TheoryCRAFTING: Shadowy Supplier?

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In this  article, we look at the viability of the Dark Brotherhood Rank 4 passive Shadowy Supplier. This passive  provides players with Reagents, Potions, Rare Dark Brotherhood Furniture, and Sithis Gear.


Remains-Silent, also known as The Bequeather, is an Argonian member of the Dark Brotherhood who serves as a shadowy supplier. She can provide you with various helpful supplies once you unlock the Shadowy Supplier skill. True to her name, she never speaks. — UESP

To unlock the Shadowy Supplier, you require the first two Dark Brotherhood quests and Rank 4. Rank 4 requires 115 reputation points which is the equivalent of 12 killing spree quests or 6 perfect sacraments. It took me about 1 hour including all the time spent harvesting nearby crafting nodes.



Remains-Silent will appear in Outlaw Refuges once she is unlocked.

She has a special hand icon on the in-game map.


Three Choices

She offers three choices:

  • Have any poisons or potions today
  • Have anything that can help make me
    less noticeable
  • Have any equipment today?



Poisons or Potions

  • 5 Alliance Potions – Magicka (13.5%)
  • 5 Alliance Potions – Stamina (20.3%)
  • Toxin Satchel
    • 3 Emetic Russula, 3 Fleshfly Larva, 3 Alkahest, 3 Nightshade (20.3%)
    • 3 Namira’s Rot, 3 Blessed Thistle, 3 Alkahest, 3 Nirnroot (22.5%)
    • 3 Luminous Russula, 3 Imp Stool, 3 Alkahest, 3 Spider Egg (23.4%)
  • Poisoned Blood (5%)*
Note: Poisoned Blood now is randomly included any of the drops.



Less Noticeable

Choosing this option results in the following rewards

  • Assassin’s Potion Kit
    • 5 Rogue’s Escape Potion
  • Counterfeit Pardon Edict
  • Leniency Edict
  • Candles of Silence (Red Candles in wine bottles)*
  • Light and Shadow (white candle on skull)*

Note: Candles and Light and Shadow items are
now is randomly included any of the drops



Choosing this option results in the following rewards

  • Random Sithis Set item
    • Armor (62%)
    • Jewelry (20%)
    • Weapon (18%)
  • Sacrificial Heart*

Note: The Sithis items are all in the Dark Brotherhood motif and deconstruction of these items can be a reliable source of Black Beeswax


Furniture Drop Rates

The first two options have a furniture drop rate of 5%. Equipment had the lowest drop rate of 3%.



  • The potion / poison option appears to be the best endgame option provides the most marketable items and useful potions
  • The potions are better than the basic resource potion obtained by other guild dailies and basic potions found in the world. (33% Drop Rate)
    • Major Brutality (Stamina) and Major Sorcery (Magicka)
  • The reagents differ from daily alchemy writ rewards and many can be used in writ potions / poisons.(66% Reagent Drop Rate)
  • The skill is a worthy complement to characters logging in daily to train horses or collect hireling mail.
  • Furniture drop rate appears to be 2-5%
  • Most common equipment drop are green Sithis Armor.
  • Source of research items.
  • A Shadowy Supplier detour can easily be added to crafters doing crafting writs in Belkarth, Daggerfall, Elden Root, Rawl’kha, Riften, Sentinel, Shornhelm, Stormhold, Wayrest, Windhelm, or Vivec City.


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