ESO Delve: Lady Llarel’s Shelter

Greetings fellow knowledge seeker, enclosed you will find the Delve Report compiled by BenevolentBowd containing information on its inhabitants, loot found, and a map.

General Information

Origins of the delve’s name are obsure, but whoever Lady Llarel was it seems unlikely she’d find shelter here now, as the grotto seems to be occupied by a hive of wild kwama.

Lady Llarel’s Shelter is located northeast of the Obsidian Gorge Wayshrine in Deshaan.


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Small grotto.


Mobs: Kwama

Critters: Scrib

Named:  Lady Llarel


  • Kwama Egg Omlette


  • Site has potential for a scrib jelly farming location as the critters spawn quickly
  • Saw one chest but no lootable containers
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