  • Veteran Dungeon: Completing a Pledge in a Veteran version of the dungeon awards a single Undaunted Key, but completing Veteran versions of the Dungeon are also the only way to get the Undaunted Monster Masks.
  • Veteran Hard Mode: Completing a Pledge in a Veteran version of the dungeon after the final boss has been made more difficult will award two Undaunted Keys, in addition to awarding the Monster Mask from completing a Veteran Dungeon.
    • All previous dungeons that did not have a Hard Mode have been given a way to activate a mode that makes the final boss more difficult in the Veteran version, activated by the Scroll of Glorious Battle found in the final boss’ room.

Pledge Calendars


Maj al-Ragath Pledges

Maj al-Ragath pledges are the easier of the pledge types and often the focus of the pre-champion point players.

 Locations and Sequence:

  1. Darkshade Caverns I
  2. Elden Hollow II
  3. Wayrest Sewers I
  4. Spindleclutch II
  5. Banished Cells I
  6. Fungal Grotto II
  7. Spindleclutch I
  8. Darkshade Caverns II
  9. Elden Hollow I
  10. Wayrest Sewers II
  11. Fungal Grotto I
  12. Banished Cells II


  • Undaunted Key(s) (2 for Hard Mode)
  • Undaunted’ Guild Rank points
    • 10 Completing Pledge
    • 20 Completing Pledge on Hard Mode


Glirion’s Pledges

Glirion pledges offers adventurers a option to unlock a harder version of his pledges by using a item in the final boss room of the pledge he offers.

Locations and Sequence:

  1. Crypt of Hearts I
  2. Volenfell
  3. Blessed Cruicible I
  4. Direfrost Keep I
  5. Vaults of Madness
  6. Crypt of Hearts II
  7. City of Ash I
  8. Tempest Island
  9. Blackheart Haven
  10. Arx Corinium
  11. Selene’s Web
  12. City of Ash II


  • Undaunted Key(s) (2 for Hard Mode)
  • Undaunted’ Guild Rank points
    • 10 Completing Pledge
    • 20 Completing Pledge on Hard Mode


Urgarlag’s Pledges

Urgarlag’s pledges offers adventurers pledges in the DLC regions. DLC or ESO+ subscription required.

Locations and Sequence:

  1. Imperial City Prision (Imperial City DLC)
  2. Ruins of Mazzatun (Shadows of the Hist DLC)
  3. White Gold Tower (Imperial City DLC)
  4. Cradle of Shadows (Shadows of the Hist DLC)
  5. Bloodroot Forge (Horns Of The Reach DLC)
  6. Falkreath Hold (Horns of the Reach DLC)
  7. Fang Lair (Dragon Bones DLC )
  8. Scalecaller Peak (Dragon Bones DLC )
  9. Moon Hunter Keep (Wolfhunter DLC)
  10. March of Sacrifices (Wolfhunter DLC)
  11. Depths of Malatar (Wrathstone DLC)
  12. Frostvault (Wrathstone DLC)
  13. Moongrave Fane(Scalebreaker DLC)
  14. Lair of Maarselok (Scalebreaker DLC)
  15. Icereach (Harrowstorm DLC)
  16. Unhallowed Grave (Harrowstorm DLC)
  17. Stone Garden (Stonethorn DLC)
  18. Castle Thorn (Stonethorn DLC)
  19. Black Drake Villa (Flames of Ambition DLC)
  20. The Cauldron (Flames of Ambition DLC)
  21. Red Petal Bastion (Waking Flames DLC)
  22. The Dread Cellar (Waking Flames DLC)
  23. Coral Aerie (Ascending Tide DLC)
  24. Shipwright’s Regret (Ascending Tide DLC)
  25. Earthen Root Enclave (Lost Depths DLC)
  26. Graven Deep (Lost Depths DLC)
  27. Bal Sunnar (Scribes of Fate DLC)
  28. Scrivener’s Hall (Scribes of Fate DLC)
  29. Oathsworn Pit / Bedlam Veil (Scions of Ithelia DLC)
  30. Oathsworn Pit / Bedlam Veil (Scions of Ithelia DLC)


  • Undaunted Key(s) (2 for hard mode)
  • Undaunted’ Guild Rank points
    • 10 Completing Pledge
    • 20 Completing Pledge on Hard Mode


Undaunted Daily

To help players increase their Undaunted faction, new dailies were created for Fighter’s Guild, Mage Guild, and Undaunted. To obtain the Undaunted daily quest, you need to be a member of the Undaunted (join in your starter town – AD Vulhkel Guard, DC – Glenumbra, EP – Davon’s Watch). and then talk to -Bolgrul- at the Undaunted Enclave in your faction capital (Mourhold Deshaan, Elden Root Grahtwood, and Wayrest Stormhold.

Tip: the quests are offered in the ordered listed below. The starting point differs from character to character.

