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  1. What are Endeavors?
  2. How do I find Endeavors?
  3. What are the Timers and Resets?
  4. Is the information available outside game?
  5. Endeavor Tasks and Tips
    1. Antiquities
    2. Arenas / Dungeons / Trials
    3. Crafting
    4. Dark Brotherhood (Blade of Woe)
    5. Fashion
    6. Holiday Events
    7. Housing
    8. Kill <MOB>
    9. Legerdemain (Thieving / Lockpicking)
    10. Player vs Player
    11. Questing
    12. Selling
    13. Use / Consume

What are Endeavors?

Introduced around the time of the Blackwood Chapter, Endeavors were introduced to provide ways to earn in-game currency to purchase items that currently available in the crown store.

Endeavors are daily and weekly activities you can complete to earn Seals of Endeavors.

What are Seals of Endeavors?

Seals of Endeavors are a special in-game currency that will allow you to purchase items available from the current crown crates in the store.

ESO Daily Endeavor Sample
ESO Weekly Endeavor Sample

There is an alternative to getting current crown crate items without crowns, crown gems, and Seals of Endeavors. You can make an in-game trade with other player where they will gift you crown crates in exchange for in-game gold. However, this is not a secure process and can be subject to fraud.

Where Do I Spend Seals of Endeavors?

You can access the Seals of Endeavors store a few ways.


  1. Crown Store (,)
    1. select the second icon from the left at the top-right. The icon looks like a coin.
  2. Group & Activity Finder
    1. Click the Seals of Endeavor Store button at the bottom of the window.
ESO Endeavor StoreSample
ESO Seals of Endeavor Store Sample (PC)

Gamepad (XBox)

  1. Menu > Crown Store > Seals of Endeavor > click [LB] or [RB] until Crown Crates is selected at the top.
ESO Endeavors store (console  version)

How do I Find Out What the Endeavors are Today or This Week?

The daily and weekly endeavors are listed in your group activities window.

What are the Timers and Resets?

Daily endeavors reset at the same times as pledges and daily crafting writs.

Weekly endeavors reset at the same time as pledges and daily early Monday morning (America\Eastern).

You can find these times on the ESO Calendar.

Is the Information Available Outside Game?

Yes. I will attempt to post the Daily and Weekly endeavor quests on twitter and on my website on the right side of every site page.

If you use discord, the Dwemer Automaton Bot creators announced endeavors will be available by subscribing to it.

How Do I Get Endeavors?

Endeavors are automatic and do not consume quest journal space. As you complete the daily or weekly activities, your progress is automatically tracked.


Endeavor Tasks and Tips

When I provide tips for the various endeavors, I try to focus on locations in the base game zones that are in close proximity to wayshrines.


Excavate <#> Antiquities

Excavate <#> Purple or Gold-quality Antiquity

Greymoor Chapter / DLC required or ESO+.

Every zone has a default green antiquity you can scry. Just open your map and choose the scry option.

Smaller zones like Artaeum are great for this endeavor.

Various NPC merchants sell Zone Map Furnishing leads.

Best place to get a gold lead drop is off harvest nodes in Coldharbour.

A weekly antiquity endeavor is a good opportunity to collect some of the antiquities you haven’t dug up. The DisplayLeads addon for PC is very useful in identifying missing antiquities and how to farm them.

Bastien and Mirri Companions both approve of antiquarian activities so use them if you got them.


Arenas / Dungeons / Trials


Complete <#> Arenas

Here are your arena options:
Craglorn – Dragonstar Arena (4 Person)
Wrothgar (ESO+ / DLC) – Maelstrom Arena (Solo)
The Reach (ESO+ / DLC) – Vateshran Hollows (Solo)
Murkmire (ESO+ / DLC) – Blackrose Prison (4 Person)

Group Dungeons

Complete <#> Dungeon(s)

Grab all the pledges and do the random normal dungeon from the group activity finder. You might get lucky and get three rewards after you are done if the random happens to be one of today’s pledges.

Public Dungeons

Complete <#> Public Dungeon Group Event

You need to complete a public dungeon group event. These often have to be triggered by clearing mobs from the group event boss’ spawn location.
The Alik’r Public Dungeon Group event spawns very quickly based on buttons pressed: Scarabs, Spiders, Scorpions.
Grab a Mages’ Guild Daily for bonus rewards and improve rapport with Bastian.


