ESO Delve: Shroud Hearth Barrow

Greetings fellow knowledge seeker, enclosed you will find the Delve Report compiled by BenevolentBowd containing information on its inhabitants, loot found, and a map.

General Information

The Shroud Hearth Barrow is situated in The Rift within the Nord settlement known as Ivarstead. Nearest wayshrine is Geirmund Hall Wayshrine.


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Mid-size Nord burial catacomb.


Mobs: Draughr, Skeevers

Critters: Spiders, Centipedes

Named:  Jakalor


  • Sealed Orders
  • Jakalor’s Journal


  • Urns and vases are a good source of lockpicks, style materials, and solvents
  • Skeevers can be harvested for hides
  • Undead didn’t not provide any fleshfly larvae or worms.
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