ESO New Event Vendor Debuts Next Event: Indriks Return

In today’s PTS Patch Notes, Zenimax Online Studio teases the return of Indriks. So if you missed some indriks and have spare tickets, you are in luck.

During the upcoming Zeal of Zenithar Event, a new vendor will appear at the Belkarth Festival Grounds. This vendor will appear during events like the Impresario.

This vendor will offer

  1. Nascent Indrik feathers (5 Tickets)
  2. Indrik Seasonal Rotation
    1. First Quarter
      1. Dawnwood and Spectral Indrik Berries
      2. Spring Tide and Haunting Indrik pets
    2. Second Quarter
      1. Luminous and Icebreath Berries
      2. Shimmering and Rimedusk pets
    3. Third Quarter (after Zeal before Witches Fest)
      1. Onyx and Mossheart Berries
      2. Ebon-Glow and Sapling Pets
    4. Fourth Quarter (Witches Fest to End of Year)
      1. Pure Snow and Crimson Indriks
      2. Frost-Light and Rosethorn Pets
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