Complete <#> Trial(s)

There is a weekly trial that gives bonus rewards. You can find out what it is in your quest journal / Leaderboards / Trials / Weekly.



Complete Writs

Complete <#> Durables Master Writ

Master writs (also known as Sealed Writs) are top-tier crafting writ rewards.
They can often be found on sale on the guild traders.
Enchanting: Sealed Enchanting Writs (PC-NA, PC-EU)
Equipment: Sealed Blacksmithing Writs (PC-NA, PC-EU), Sealed Clothier Writs (PC-NA, PC-EU) , Sealed Jewelrycrafting Writs (PC-NA, PC-EU) , Sealed Woodworking Writs (PC-NA, PC-EU) .

Complete <#> Consumables Master Writ

Master writs (also known as Sealed Writs) are top-tier crafting writ rewards.
They can often be found on sale on the guild traders.
Consumables: Sealed Alchemy Writs (PC-NA, PC-EU), Sealed Provisioning Writs (PC-NA, PC-EU).
(Does not include Sealed Enchanting Writs)
Equipment: Sealed Blacksmithing Writs, Sealed Clothier Writs, Sealed Jewelrycrafting Writs, Sealed Woodworking Writs.

Craft Items

Craft <#> Items with the Alchemy skill

Craft <#> Items with the Blacksmithing skill

Craft 4 Items with the Clothier skill

Craft <#> Items with the Enchanting Skill

Craft <#> Items with the Jewelry Crafting Skill

Craft <#> Items with the Woodworking Skill

All of the crafting tasks can be earned while doing crafting writs. Sometimes you will need to do writs on more than one character, fortunately Endeavors are account-based.
Writs: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Clothing, Enchanting, Jewelrycrafting, Provisioning, and Woodworking

Craft <#> Items with the Provisioning Skill

Premake provisioning writ items for later. These crafted items can be shared by multiple crafters even those on other accounts. List of recipes for all levels


Craft Item Set

Craft 1 Ashen Grip Item

This set is found in Stonefalls, Glenumbra, and Auridon.
This set may be found in your guild hall or mastercrafter friend’s house.
Two Traits (research) on the item to be crafted is required.

Craft 1 Law of Julianos Item

This set is found in Boreal Forge, Wrothgar, south of Great Bay Wayshrine (Requires access to Orsinium DLC or ESO+)*
This set may be found in your guild hall or mastercrafter friend’s house.
You require 6 Traits (research) on the item to be crafted is required.

Craft 1 New Moon Acolyte Item

This set is found in Fur-Forge Cove, Southern Elsweyr, Northwest of Senchal (Requires access to Dragonhold DLC or ESO+)*
This set may be found in your guild hall or mastercrafter friend’s house.
You require 9 traits researched on the item you wish to make.

Craft 1 Senche-raht’s Grit Item

This set is found in Starlight Adeptorium, Northern Elsweyr, south of Star Haven Adeptorium (Requires access to Elsweyr DLC or ESO+)*
This set may be found in your guild hall or mastercrafter friend’s house.
You require 5 traits researched on the item you wish to make.

Craft 1 Trial by Fire Item

This set is found in Malacath Statue Wrothgar (Requires access to Orsinium DLC or ESO+)*
This set may be found in your guild hall or mastercrafter friend’s house.
You require 3 traits researched on the item you wish to make.

Click to Enlarge

Craft 1 Vastarie’s Tutelage Item

This set is found in Rimmen Masterworks, Northern Elsweyr, Southwest of Rimmen. (Requires access to Elsweyr DLC or ESO+)*
This set may be found in your guild hall or mastercrafter friend’s house.
You require 3 traits researched on the item you wish to make.

Craft 1 Way of the Arena

This set is found in Lanista’s Waystation, Craglorn
This set may be found in your guild hall or mastercrafter friend’s house.
You require 8 traits researched on the item you wish to make.


Deconstruct Items

Deconstruct <#> Items at a Blacksmithing Table

(Deconstruct) Extract <#> Items at an Enchanting Table

Deconstruct <#> Items at a Jewelry Crafting table

Deconstruct <#> Items at a Woodworking table

You can craft the items you need then deconstruct.

Deconstructing items made by another crafter, will boost inspiration so deconstruct on new crafters to level their profession.

If you don’t have any items to deconstruct, try checking a merchant and see if you can buy back some of the items you need.

