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  1. What are Endeavors?
  2. How do I find Endeavors?
  3. What are the Timers and Resets?
  4. Is the information available outside game?
  5. Endeavor Tasks and Tips
  6. Endeavors History

What are Endeavors?

Introduced around the time of the Blackwood Chapter, Endeavors were introduced to provide ways to earn in-game currency to purchase items that currently available in the crown store.

Endeavors are daily and weekly activities you can complete to earn Seals of Endeavors.

What are Seals of Endeavors?

Seals of Endeavors are a special in-game currency that will allow you to purchase items available from the current crown crates in the store.

ESO Daily Endeavor Sample
ESO Weekly Endeavor Sample

There is an alternative to getting current crown crate items without crowns, crown gems, and Seals of Endeavors. You can make an in-game trade with other player where they will gift you crown crates in exchange for in-game gold. However, this is not a secure process and can be subject to fraud.

Where Do I Spend Seals of Endeavors?

You can access the Seals of Endeavors store a few ways.


  1. Crown Store (,)
    1. select the second icon from the left at the top-right. The icon looks like a coin.
  2. Group & Activity Finder
    1. Click the Seals of Endeavor Store button at the bottom of the window.
ESO Endeavor StoreSample
ESO Seals of Endeavor Store Sample (PC)

Gamepad (XBox)

  1. Menu > Crown Store > Seals of Endeavor > click [LB] or [RB] until Crown Crates is selected at the top.
ESO Endeavors store (console  version)

How do I Find Out What the Endeavors are Today or This Week?

The daily and weekly endeavors are listed in your group activities window.

What are the Timers and Resets?

Daily endeavors reset at the same times as pledges and daily crafting writs.

Weekly endeavors reset at the same time as pledges and daily early Monday morning (America\Eastern).

You can find these times on the ESO Calendar.

Is the Information Available Outside Game?

Yes. I will attempt to post the Daily and Weekly endeavor quests on twitter and on my website on the right side of every site page.

If you use discord, the Dwemer Automaton Bot creators announced endeavors will be available by subscribing to it.

How Do I Get Endeavors?

Endeavors are automatic and do not consume quest journal space. As you complete the daily or weekly activities, your progress is automatically tracked.

Endeavors History

Special Endeavors Rewards (Daily Login Rewards)

Oct 2023250
Nov 2023250
Dec 2023250
Jan 2024250
Feb 2024525
Mar 2024500
Apr 2024450

Special Endeavors Rewards (Xbox Game Pass / Other)

Note: These are not included in the to date totals above the daily endeavors.

April – June 2024 (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perk – 500 Seals) 10th Anniversary Bundle #1500
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