ESOTU Delve: The Triple Circle Mine

Everyone knows the Triple Circle Mine produces the highest quality ore in Deshaan. Strange to find such an active mine looking so deserted.

The Triple Circle Mine is located in the central region of Deshaan. Nearest wayshrine is Ghost Snake Vale wayshrine (east of Mournhold). It’s very small, but it’s circling mineshaft may be suitable for farming hides, oils, and red meat.

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ESOTU Delve: Taleon’s Crag

Some have speculated that this site comes by its name because this is where the famous Nord author Taelon Mythmaker chose to retire after his bitter literary feud with Helgreir Lut-Voice. Phrastus of Elinhir, however, regards this theory as “fanciful twaddle.”  

Taleon’s Crag is located in the southern region of Deshaan. Nearest wayshrine is Ghost Snake Vale wayshrine (east of Mournhold).


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ESOTU Delve: The Corpse Garden

Not only is the Corpse Garden a place where the dead have been buried, but like the garden of any palace or country manor, the Corpse Garden grows undead creatures that spread like weeds. — The Corpse Garden Mission

The Corpse Garden is situated in Northern Deshaan west of the  Shrine of Saint Veloth.

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ESOTU Delve: Knife Ear Grotto

We are strong. We despise the weak and hate the frail. And we abhor the mortals most of all because they are both weak and frail. The weak must be punished by the strong! It is our calling, and it is the order of our lord and master, Molag Bal — The Will of Drulshasa.

Knife Ear Grotto is located southeast of Elden Hollow Wayshine in Deshaan.

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ESOTU Delve: Lady Llarel’s Shelter

Origins of the delve’s name are obsure, but whoever Lady Llarel was it seems unlikely she’d find shelter here now, as the grotto seems to be occupied by a hive of wild kwama.

Lady Llarel’s Shelter is located northeast of the Obsidian Gorge Wayshrine in Deshaan.

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