You require access to Summerset DLC or ESO+ to use Jewelry crafting stations.

Enchant <#> Pieces of Equipment

You can enchant 2 of your crafting writ items before turn-in. The enchanted writ items will be accepted.
You can enchant a trash item and then sell item afterwards
You can enchant the same item over and over.


Harvest Items

Collect <#> Cloth-Producing Plants

Collect <#> Pure Water Springs or Alchemical Plants

Collect <#> Runestones

Cut <#> Logs of Wood

Harvest <#> Resources from the World

Mine <#> Jewel Seams (15 Seals)

Mine <#> Veins of Ore (20 Seals)

Collecting survey maps will complete this task.
Craglorn is a good place to harvest because of the rare drop of Nirncrux.
Nodes in most of the base zones have a very rare chance of dropping Aetherial Dust which is prized for its Experience Point boosting properties.
Psijiic Portals do not count towards rune count.
Looting provisioning items from their containers count (greens in basket, etc.)
Alchemy solvents and reagents can easily completed with alchemy survey map. Alchemy items are often found in grassy areas, along bodies of water, and dead trees / other mushrooms. Waterskins also advance the pure water springs endeavor.
Pure water advances the harvest resources from world endeavor.
The Hollow City in Coldharbour often has enough plants to complete alchemy endeavor depending on the current player population there.
Enchanting runes often found near ruins or graveyards.
Metal and Jewelry nodes can be found near rocky terrain.
Wood in forested areas.


Refining Materials

Refine Raw Materials <#> Times

Multiple refining of items advances quest. You do not have to do each one separately


Dark Brotherhood


Complete <#> Black Sacrament

ESO+ / Dark Brotherhood DLC required. Sacraments?
If there is a steal items endeavor, there are often a lot of lootable containers in the sacrament locations.


Kill Citizens with Blade of Woe

Kill <#> Citizens with the Blade of Woe

Requires the completion of the first Dark Brotherhood DLC main story quest. You keep Blade of Woe if earned during ESO Plus.
Killing Enemy Humanoids with Blade of Woe doesn’t count.
If you have prevent attacking innocents setting turned on (Settings/ Gameplay / Combat), then you will have to turn it off.
Mirri the companion‘s rapport will decrease if they witness the Black of Woe.

Kill People

Kill <#> People

Kill citizens of Tamriel to complete this endeavor.
The companion Bastian detests murder and your rapport will suffer.


Holiday Events

First seen on the first day of the Witches Festival 2021.

Complete <#> Holiday Quest

“Join in the festivities and complete holiday quests to complete this endeavor.”
Depending on the timing of the Endeavor reset and the start of events, you may have to wait 10 – 11 hours to complete this endeavor.

You can complete this endeavor by completing the event quest available from the crown store for free.


Place <#> Furnishings

Quickest way is to place # of Undaunted Pledge busts or ESO+ Statuettes/Paintings down in your house and once you get the endeavor, hit the undo button repeatedly until the house is back to it’s original state.
You can pickup existing furniture , place, in your pack, and place again.
You can visit a general housing vendor and pickup some items for 100g.


Update an outfit 1 Time

Outfits change be changed at outfit tables in selected towns or some personal houses.

A quick and cheap way to complete this endeavor is to go to the outfit station in a house, guild hall, or major town and change one item colour for 50 gold.

Fun Fact: Changing your companion’s outfit will complete the update an outfit 1 time task. Also, you can get the Fashionable Friend

Kill <mob>

Afflict Enemies with Weapon Poisons

Afflict <#> Enemies with Weapon Poisons

You have to equip the poisons.
Locations with larger groups of mobs (4 or more), like public dungeons are ideal for this endeavor.
Most DLC public dungeons drop fragments for special items like non-combat pets or costumes.
I have been told it works on Target Dummies so if you cluster a bunch together, this task can be quick.


Destroy / Kill <Mobs>

Destroy <#> Air Atronachs

Air atronachs can be found in Craglorn. Several can be found around Spellscar.
A few can be found around Daedric ruins like Yasammidan in Vvardenfell.

Air Atronach

Destroy <#> Clockwork Foes

“Clockwork foes: Fabricants, Factotums, and other clockwork foes”. Seek them ot in Sotha Sil’s Clockwork City.
Includes the small passive Scorpion Fabricants and Skeevertons.
Reports that the Clockwork Training dummy also works.
Companion Mirri’s rapport can increase when she visits the Brass Fortress if you enter through the door.

