ESO Delve: Sheogorath’s Tongue

Greetings fellow knowledge seeker, enclosed you will find the Delve Report compiled by BenevolentBowd containing information on its inhabitants, loot found, and a map.

General Information

The following is BenevolentBowD’s scouting report for the delve locals refer to as Sheogorath’s Tongue.

Sheogorath’s Tongue is a shrine daedric shrine carved into a hill,  located east of the Sathram Plantation Wayshrine. It has been converted into a base of operations by argonian bandits.


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Large daedric shrine / cavern


Mobs: Argonian Bandits, Assassin Beetle

Critters: Rats,

Named:  Calls-to-Nature, Dezanu


  • “Cheeses of Tamriel”
  • “Kennixa’s List”
  • A several bookshelves


  • Not a very good source provisioning mats and alchemical solvents
  • Few beetle scuttle from the Assassin Beetles
  • There were a few chests in the delve.
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