Guides relating to Bankers, Deconstruction Assistants, Merchants, Pets, and Non-Player Characters.

ESO Companions Bastien, Isobel, Ember, and Mirri

ESO Companions

In this Elder Scrolls Online Beginner’s Guide, I share my understanding and notes about the Companion system introduced with Blackwood. Companions are NPC (non-player characters) you can unlock to help you on (most) of your adventurers in the Elder Scrolls Online.

Picture of Furniture Vendor Stall

ESO Furniture Vendors

Housing is a popular activity in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). The magic of some elite housing decorators possess resulted in the creation of the term Housingmancer. If you are a housingmancer or wannabe, this housing furniture resource will be useful in recalling where certain items are available in-game.

ESO Pledge Master Stores

The Pledge Master Stores were introduced as an alternative way to obtain monster set items without farming a group dungeon over and over to get the set they wanted. The currency accepted by these vendors are Undaunted Keys which are obtained by completing pledge dailies obtained by the vendors.

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