ESO Guide: Imperial City Daily Quests

Take the Player versus Environment experience to the next level by questing in a zone full of mobs and enemy faction players ready to gank from the shadows and/or swarm you and your group while you are in a mob fight. Welcome to The Imperial City.

Note: ESO+ or the purchase of the Imperial City DLC (Free from Crown Store) is required for these quests.



You can escape the Imperial City by finding a hiding spot and traveling to a Cyrodiil compaign and then travel back to the base.


Historical Accuracy: Help an archivist preserve Imperial documents.

Arena District

The Lifeblood of an Empire: Rescue Imperial citizens from the Daedra. (Arena District)

This quest is the best for PvP adverse players. It takes some patience but you can rescue 12 citizens without leaving the safety of the tower. A few daedra have prisoners at the base of the tower and you can kill them from above.

Elven Gardens District

Dousing the Fires of Industry: Halt Legion Zero‘s production of siege weaponry.

It is fairly quick to burn the ballistae. However, you have to travel some distance to the forge, which is frequently camped by gankers.

Memorial District

Speaking For The Dead: Create an undead spy network to keep an eye on the Worm Cultists.

Nobles District

Watch Your Step: Set traps for ogrim in the Nobles District.

This quest involves a lot of traveling in the district. Setting the traps is a fairly quick process. However, often enemies will wait until you have engaged a group of Legion soldier then attack.

Temple District

Priceless Treasures: Place a ward on the Temple of the One‘s treasured artifacts.


  • Light Tel Var Satchel: 200TV


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