ESOTU Cyrodiil: Do you know about the PvE daily quests?

Do MoreAn often overlooked source of PvE daily fun are the five main PvE quest hubs in Cyrodiil. Every day, 5 – 10 quests in each hub can be completed for experience and coin. The quests, which are randomly chosen from those of offered by the specific NPC,  involve visiting nearby Points of Interests (POI) like camps, ruins, or delves.

Note: After the Shadows of the Hist update, alliances will be able to capture towns which may make it more difficult for PvE players to avoid the conflict for the control of Cyrodiil.


The best times to complete these quests are during the offpeak periods and/or when your faction is dominating the map.

Due to the fact that completing delves in Cyrodiil grants players special buffs like Alliance Point earning bonuses, the chance of running across enemy players is higher than quests involving visiting ruins or camps in the wilderness.

If you are not familiar with Cyrodiil, there is a separate fast travel system, transitive shrines, that allows you to travel to most of the keeps currently under your faction control (not currently flagged / under attack or at least one keep resource under your faction’s control). Certain locations like Nikel, Sejanus, can be traveled to but not from.

There are 49 Dailies on all.


Cyrodiil Map showing major settlements
Map of Cyrodiil depicting the location of the 5 major settlements


  • The quests will now reward 250 AP for completion and a Reward Container that represents the town’s wares when captured.
    • These containers have a single item from one of the town’s item sets.
    • The item inside may be Green, Blue, or rarely Purple-quality.
  • As Cheydinhal and Chorrol cannot be captured, Cheydinhal sources “Attacker” sets and Chorrol gives “Defensive” sets from the other three towns.
    • This means that every item set from the towns in Cyrodiil is available from the quest rewards of two different towns.

Achievements (100pts.)

  • Vlastarus Adventurer 10pts.
  • Chorrol Weynon Priory Adventurer 10pts.
  • Cheydinhal Adventurer 10pts.
  • Cropsford Adventurer 10pts.
  • Bruma Adventurer 10pts.
  • Cyrodiil Champion 50pts.