Tip: If you plan to farm motifs, farm undaunted reputation, or dailies for special event, obtain the free apartment in Glenumbra (The Rosy Lion) to access the Undaunted members in the Inn to unlock the Skill line and quests. Purchase the house at Elden Root, Grahtwood (The Snugpod), to have quick access to the dailies and the pledges at the nearby Undaunted Enclave outside a short run up the road.
  1. Give and Take in Shadowfen: Challenged by Bolgrul, one of the Undaunted, to recover stolen relics. (Atanaz Ruins)
    Note: This is a very small delve and requires to eliminate a few groups of mobs) to collect the necessary items. Only one person needs to complete quest for group.
  2. Culinary Justice in Greenshade: Extract justice from the leader of the Veiled Heritance.  (Naril Nagaia)
    Note: Group members will have to participate in the killing of mobs to increase their bounty timers. The Liver has to be looted from the Boss at the end. Tip: This delve is a short distance north of Bouldertree Refuge house.
  3. Inflamed Pyres of The Rift: Light memorial pyres and defeat Jakalor. (Shroud Hearth Barrow)*
    Tip: You just need to kill the delve boss. If you are fast and withstand some damage, you can run to the door and take a few hits until the mobs the followed you leave.  Tip: Only one group member needs to complete this quest.
  4. Cursed Baubles of Stormhaven: Return cursed items to a Daedra-infested ruin. (Norvulk Ruins)
    Note: Delve is fairly small and you can run past most the mobs. Tip: Only one group member needs to complete this quest.
  5. Ancient Armaments in Bangkorai: Collect fragmented arms and lift the curse by defeating the Thief-Lord. (Crypt of Exiles)*
    Note:  Fragments drop from mobs and spawn in various places in the dungeon. Unfortunately, the quest nodes are first come first served.  Tip: Only one group member needs to complete this quest but killing in a group will dramatically speed up of the fragment collection.
  6. Ayleid Trinkets in Grahtwood: Collect Ayleid trinkets and defeat Raynia. (Wormroot Depths)
    Note: All group members need to loot the Rubble piles throughout the dungeon and kill the Raynia.
  7. The Spirit Trap in Malabal Tor:  Place spirit traps around the ruins to bind the restless spirits and defaeat whatever woke them in the first place. (Shael Ruins)

  8. Red Rook Ransack in Glenumbra: Pick a fight with the Red Rooks and retrieve the stolen heirlooms. (Ilessan Tower)
    Tip: The delve is not too far from the Rosy Lion Inn free room in Daggerfall.
  9. Ancestor Wards in Deshaan: Contain the spirits by placing wards and killing the strongest. (The Corpse Garden)
    Note: You will need to be able to kill at least a group of 3 mobs to clear some of the trap areas.
  10. Dwarven Relics of Stonefalls: Collect Dwarven Relics and defeat the toughest creature there.  (Inner Sea Armature)
    Note: If your character belongs to the Ebonheart Pact and have started the main quest line, you can port to the Harborage outside Davon's Watch which is near the delve. Tip: Relics are found on the ground at various spawn points, but easier and faster to get them off the Dwemer constructs. Individual effort.
  11. Molten Pearls of Alik’r Desert: Gather molten pearl from a Dwemer ruin. (Aldunz)
    Note:  You need to be able to kill a 1-Dot Mob (Dwemer Centurion) guarding one of the levers
  12. Veiled Darkness in Auridon: Defeat whoever summoned the Daedra and gather summoning sigils. (Mehrunes’ Spite)
    Note: Each group member has to collect the sigils off of the mobs inside the dungeon.  Tip: If you own the Grymharth Woe house in Windhelm, it is closer to the delve than the nearest wayshrine.
  13. Icy Intrigue in Eastmarch: Defeat Nomeg Chal and recover the Hidden Package. (The Chill Hollow)
    Note: This one can be completed by one member of a group. Find the right hidden cache can be annoying to those in a hurry.
  14. Mascot Theft in Reaper’s March: Defeat Fishbreath and Lord Tawnlii-do and rescue the Bantam Guar. (Claw’s Strike)
    Note: This one of the furthest delve from a wayshrine in this series. This quest can be done by just one member of the group. Tip: If you are fast and can take some damage, just run to the boss.
  15. Darkness Blooms in Rivenspire:  Pick moonflower blossoms. (Orc’s Finger Ruins)
    Note: The named has to be killed while under the effects of the blossom. Each group member needs to pick a blossom.

*Close to Wayshrine


  • Random Potion x 5
  • Random Items (White Weapon, White Armour, White Jewelry,etc.) x 3
  • Random Food / Drink (White Food, White Drink)
  • Draugr Motif Chapter (Rare)
  • 5 Undaunted Rank Points (Undaunted Skill line)



Random Daily Dungeon Event

Added to motivate players to use the grouping tool, the repeatable random daily dungeon event gives dungeon crawlers a great opportunity to find adventure in the darker recesses of Tamriel. The rewards will be given on when the last boss of the dungeon dies. The quality of the reward will depend on if it is the first time the character completed a random daily dungeon event already within a 20 hour period.


  • Soul Gems (leveled to character)
  • Style Material from non-standard motifs
  • Item from the Bahraha’s Curse, Flanking Strategist, or Serpent’s Spirit set (leveled to character)
  • 33,000 – 101,000 Experience Points



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