Battlegrounds Weekends

ESO Chronicle of Battleground Weekends

In this article you will find as history of the special battleground weekends since they were introduced.


The Elder Scrolls Online introduced monthly Battleground weekends in September 2022. During these special events, participants earn an additional 25% Alliance Points in the battlegrounds.



  1. March – Crazy King (2nd Thursday)
  2. February – Chaos Ball (2nd Thursday)
  3. January – None (2024 Global Reveal)


  • December – Capture the Relic (2nd Thursday)
  • October – Deathmatch (3rd Thursday)
  • September – Crazy King (3rd Thursday)
  • August – Chaos Ball (3rd Thursday)
  • July – Capture the Relic (2nd Thursday)
  • June – Domination (3rd Thursday)
  • May – None (Midyear Mayhem)
  • April – Crazy King (3rd Thursday)
  • March – Chaos Ball (3rd Thursday)
  • February – Capture the Relic (3rd Thursday)
  • January – Domination (2nd Thursday)


  • December – Team Deathmatch (2nd Thursday)
  • November – Crazy King (2nd Thursday)
  • October – Chaos Ball (2nd Thursday)
  • September – Capture the Relic (4th Thursday / 2nd Last)


Capture the Relic

Seize your enemy’s relic and return it to your base.

Chaos Ball

Grab the ball and hold onto it for as long as you can. The longer you last, the more points you earn.

Crazy King

In this game the capture point keeps moving.

Team Deathmatch

Attack as many players as possible. The more hits you get in, the more points your team scores.


Seize and protect as many capture points as you can. The team with the most territory in the end wins.

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