ESO Guide: Imperial City Daily Quests

In this article, we discuss the Player vs Environment (PvE) daily quests in the Player vs Player (PvP) zone of The Imperial City Sewers. 

Note: ESO+ or the purchase of the Imperial City DLC (Free from Crown Store) is required for these quests.


You can escape the Imperial City by finding a hiding spot and traveling to a Cyrodiil compaign and then travel back to the base.


Historical Accuracy: Help an archivist preserve Imperial documents.

Arena District

The Lifeblood of an Empire: Rescue Imperial citizens from the Daedra. (Arena District)

This quest is the best for PvP adverse players. It takes some patience but you can rescue 12 citizens without leaving the safety of the tower. A few daedra have prisoners at the base of the tower and you can kill them from above.

Elven Gardens District

Dousing the Fires of Industry: Halt Legion Zero‘s production of siege weaponry.

It is fairly quick to burn the ballistae. However, you have to travel some distance to the forge, which is frequently camped by gankers.

Memorial District

Speaking For The Dead: Create an undead spy network to keep an eye on the Worm Cultists.

Nobles District

Watch Your Step: Set traps for ogrim in the Nobles District.

This quest involves a lot of traveling in the district. Setting the traps is a fairly quick process. However, often enemies will wait until you have engaged a group of Legion soldier then attack.

Temple District

Priceless Treasures: Place a ward on the Temple of the One‘s treasured artifacts.

Changes Introduced with Greymoor

The Imperial City repeatable daily quests (available at the tops of the ladders leading out of your alliance base) underwent significant changes for this update, with the primary goal of making them more friendly for multiplayer, easier to get involved in, and brought up to more modern ESO standards.

Note: this does not make getting places, fighting monsters, or returning to your base any easier; the Imperial City is just as deadly as it used to be in that regard, so watch your step, bring a buddy or twelve, and be ready to repel enemy players! Or, you know, die and resurrect back at base. You do you.

  • Sewer patroller minibosses are now properly tagged as such for the drops of future event rewards (when and if applicable). In Imperial City, if it looks like a boss, it should give you associated things during events.
  • District-based patrolling bosses and sewer-based treasure scamps now respawn more quickly during associated events (Midyear Mayhem, Imperial City Celebrations). You still need to hunt them down and kill them before enemy players do. Then kill those enemies, because this is Imperial City and anything goes.
  • All daily quests are now ungated from needing to complete the main story of Imperial City. You can now pick up the daily for a district and run it at the same time as the district story quest if you so desire, or ignore the story quest and just run the daily.
  • Historical Accuracy (Arboretum District daily):
    • Both conditions (Slay Daedroth and Flame Atronachs, Find Missing Imperial Records) are now on the same step so you don’t need to complete one, then the other.
    • Greatly increased the drop rates on Imperial records.
    • Increased the spawn rates of both Daedroth and Flame Atronachs to assist with completion when the district is under load.
  • The Lifeblood of an Empire (Arena District daily):
    • Fixed an issue where you could get double credit for saving Imperial Citizens.
    • Increased spawn rates for Imperial Citizens to assist with completion when the district is under load.
  • Speaking for the Dead (Memorial District daily):Reduced the number of Xivkyn you need to kill to 2.
  • Increased Xivkyn spawn rates to assist with completion when the district is under load.
  • Reworked how Auriculur Geodes need to be placed. No longer will you need to try to race the despawn of a skeleton you just killed while also getting beat on by hostile enemies and Argonians in wedding dresses! You now get to place the geodes in special non-hostile undead laborers who are visible only while you are on the quest.
  • Watch Your Step (Noble District daily):Increased spawn rates for Legion Zero soldiers to assist with completion when the district is under load.
  • Fixed an issue where some Legion Zero soldiers did not count for credit on this step.
  • Certain conversations from the bestower are now gated for context; you can’t ask her about the Imperials in the garrison unless you’ve done that quest already, because you are not psychic.
  • Priceless Treasures (Temple District daily):Reduced the number of Grievous Twilight claws you need to collect to 4.
  • Increased spawn rates for Greivous Twilights to assist with completion when the district is under load.
  • Added more spawners for blessed wine and truncated the quest pin areas for the Consecrated Oils so they aren’t so huge and non-specific.



Coming Soon(tm)


  • Light Tel Var Satchel: 200TV



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