Destroy <#> Dwarven Automata

Generally speaking, if you cannot pronounce the delve / public dungeon, you can get this endeavor there: Bthzark (Stros M’kai – Quest Required), Lower Bthanual (Deshaan), Mzithumz (Deshaan), Mzulft (Eastmarch), Yldzuun (Alik’r Desert), Santaki (Alik’r), Aldunz (Alik’r), Klathzgar (Bangkorai), Avanchnzel (The Rift),

If you are an Ebonheart Pact character, you can fast travel to the Harborage and travel to the nearby Inner Sea Armature Delve.

I quickly got this achievement going to Avanchnzel (The Rift) which has a simple circular route with several steam pipes that spawn weak dwemer spiders. It is next to the Honrich Tower Wayshrine.

Destroy <#> Flame Atronach

There are some flame atronachs in the following easy to get locations
– Reaper’s March south of the Willowgrow Wayshrine
Aldunz Delve, Alik’r (Bergama Wayshrine)
Mehrune’s Spite, Auridon (Greenwater Wayshrine)
-Court of Contempt, Coldharbor

Destroy <#> Frost Atronach

Some notable frost atronach
Azorrinuz in Rkindaleft Public Dungeon (Wrothgar)
Dread Atronach group Boss in the Vile Manse Public Dungeon (Reaper’s March)
Iceheart in Direfrost Keep Group Dungeon
Nomeg Chal in the Chill Hollow (Delve, Eastmarch)
Nomeg Haga in Coldharbour
Nomeg Hyril in Nilata Falls
Nomeg Rine in the Frozen Ruins

Destroy <#> Ghosts

Destroy spirits, specters, wraiths, and other ghosts to complete this endeavor.
Crows Wood Public Dungeon (Davon’s Watch, Stonefalls) Group Event Boss area. Jump of entrance bridge to the right.

Crypt of Exiles, Bangkorai Pass, Starved Plain (Davon’s Watch, Stonefalls), Tanzelwil Ruins (not delve) in Auridon.

Windridge Cave (Stormhaven, Alcaire Wayshrine) is a small delve full of spirits.

Destroy <#> Iron Atronach(s)

According to, found in places like Forgotten Wastes in Vvardenfell, summoned by dragons in Northern Elsweyr, and the Magma Queen in Vateshran Hollows.
Hive Golems do not count.

Destroy <#> Storm Atronachs

Known locations: Dark Anchors, Falkreath Hold (Group Dungeon), Spellscar (Craglorn)

Kill <#> Beasts

Generally speaking, beasts are “furry” creatures: Bears, Wolves, Tigers, etc.
The Shattered Grove in Auridon (west of Skywatch) has lots of bears and wolves.
The public dungeon in Davon’s Watch (Stonefalls) has a lot of quick spawning wolves near the entrance.
Skeevers near S’ren-ja Wayshrine (Reaper’s March) work too.
Skeevers are found in the Hall of the Dead Public Dungeon not far from the Windhelm Wayshrine.
Skeevers are plentiful in Rivenspire.
The group dungeon Wayrest Sewers I has a boss that spawns 6 – 7 skeevers every 8 to 10 seconds.
Werewolves are also beasts. You can find a lot in The Reach and around Camlorn, Archon’s Grove, Dragonstar Arena, Dark Moon Grotto, Hordrek’s Hunting Ground, Bangkorai, Malabal Tor, Reaper’s March, The Rift, Greymoor Caverns, and Cyrodiil.

Kill <#> Chitinous Foes

Mobs: Mudcrabs, yaghra, dunerippers, and other hard-shelled foes.
If you also need to kill a world boss, there is a mudcrab world boss near Davon’s Watch (Shipwreck Strand).
Dreughs can be found in Stonefalls (near Davon’s Watch and at Vivec’s Antlers).

Kill <#> Dragon

Elsweyr DLC, Dragonhold DLC, or ESO+ required.
Dragons found in Northern Elsweyr and Southern Elsweyr.
For bonus rewards, grab a dragon hunt daily in Rimmen or Dragonhold.

