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ESO Delve: Inner Sea Armature

The following is BenevolentBowD’s scouting report for the delve locals refer to as Inner Sea Armature.

Inner Sea Armature  is a smaller size Dwemer ruin located west of the Harborage in Stonefalls. Despite its size, the delve has numerous containers to loot.  There are a few bookcases found within. Beware of steam pipes containing swarming dwemer spiders.


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Small Dwemer ruin


Mobs: Dark Elf Outlaws, Dwemer Machinations

Critters:  Spiders

Named: Zozuzetharus


  • A mage guild quest lorebooks
  • A few bookshelves


  • Several backpacks and lots of containers
  • Good source of provisioning mats
  • Good source of alchemical solvents
  • Good source of trait items
  • Good source of lockpicks
  • Recipes and Dwemer Motifs
  • At least one chest