ESO General Telvar Merchant

The Telvar Merchants allows PVP’ers and PVE’ers who have obtained Telvar Stones in the Imperial City a means to purchase various items.

The General Merchant stocks Consumables, Materials, and Miscellaneous Items.  These include Xivkyn Polymorphs, Sigil of Imperial Retreat, Waxed Apothecary’s Parcels, crafting materials (cloth, metal, wood, runes, alliance style stones, and soul gems)


Storage Coffer, Oaken (30 Slots)100,000 TV
Storage Coffer, Secure (30 Slots)100,000 TV
Storage Coffer, Sturdy (30 Slots)100,000 TV
Storage Chest, Fortified (60 Slots)200,000 TV
Storage Chest, Oaken (60 Slots)200,000 TV
Storage Chest, Secure (60 Slots)200,000 TV
Storage Chest, Sturdy (60 Slots)200,000 TV
These cannot be resold and only one of each can be purchased per account.


 Runebox: Xivkyn Augur250,000 TV
Runebox: Xivkyn Dreadguard250,000 TV
Runebox: Xivkyn Tormentor250,000 TV
Siege of Cyrodiil Recognition
(20 Merits to Runebox: Siegemaster’s Close Helm)
100 TV
Siege of Cyrodiil Recommendation
(50 Merits to Runebox: Siegemaster’s Uniform)
1,000 TV
 Sigil of Imperial Retreat10,000 TV
Superb Imperial Reward1,500 TV
 Waxed Apothecary’s Parcel500 TV


Alkahest40 TV
 Ancestor Silk50 TV
Charcoal of Remorse100 TV
Dragon Scute1,000 TV
 Hakeijo5,000  TV
 Itade400 TV
 Jehade80 TV
 Lorkhan’s Tears40 TV
Platinum Ounce50 TV
 Rejera80 TV
Repora400 TV
 Rubedite Ingot50 TV
Rubedo Leather50 TV
Sanded Ruby Ash50 TV


Grand Soul Gem750 TV


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