ESO Guide: Cyrodilic Collections’ Daily Quests

Over the centuries, many have attempted to invade the home of the Argonians, but they have always found themselves repelled if not by the native peoples, then by the environment itself. In this new zone, you can explore this aspect of the region’s history and see for yourself the fate of those who successfully made their way into the deep swamp. — ESO

Note: These quests do not require the Murkmire DLC.

To get started, pick up the first quest either from the Crown Store (for free) or from the Cyrodilic Collections “Help Wanted” posters that can be found in the cities of Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, or Davon’s Watch. In these new quests, you are tasked with helping Concordia Mercius and Cyrodilic Collections recover looted Argonian relics taken from Black Marsh.  — ESO

Shout out to TacoCat182 who helped me with these quests and gave me a free needed jelly pet fragment.
If you are looking for the Murkmire DLC dailies, you can find the information here.


Note: You need to complete the first two prologue quests in order to unlock the dailies in Stormhold, Shadowfen.

Daily Quests

The map below shows the location of the NPC with the daily quests. He is located in Stormhold, Shadowfen just north of the Wayshrine in a tent near the bridge.

Map Murkmire daily NPC location
Tip: If you are new to Elder Scrolls Online. have a slow horse, and not a member of any guilds, then check out "Getting Around Without Wayshrines" to quickly unlock regions that you have not been to before.
Tip: There is a lot of running / riding to the quest waypoints. Gear (such as Fiords, Jailbreaker, etc.), consumables (speed potions), and abilities (such as retreating / charging maneuver) will save you quite a bit of time.

Tip: The quests can be shared and if you do in a group you can fast travel to your group members to quickly recall to nearest wayshrines.
  1. Bug Off!: Go to Stonefalls and collect Superior Dreugh Wax (3) and Collect Ash Basil Leaves (3). Wax can be found off of special quest node Dreugh Corpses and off of killed Dreugh. Basil can find on special quest nodes on the ground.  Candle maker is on the walkway behind and above the Woodworking shed.Map quest Bug Off
    Tip: If you have completed the Coral Heart quests, the mobs around Vivec Antlers will not be aggressive.
    Tip: If you don't have Vivec Antlers Wayshrine unlocked but have the Ebony Flask Inn room, you can free port to it to quickly unlock the Vivec Antler's wayshrine for next time.
    Tip: After porting to Davon's Watch wayshrine to obtain the candles, enter town using the gate near the stables.
  2. Anti-Venom Agitation: Travel to Grahtwood to gather Spider Venom Sacs (5), Barbleberry Juice, Gloom Morel (2).Map quest Anti-venom Agitation
    Tip: I recommend doing The Scuttle pit last as the next step is a short distance south of its wayshrine.
    Tip: Venom sacs can be found on special quest nodes (spider corpses) or looted of giant spiders killed.
    Tip: Spiders spawn quickly and are a good source of spider eggs and the little passive ones also a source of crawlers.
    Tip: The Barbleberry bushes can be found on the beach at around 11 O'clock on the lower circle behind the large rock.
    Tip: The Gloom Morel Mushrooms are often found around the inside perimeter of the tree trunk.
  3. A Taste for Toxins: Travel to Sentinel, Alik’r and obtain a copper-tongued skinks (lizard).Map quest A Taste for Toxins
    Tip: After talking to the NPC in Sentinel, head to the circle south of Sentinel. There is a wayshrine nearby to fast travel to the next location.
  4. Reeling In Recruits:  Recruit at various Inns in Mournhold Deshaan (Flaming Nix), Vulkhel Guard (Salted Wings), and Stros M’Kai (Screaming Mermaid).
    Tip: If you own the Flaming Nix and the Mara's Kiss Public House Inn room, I recommend doing these in the following order: Stros M'Kai, Aurdion (free port to Mara's nearby), and then Mournhold (free port to Nix inn and step outside).
    Tip: If you have access to Hundings Palatial Hall, it is very close to the Stros M'Kai inn.
  5. Salty Meats: Go to The Rift and find mammoth meat  (10) and salt.Map quest Salty Meats
    Tip: I recommend the west circle as the next step is near it.
    Tip: The mammoth meat drops of killed Mammoth or special quest nodes in the area. One is near the skyshard.
  6. Winds of Kyne: Travel to Eastmarch and complete Priestess Hodyette’s quest).Map quest Winds of Kyne
    Tip: You can find the Priestess' camp west of Fort Amol.
    Tip: Port to Windhelm and complete the vistas north to south.


  • Cyrodilic Collections Daily Contract Recompense e(Blue)
    • Crafting Material (e.g. Rice, Seaweed, Worms, Saltrice)
    • Swamp Jelly Pet Runebox Fragment
      • Swamp Jelly Carrying Jar
      • Swamp Jelly Fine-Mesh Net
      • Swamp Jelly Hunter’s Lens
      • Swamp Jelly Luminous Fishmeal
      • Swamp Jelly Luring Flute
      • Swamp Jelly Moss Bedding
      • Swamp Jelly Spawning Mud
    • Murkmire Furniture Recipes (e.g. Murkmire Bowl, Geometric Pattern) or Furniture
    • Zone Set Item (eg.  Hist Sap, Swamp Raider)
  • 332 gold
Tip: Complete 150 of them to complete Cyrodilic Collections' Achievement (70pt)


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