ESOTU: Unlockable Collectibles

UpdateThere is an excellent post on Reddit by canopus12 that summarizes where you can get all of the collectibles in Elder Scrolls Online.

I have reposted it here with some minor spelling corrections, additional clarifying text, headings, and navigation.


  1. Base Game
  2. DLC
    1. Imperial City
    2. Orsinium
    3. Thieves’ Guild
    4. Dark Brotherhood

Base Game

  • Golden Saint – unlocked at rank CP20
  • Dark Seducer – unlocked at rank CP60
  • Mannimarco – unlocked at rank CP100
  • Imperial Chancellor – unlocked at rank CP160
  • Caldwell’s Helm of Heroism – complete Caldwell’s Gold (obtained at the Harborage from Cadwell after the completion of the main quest and the silver portion of Cadwell’s Almanac)
  • Skeleton Polymorph – Complete ‘The Bargain’s End,’ a quest found in the NW of Shadowfen
  • Emperor’s Regalia – Become Emperor (Cyrodil / PvP)
  • Xivkyn Auger, Dreadguard, and Tormentor – Buy Tel Var lockboxes. They’re tradeable, which is why it’s listed here.
  • There’s also the 4 horses you can buy from any stablemaster.
  • There are various Momentos you can obtain by completing the quests found in Public Dungeons. (15)
  • There is one obtained by meeting Almalexia through the Deshaan questline, as well as one obtained by doing the Shad Astula questline. (northern Deshaan)
  • There was one that was free, during the second anniversary event, but it is no longer available. Finally, there is one obtainable by completing a quest in northern Cyrodil.
  • Imgakin Monkey – Play during the beta. No longer available
  • Razak’s Opus – Complete the Razak’s Wheel Public Dungeon
  • Bristlegut Pig – Visit the ESO booth at PAX, and other gaming conventions. Or, buy a code in-game – people will sell some every now and then.



Imperial City:

  • Soul Shriven Skin – Small chance to get it while playing in IC
  • Stonefire Scamp – Same as above
  • Necrotic Hoarver – Complete Imperial Challenger achievement



  • Echalette pet – Visit Wrothgar
  • Vosh Rakh Ceremonial Mask – acquired during the main quest
  • Regalia of the Orsimer King – Complete the main quest
  • Old Orsinium Sentry – Fill the Orsimer House of Glories Trinimac’s Penitent Knight – Same as above
  • Hidden Pressure Vent – Complete Rinkadleft
  • Malacath’s Wrathful Flame – Complete Old Orsinium
  • Maelstrom Baron – Complete veteran Maelstrom Arena


Thieves Guild:

  • Jackal pet – Visit Hew’s Bane
  • Thieves Guild Leathers – Join the Thieves Guild
  • Merchant Lord’s Formal Regalia – Acquired during the main quest
  • Pirharri the Smuggler assistant – Complete the main quest
  • Coin of Illusory Riches – Become a Master Thief
  • Drom’Athra Skin – Complete vet Maw of Lorkhaj


Dark Brotherhood:

  • Assassin Personality – Visit The Gold Coast
  • Shrouded Armor – Acquired during the main quest
  • Black Hand Robe – Beat the Main Quest
  • Cadaverous Assassin – Complete the Litany of Blood Achievement
  • Blade of the Blood Oath – Complete the Bane of the Gold Coast Achievement
  • Box of Forbidden Relics – Complete the Flawless Sacrament Achievement



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