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ESO New Life Festival Tips

In this spoiler article, we explain how to start the event, how to get to the event, how to do the quests faster, how to earn tickets, and more.


  1. Before You Start
  2. Obtain Starter Quest
  3. Travelling to Breda
  4. Double Experience
  5. Dailies (10)
    1. Breda
    2. Petronious Galenus

Before You Start

Here is a collection of general tips you should review before you begin.

Double Experience

In 2023, The Elders Scrolls Online eliminated the need to trigger double experience with tools / mementos. Double Experience is automatically applied.

You can make the most of the double experience by taking advantage of the follow tips:

  1. Full Training Set + Mythic Ambrosia + Event Boost = 300% Exp gain from kills.
    • Alternate: Highest Experience Scroll you have.
  2. Double experience is also a great time to complete those sealed masterwrits taking up space in your inventory.
  3. Do not forget to check skills on your ability bars before you turn in quests (all quests not just New Life Event quests) to level abilities on lower level characters.

Traveling to Breda / Turning In Quests

There are a few ways to fast travel to Breda the New Life Festival quest NPC to obtain and complete their daily quest.

  • Easiest: Use the portals found at Impresario locations.
  • Travel to the Kynesgrove Wayshrine in Eastmarch.
  • Port to the Enchanted Snowglobe house (Purchase required or fast traveling to friend / guildie with it set as their primary residence.
  • Use the navigator fast travel system (a short run from Windhelm will be required)
  • Check your guild rosters for players in Eastmarch

Limited Time?

Some of the quests take longer than others. Players can abandon quests repeated until they get one of the shorter quests.

Here are the quests I found are the shortest (soloing)

General Tips

  • Track your dailies progress by waiting until you have all 10 New Life Boxes before opening.
  • There is a lot of running around during these quests.
    • Expedition gear (Cowards, Fiords, Jailbreaker), swift jewelry, stamina potions, and speed buffs / potions will be very useful. A fast mount would not hurt either.
  • It will help if you have unlocked the wayshrines nearest the quest NPC’s in each of the zones listed.
  • If not, check friend and guild lists for players in the zone of interest and travel to them.
  • If you haven’t unlocked the zone, use the navigators (anchors or cart icons on the town maps) to travel to the other factions.
    For example, from Daggerfall you can go to Auridon, Stonefalls, Stormhaven, Bangkorai, Stros M’kai, and Betnikh.
  • A few days before the end of the event, you can purchase style pages and other event goodies for a much lower price than at the start of the event.
  • Often other players will trade extras for missing event items.
  • Check the Event Writ recipe requires to avoid items requiring expensive housing materials like heartwood.

Obtain the New Life Festival Quest

  1. Crown Store
    • Open the crown store and obtain your free Event Quest: The New Life Festival Scroll. (Events / Quest Starters)
    • Use the scroll to obtain the map to lead you to Breda, a New Life Herald in Eastmarch and begin the quest “The New Life Festival”.
      • There is a portal to Breda at the Impresario tents across Tamriel. (see below)
    • Talk to Breda
    • Listen
    • Collect up to 181 Gold.
  2. Travel to Impresario Location and use portal / Kynesgrove Wayshrine and walk to Breda’s camp.

Daily Quests

Here are a collection of tips to help complete the New Life Festival quests quickly. You can do all of the quests every day.

Castle Charm (Breton, Stormhaven)

  1. Travel to Alcaire Castle
  2. Perform at the Old Goat Inn
    1. Use Performance Kit (Main floor – Use Key/Button)
  3. Perform in Alcaire Castle’s Square
    1. Use Performance Kit (Use Key/Button)
  4. Perform in the Throne Room
    1. Use Performance Kit ( Main Hall – Use Key/Button)
  5. Return to Breda
  • Mount at the Alcaire Wayshrine and as you approach the Old Goat Inn, jump down instead of the stairs and go in the side door.

Fish Boon Feast (Argonian, Shadowfen)

You have to fish at the special “New Life Fishing Holes” located in two areas of Shadowfen in order obtain the needed fish.

  1. Deliver Fish to Gentle-Heart
    1. Collect Histmuck Blobfin
    2. Collect Shadowfen Creeping Leech
    3. Collect Black Marsh Cucumber
  2. Return to Breda

This the most time consuming quest until you have lots of fish, then it is the fastest.

  • Catch extra fish for future Fish Boon Feast Quests and retrieve from the bank to skip having to make a trip out to the fishing spots. If you do, use the Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl Food to catch more fish.
  • Fish can be traded and sold.
  • I have had the best luck catching fish with River Bait.
  • You do not have to be on the event quest to fish the special event fishing holes.
  • You can buy simple bait in Hissmir at The Wayward Pilgrim from Charalee. However, regular fishing bait will work fine. Bait type doesn’t seem to matter, although some say foul bait works better (crawlers).
  • Voltan’s Fisherman add-on works on the special fishing holes. Audible and Visual alerts handy when fishing in a crowd.
  • If you have a second account, a Xbox One vibrating gamepad, and laptop, you can fish while you do the event quests / writs on your main computer to fish event fish by using the vibrations to know when to reel in the fish.