Kill <#> Giant

Giants often found in regions inhabited by Nords. Riften, Eastmarch, etc..
A good base zone location next to a wayshrine is Mammoth Ridge.
In Western Skyrim, the giant camps are identified on the map.
Other giants include Ogres and Minotaurs.
First boss of Blessed Crucible.
Giant snakes? – unconfirmed

Mammath Ridge in the Rift has several Giants and it is not far from Ragged Hill wayshrine.

Kill <#> Humanoid Foes

Zombies do not count as humanoid.
I used the delve right under the Daggerfall Wayshrine to complete this quest.
Does not have to be killing blow.

Kill <#> Insects or Arachnids

Delves and dungeons with Hoarvors, spiders, kwama, etc. are great.
Kulati Mines (Alik’r Desert, SW of Kulati Mines Wayshrine )
Passive critters like scribs, spiders, caterpillars, crawls, etc. may apply.
Confirmed: Shroom Beetles, Shalks, Hoarvors.
Do not: Passive spiders.
It was reported that hoarvors in Imperial City did not work. Hoarvors near Haven, Grahtwood worked.

Kill <#> Plant Creatures

Mobs: Stranglers, lurchers, and other monstrous plants to complete this endeavor. There are lots of lurchers near Daggerfall.

City of Ash II: If you jump down the initial waterfall (to avoid engaging other enemies), you can encounter 7 stranglers “off the beaten path” without engaging any other enemies; alternatively, if you go down the main route (if you’re actually doing the dungeon), there is that cluster of 6 that you cannot avoid.


Destroy <#> Rotting Undead Foes

Mob types include zombies, draugr, and other rotting undead foes.
Popular spots are The Halls of Dead in Windhelm Public Dungeon (Eastmarch), Sentinel Docks in Alik’r Desert, around the Lion Guard Redoubt wayshrine in Glenumbra.

Destroy <#> Skeletons

The Forgotten Crypts (public dungeon) and The Corpse Garden (Delve) in Deshaan have a lot of skeletons.
There is a dolmen and World Boss near the Forgotten Crypts if Loot Chest (dolmen) or World Boss Endeavors are also requested.
Banished Cells I

There are skeletons near the Shrouded Pass Wayshrine in Rivenspire.

Lots of skeletons in the Group Boss event in the Root Sunder Ruins in Grahtwood.

3M Health Point Humanoid Skeleton Target dummy didn’t work.


Kill <#> Void Creatures

Kill shades, voidmothers, and other void creatures in caverns beneath the Reach.
Voidmothers can be found deep within Nighthollow Keep and in Grayhaven.
Shades can be found at Bthar-ZelGrayhavenLibrary of ArkthzandHalls of ArkthzandLost Valley RedoubtNighthollow KeepThe Dark DescentChamber of the Dark Heart (Source:

Destroy <#> Watery Foes

Destroy wisps, nereids, Ice Wraiths, and other watery foes.
Wisps can be found in the Crows Wood Public Dungeon in Davon’s Watch.
There are groups of Ice Wraiths in The Hall of Dead Public Dungeon in Windhelm (Eastmarch).
2 Nereids can found in the lake near Shada’s Tear Wayshrine.
2 Nereids can be found a the lake just north of Haven, Grahtwood.
Several wisps and a Wispmother can be found by the Hist Bark Crafting Set location in Greenshade (Serpent’s Grotto Wayshrine)

Kill <#> Barbaric Foes

Goblins, Ogres (?), Lamia, and other barbaric foes.
Goblins: Bonesnap Ruins (Public Dungeon, Stormhaven), Dawnmead Ruin Camp (Point of Interest, Reapers March), David’s Chargin Mine (Delve, Alik’r), Fungal Grotto I (Group Dungeon, Stonefalls)
Lamia: Maelstrom Arena, Sanctum Ophidia (Trial) , Arx Corinium (Group Dungeon), Moonless Walk (Coldharbour), Loriasel (near Hallin’s Stand, Bangkorai), Tempest Island (Group Dungeon), Ko Estaran (Hew’s Bane)
Ogres: While listed, ogres are listed they do not seem to advance endeavor progression.
Listing locations here in case the bug or description is fixed. Orcrest (Public Dungeon, Northern Elsweyr), Wrothgar, Shinji’s Scarp (Stormhaven), Bonesnap Ruins, Scalecaller Peak (Group Dungeon) Maw of Lorkhaj (Trial)

Kill <#> Bestial Daedra

Ogrims, Clannfear, Scamp, and other bestial Daedra.

