ESOTU Delve: Knife Ear Grotto

We are strong. We despise the weak and hate the frail. And we abhor the mortals most of all because they are both weak and frail. The weak must be punished by the strong! It is our calling, and it is the order of our lord and master, Molag Bal — The Will of Drulshasa.

Knife Ear Grotto is located southeast of Elden Hollow Wayshine in Deshaan.


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Small Daedric shrine


Mobs: Daedra

Critters: Rats,

Named:  Drulshasa


  • “A Fair Warning”
  • “The Will of Drulshasa”
  • Many bookshelves


  • Not a bad place to harvest Daedric Hearts as the mobs respawn quickly
  • At least one treasure chest
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