Lava Foot Stomp (Dunmer, Stonefalls)

  1. Dance at the Watch House Inn in Davon’s Watch
    (Dazzling Pin – Use key/button inside the tavern)
    1. Optional: dance with other players to impress the tavern crowds
  2. Dance at the Fish Stink in Davon’s Watch
    (Dazzling Pin – Use key/button inside the tavern)
  3. Dance at the Ebony Flask in Ebonheart
    (Dazzling Pin – Use key/button inside the tavern)  
  4. Dance at the Hlaalu House in Ebonheart
    1. Join the celebration downstairs
      (Dazzling Pin – Use key/button inside the tavern)
  5. Return to Breda
  • When you exit the Watch House Inn, run along the next side of the bank and jump down to get to the next tavern faster.
  • Jump off rampart above the second inn to land on roof, start dance during descent.
  • If you obtained the free Ebonheart apartment, use it to fast travel to this location. When you leave your room, you will be able to dance.
  • Once outside Ebony Inn, mount and go in the right door and turn right to the stairwell, jump down to landing, turn and jump down to floor.

Mud Ball Merriment (Bosmer,Auridon)

  1. Share the Joy of Mud Balls in Skywatch
    (Use Key/Button on other players or NPCs)
    1. Do not hit a guard.
  2. Pelt one of the Faction Amassadors
    1. Pelt Dominion Ambassador Camore
    2. Pelt Daggerfall Ambassador Arnand Relippe
    3. Pelt Ebonheart Ambassador Tolendos Dreloth
  • There is a three (3) second cooldown between each mudball thrown.
  • The ambassadors are in the Skywatch Manor, just inside the door, first door on your right.
  • If you have the Skywatch house, you can quickly fast travel to it and you will find 10 celebrants just outside listening to the bard.
  • If in a group, you can complete the part of the quest very quickly. However, the pelt the ambassador part will have to be done individually.
  • Head to the ambassador area. There is often a steady supply of questers coming through the door to get your 10 victims and without bounty.
  • Turn attack innocents on to complete quest sooner. Want the Mudball Miscreant Achievement? Before pelting an ambassador, hit the faction leaders in their current faction location first.
  • The location of the leaders will depend on where you are in the faction main questlines. Their starting positions are The Vulhkel Guard Bank (Aryenn), The Skald Kings Temporary Court in Windhelm (Jorunn) by the Enchanting building, and Wayrest Castle throne room in Wayrest (Emeric).
    • Ayrenn
      • She is first found in the Bank of Vuhkel Guard.
      • Quest: In the Name of the Queen – Tanzilwil
      • Quest: The Veil Falls: Skywatch Manor
      • Quest: Sever All Ties : Firsthold Castle
      • Quest: The Orrery of Elden Root: Elden Root (Orrey)
      • Quest: The Staff of Magnus: Marbruk (Mages Guild)
      • Quest: Report to Marbruk (Queen’s Residence)
      • Quest: Shades of Green / Striking at the Heart: Hectahame
      • Quest: To Dune: Dune
      • Quest: The Weight of Three Crowns: Stirk (All three leaders are here)
    • Emeric
      • Wayrest Castle.
      • Quest: Shornhelm Divided: Shornhelm (Ravenwatch /Shornhelm Castle)
      • Quest: Rendezvous at the Pass: Evermore
      • Quest:Storming the Garrison / Striking Back: (Bangkorai Garrison)
      • Quest: Trials and Tribulations: Hall of Heroes
      • Quest: The Weight of Three Crowns: Stirk (All three leaders are here)
    • Jorgunn
      • Temporary Court (see map below)
      • Quest: One Victor, One King: Hall of Trials (Windhelm)
      • Quest:The War Council: Fort Amol (safe room)
      • Quest: Gods Save the King; Mistwatch
      • Quest: To Honrich Tower: Honrich Tower
      • Quest: To the King: Trolhetta
      • Quest: Stomping Sinmur : Trolhetta Summit
      • Quest: The Weight of Three Crowns: Stirk (All three leaders are here)
  • Fun Fact: Emeric and the other leaders can also be hit during the Mage’s Guild quest where he makes an appearance. Mud ball must be thrown before combat.

There is a 4 second cooldown between mudballs.


Signal Fire Sprint (Red Guard,Alik’r Desert) — TIMED QUEST

  1. Talk to Aubatha
  2. Light 4 Torches within 1 minute
  3. Return to Aubatha
  4. Return to Breda
  • The fastest way to complete this quest is to do in group. 4 person is the easiest by placing a groupmate at each torch and then coordinating the torch lighting. The timer starts when light the first torch. Put the slowest members closest to the NPC quest giver.
  • You can accept the quest while mounted and use it to approach the first signal fire.

Note: Once you light a signal fire, you will be unable to ride a mount until you have completed the quest.