Dolmens / Dark Anchors are good places to farm smaller numbers.
Hollow Wastes Dolmen in Alik’r is a great place to complete this quest because it’s near a wayshrine and there are often friends or guildies farming dolmens in Alik’r.

The Brothers of Strife (Stonefalls) has a lot of scamps. (Thanks Qrahe)

City of Ash I: 8 on the path near the entrance, more further down after you descend the tree… Banished Cells I: 3 in the entrance lobby, and more later in the dungeon

Imperial City Sewers (AD) has a lot of bestial Daedra. Imperial City DLC is free from Crown Store.
Does not have to be killing blow.

Hollow Wastes Dolmen in Alik’r Desert
Brothers of Strife in Stonefalls

Kill <#> Humanoid Daedra

Mobs include: Dremora, Xivkyn, Skaafin, and other humanoid Daedra.
Saguine’s Demense Public Dungeon in Stormhold (Shadowfen) has several large groups of humanoid daedra. It’s not far from the wayshrine and on the Navigator fast travel route for Ebonheart Pact.
Imperial City contains a lot of daedra but also hostile players.
Veteran Banished Cells (there’s also an achievement for kill dremora)
Shrike Crowcallers in the Shadow Cleft in Clockwork City work.
Doomvault Porcixid Delve (Blackwood) has lots of dremora and scamps.

Kill <#> Reptiles

Didn’t work: Passive snakes, Passive lizards in Murkmire
Worked: Crocodiles, Wamasu, Dirzogs, Alit, Kagouti, Salamanders, Hackwings.

The water around Stormhold, Shadowfen has a lot of crocodiles not far from the wayshrine.

Root Sunder Ruins in Grahtwood has a lot of crocodiles.

Blessed Crucible, initial pack before the gate


Kill <#> Troll

There are many trolls in The Rift. There is several by the Hunding’s Crafting Set location and a few near the water in Riften.
Several trolls at Coldcorn Ruin north of Fort Ash.
Sharpfang World Boss in (Dire Bramblepatch) Deshaan is a good choice if kill World boss is also an endeavor.

Kill <#> Vampires

Great places to find a lot of vampires are Rivenspire (Moira’s Hope) and The Orchard in Coldharbour.
There are a lot of bloodfiends and vampires in Coldrock Diggins (Delve, Alik’r Desert)
Player vampires do not count in duels. (thanks n0_lollygaggin)
Vampire target dummy doesn’t count (thanks JimmyJJShabadu)
Mobs: Bloodfiends, Vampires, and Harvesters.


Kill <#> Wild or Domestic Animals

This animals include snakes, deer, lizards, livestock, and other assorted critters throughout Tamriel.
Monkeys -Grahtwood – on the roads.
Sheep – Khenarthi’s Roost northwest of Khenarthi’s Roost wayshrine.

Kill World Bosses

Kill <#> World Bosses

These are identified as large skulls on your map. Usually require 3 or more players. Skilled players can often solo.

Grab a DLC zone World Boss Daily quest and stack up the rewards.

During this quest, I found the world bosses seemed to respawn in about 6 minutes.

Kill <#> Group Boss

“Kill Group Bosses to complete this endeavor”
World Bosses worked.
Not Public Dungeon bosses.
One report not in a group dungeon: Unconfirmed.


Kill Dangerous Foes

Kill <#> Dangerous Foe(s)

Dangerous foes are defined as “Foes with shielded life-bars”. Included are Trolls, Daedroth, Argonian Behemoth, Wamasu, Dolmen Boss, Delve Boss, Titan in Oblivion Portal.
Imperial City Sewers (AD) has a lot of Dangerous Foes. Imperial City DLC is free from Crown Store.
Several mobs in arenas are considered dangerous.
Public dungeons bosses quality as dangerous foes and public dungeons are full of mobs if you need to kill a lot of mobs for a weekly endeavor.


Kill Foes with Class/Weapon Abilities

Kill <#> foes with class abilities

Kill <#> foes with weapon abilities

Fill your attack bar with only the abilities needed for the endeavor to complete this endeavor faster.

Passive one-shot creatures killed with weapon abilities count.
Deer, Monkeys, Pony Guar, Rabbits, Shroom Beetles, etc..

