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ESO Inventory Management

I have often referred to ESO as Endgame: Sack Organizing or just Endless Sack Organizing. Unfortunately, inventory management is a mini-game that no one can escape in the Elder Scrolls Online. Here are a few ways to improve your inventory management endgame.

ESO Crafting Writ Calculator

The “no-frills” mobile-friendly crafting writ calculator was created as a result of experimentation and research into finding ways to help console players efficiently and effectively complete daily crafting writs. This tool allow players to determine how many days of crafting writ items can be pre-made based on the number of empty inventory slots available to …

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ESO Poison-Making For The Savvy Assassin

A common expression heard in taverns is “Pick your poison…”. With this guide, a savvy assassin will be able to pick the right poison for the job or to satiate the saltier clients with a need for increased suffering of the victim. Summary This tome reveals the mysteries of alchemy in the context of poison-making.  Here’s a …

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