Snow Bear Plunge (Nord, Eastmarch)

  1. Travel to Cub’s Tumble (use nearby wayshrine and port to Windhelm)
    1. Jump (naked for achievement)
    2. Warm up by the bonfire
  2. Travel to Horker’s Drop (run back through the town to gate on other side of stables)
    1. Leap form Horker’s Drop into the water.
  3. Travel to Dead Man’s Fall
    1. Leap From Dead Man’s Fall into the water.
  4. Return to Breda
  • Take off your armour to get the Snow Bare Plunge achievement.
  • If you have purchased the Windhelm House, you can fast travel to it to save some time.

You must fall into the water and not hit land when plunging or you will have to redo or find the trigger spot to advance quest.

It takes around 10 seconds for the bonfire to remove the freezing debuff.


Stonetooth Bash (Orc, Betnik)

  1. Travel to Stonetooth Fortress on Betnikh
  2. Talk to Matron Borbuga
    1. Collect Stonetooth Mystery Meat (8)
      (Wolves and rabbits)
    2. Collect Betnikh Honeycomb
    3. Deliver Food to Matron Borbuga
  3. Feast with Matron Borguga’s Clain
    1. Drink Some Betnikh Spiked Ale
      (Large Keg to the right of Matron)
    2. Eat Slice of Honeyed Wolf Pie
      (Long Table – Near Matron)
    3. Nibble Bitter Goat Cheese
      (2nd Nearest Long Table – Cheese)
    4. Show your appreciation
      1. Use Soiled Napkin  (Use Key/Button)
      2. Optional: Show Appreciation to Other Player
        1. Use Soiled Napkin  (Use Key/Button) with target on other player.
  4. Return to Breda
  • If you need a ride there, there is a boat from Daggerfall docks.
  • Some players have trouble “showing appreciation” to others. Find the soiled napkin in your inventory (quest tab) and use from there to advance quest.
  • Wolves outside the indicated zone also work for the quest. Try near the Grimfield wayshrine to the west.
    • Companion: Ember increases rapport when you kill wolves.
  • The “critter” bunnies also drop the meat.
  • Mudcrabs can be killed for meat too.
  • There are wasp nests added this year that are instanced and can be used by multiple players to obtain honey for the quest.
In 2019, Wasp nests were added to make quest less tedious.

Note: If you are wondering how to get the drink achievement, you have to obtain the recipe from one of the event boxes, buy recipe from trader, or obtain crafted drink from another player.


The Trial of the Five-Clawed Guile (Khajiit, Reaper’s March) — TIMED QUEST

  1. Travel to Rawl’kha in Reaper’s March
    1. Collect Footpad’s Coin
    2. Collect Prowler’s Coin
    3. Collect Rahjin’s Coin
  2. Present Coins to Tumira
  3. Return to Breda

You need to open 3 chests in under 3 minutes.

  • Force Lock action can be used on the chests to open quickly.
    • Increase your Force Lock chance with a Legerdemain passive found called Locksmith in the World skill lines (if unlocked).
  • Can be done in a group for greater chance of success with the 35 sec. achievement limit.
  • This quest will unlock Legerdemain and level it every time you successfully open a chest.
  • If you are not very good at lockpicking, start with the chest on the right (Advanced) so that if you fail, you will not have to redo the other two chests again.
  • If you run out of lockpicks, the event vendor (Snegburgak) near this quest giver’s wagon sells lockpicks.
  • Companion: Mirri seems to increase rapport on each of the three chests as you open them.
New or Experienced Lockpickers will find this video useful. Learn the three unlock positions for each tumbler
Check out this Legerdemain powerlevelling guide using these New Life Festival chests by Inklings Gaming.

War Orphan’s Sojourn (Altmer, Grahtwood)

  1. Talk to Ormurrel at the Temple of the Eight(Crafting Station) in Grahtwood
  2. Complete One of:
    1. Donate to the Temple of the Eight in Grahtwood (69g)
    2. Kill Encroaching Wildlife (3)
  • The donation cost is lower for lower level characters
  • Other can be done optionally afterwards. Both will complete War Orphan’s Benefactor achievement.
  • The werewolves at the nearby shrine count.

Old Life Observance (Imperial, Various)

  1. This quest is obtained at the back of Breda’s tent from Petronius Galenus.
  2. He will send you to one of several locations (more locations TBD).
    1. Auridon
    2. Bangkorai (Southwest, Troll’s Toothpick Wayshrine)
    3. Glenumbra (Southwest, North Hag Fen Wayshrine)
    4. Reaper’s March (Southwest, Fort Sphinxmoth Wayshrine or North, Dune Wayshrine)
    5. Stonefalls (Northwest, Fort Virak Wayshrine)
    6. The Rift (East, Trolhetta Wayshrine / Southeast Fullhelm Fort Wayshrine)
  3. You will have choice to bring his message or a message of your own.
  4. Find the shrine and complete the ritual.
    • The Shrine will glow gold into the sky to help locate it.
    • You may or may not see an apparition.
  5. Return to Petronius.
  • Since these locations are often far from wayshrines, save these quests for when you can port to a house or other player for the new new life festival quests. (e.g. The Barbed Hook Private Room for the Mud Ball quest).
  • The Glenumbra Shrine is northwest of the Exorcised Coven Cottage house.
  • You do not have to enter Fort Virak in Stonefalls. Go around to the right and then under the bridge to find the shrine
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