If you need to kill a large number of targets for a weekly endeavor, head to a public dungeon to level your companion or farm fragments for costumes and pets found in some of the DLC zones. (ESO Unlockable Collectibles)


Legerdemain / Thieves Guild

Escape Guards

Escape from Guards <#> Time

The guard must catch you. You then select “Flee” and then successfully evade the guard.



Complete <#> Heist

Thieves guild DLC or ESO+ required. Heist info.



Launder <#> Items at Fences

Fences are special vendors located in the Outlaws Refuges of larger towns.
The fence assistant earned by completing the Thieves’ Guild quest line does not launder items. However, the assistant takes a larger share of the profits. Must select Launder option.

Livestock loot are considered stolen and you can quickly obtain as much as you need. A great place for livestock is on Khenarthi’s Roost between Windcatcher Plantation and Temple of the Dark Moon.

Save your Large Stolen Shipment crates obtained from Thieves Troves and open them (out of view of citizens) and launder the 10 items found within.

Loot Thieves Trove

Loot <#> Thieves Trove

They can only be opened by members of the Thieves Guild.
You need the Finders Keepers Passive found in the Thieves Guild Skill Line.

Pick Locks

Pick <#> Locks

Any lock will progress this quest. The locked houses by the Daggerfall Wayshrine near the Rosy Lion Inn was a quick way to complete this one. Steel Lockboxes and Treasure Chests also work.

Must Lockpick. Forcing locks does not work.

If doing a heist is another endeavor, you may want to combine the two as you have to pick 4 locks during the heist.



Pickpocket <#> Items

Your character has to sneak behind the target.

Improve your pickpocketing chances with the “Light Fingers” passive ability found in the Legerdemain (world) skill line.

I found a great place to pickpockets was in the Gold Coast (Kvatch).


Treasure Chests

Loot <#> Treasure Chests

Confirmed: Dolmen chests, Treasure map chests, World chests, and safeboxes.
Preopened chests work.
The passive from the Antiquity skill line that makes treasure chests glow is very useful for these dailies.

There are a lot of chests near Lion Redoubt Wayshrine in Glenumbra, and Wittestadr Wayshrine in Eastmarch.

If there is also an endeavor to dig up a chest, do that one first. You will get credit for both endeavors.

Treasure Maps

Dig up <#> Chest(s) from Treasure Maps

If you recently bought a chapter or DLC collector edition, you may have some Collector Edition Treasure Maps in your inventory.
Treasure Maps don’t stack so you may be able to obtain one from a friend or guildie.
Glenmoril Wyrd Map Chests work too.


Steal Items

Steal <#> Items from the environment

This is easier to do on a nightblade with lower detection gear sets. Gear sets reducing your detection radius: Night Mother’s Embrace (Deshaan) 5 Pieces, Night Terror (Stormhaven) 3 Pieces, Darloc Brae (Northern Elsweyr) 4 Pieces.
NPC shops are often rich with lootable containers.
Legerdemain skill can reduce your detection radius with Improved Hiding.
Alternatively, you can kill livestock. Livestock loot are considered stolen and count towards the achievement. A great place for livestock is on Khenarthi’s Roost between Windcatcher Plantation and Temple of the Dark Moon.

Player vs Player


Complete <#> Battleground Match

Grab a random Battleground quest from the activity finder for bonus rewards


Complete 1 Duel

You do not have to win.


Cyrodiil Town Quests

Complete <#> quest for Bruma in Cyrodiil

Since the town’s alliance can change, it is handy to have a character in each alliance over level 10 to login to and be able to fast travel to the town and complete the quest.
Cyrodiil: Do you know about the PVE quests?


Complete <#> Quest for Chorrol in Cryodiil

Since this town is located close to the Daggerfall Covenant bases, having an Daggerfall Convenant character may make this easier.
A fast mount or run speed is recommended for Chorrol quests. The objectives are located far from the village plaza.
Cyrodiil: Do you know about the PVE quests?


Complete <#> Quest for Cheydinhal in Cyrodiil

Since this town is located close to the Ebonheart Pact bases, having an Ebonheart Pact character may make this easier.
Cyrodiil: Do you know about the PVE quests?


Complete <#> Quests for Cropsford

Since the town’s alliance can change, it is handy to have a character in each alliance over level 10 to login to and be able to fast travel to the town and complete the quest.
Cyrodiil: Do you know about the PVE quests?

Complete <#> Quest for Vlastarus in Cyrodiil

Since the town’s alliance can change, it is handy to have a character in each alliance over level 10 to login to and be able to fast travel to the town and complete the quest.
Cyrodiil: Do you know about the PVE quests?


Deal Damage with Siege

Deal <#> Damage with Siege Weapons

This one can be easily completed by setting up some siege at a resource and do 3 or more attacks on a cluster of guards.
Certain cold-fire siege weapons do little or no damage to structures.

Defeat Patrolling Horror(s)

Defeat <#> Patrolling Horror in the Imperial City Districts

These are comparable to World Bosses and are found in the Imperial City DLC (Player vs Player zone).
The Imperial City DLC is free from the crown store.

Earn Tel Var Stones

Earn 150 Tel Var Stones Through Kills

These are earned in the Imperial City. This DLC is available for free from the Crown Store.
Reports that Tel Var from chests also apply.
Tel Var received from Midyear Mayhem Boon boxes gave credit.


Kill Mobs / Players In Cyrodiil

Kill <#> Delve Boss in Cyrodiil

Killed a guard and got credit. Golden Saints in the overland in Cyrodiil counted. Some two bar health mobs in the delves didn’t count.

Kill <#> Player in Cyrodiil

If you need to kill a large number of players, you could try the “kill” quest board your Alliance camp or ask in zone / guild chat if some could share the kill enemy players quest.

Repair damage

Repair 7500 damage to structures in Cyrodiil

Repair 75000 Damage to Structures in Cyrodiil

Use Door and Wall Repair Kits on Structures in Cyrodiil.
Does not include Milegates.



Complete <#> Endeavor(s)

Get a free endeavor completion by completing one of the others.

Complete <#> quest(s)

Any quest will do: Main quests, side quests, dailies, weeklies, etc..



Sell <#> Items to Merchants

You can sell items and if you don’t have enough, you can buy them back for resale.
Items that are great for this endeavor are in world items like armor on tables and weapons on racks that are worth 0g which makes them great for selling, buying back, and reselling.


Use / Consume / Do

Read <#> Lore Books

Read books found in the world (not in your lore library) to complete this endeavor.

On PC, this can be done with addons the place unread lore books on your map. (Map Pins, Lorebooks)

Companion Bastien increases in rapport when you read lore if not on its associated cooldown timer.

Use Mundus Stone

Acquire <#> New Mundus Stone Boon

The easiest way to complete this endeavor is to visit a guild house with mundus stone furnishings.
Vulkhel Guard (Auridon) – Lover Mundus is just north of the city.
Davon’s Watch (Stonefalls) – Lady Mundus is short distance west of the wayshrine.
Daggerfall (Glenumbra) – Lady Mundus is just east of the city walls.
Voljar Meadery / Kynesgrove Wayshrines (Eastmarch) – The Warrior Mundus is nearby.

Use Ultimates

Use Ultimate Abilities <#> Times

Easiest way to complete this endeavor is with a Sorceror with an Overload Ultimate to toggle it on and off.
Warden Bear Ultimate is pretty quick too.

For other ultimates, you can use the special Aetherial Well (3,000 crowns) furnishing that restores Ultimate to complete this task very quickly.

Consume / Recharge / revive / use

Complete <#> Survey Report(s)

Survey Reports (AKA survey maps) are non-tradeable and are earned by doing crafting writs. Chance of drop is approximately 1 in 7 writs.

Consume <#> Drinks

One of the easiest endeavor quests. If you don’t have any food or drinks in your inventory, you can purchase some at most Inns.
You can improve your rapport with the companion Mirri by making some drinks while she is present.

Consume <#> Foods

One of the easiest endeavor quests. If you don’t have any food or drinks in your inventory, you can purchase some at most Inns.
If you are going to craft some food, put companion Bastian away if you are planning to make food containing cheese. He doesn’t like that.

Recharge <#> Weapon Enchant

Select a weapon with an enchantment and select the charge option from the menu. You will require a full Soul Gem

Revive <#> Fallen Player

While there are 3 sets that offer resurrection bonuses, Kagrenac’s Hope will decrease the time to do it.
One quick way to do this task is do a duel and then revive the other player.

Use Mementos <#> Times

Mementos are earned by completing quests, obtained in crates, and purchased with crown gems.
You will find them in the Mementos section of your collectibles (‘U’ key on PC || menu/collections/mementos on consoles)


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