ESO Cyrodiil: Do you know about the PvE daily quests?

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An often overlooked source of PvE daily fun are the five main PvE quest hubs in Cyrodiil. Every day, 5 – 10 quests in each hub can be completed for experience and coin. The quests, which are randomly chosen from those of offered by the specific NPC,  involve visiting nearby Points of Interests (POI) like camps, ruins, or delves.

There are 49 Dailies on all.

Note: After the Shadows of the Hist update, alliances will be able to capture towns which may make it more difficult for PvE players to avoid the conflict for the control of Cyrodiil.



Cyrodiil Map showing major settlements
Map of Cyrodiil depicting the location of the 5 major settlements


The best times to complete these quests are during the offpeak periods and/or when your faction is dominating the map.

Due to the fact that completing delves in Cyrodiil grants players special buffs like Alliance Point earning bonuses, the chance of running across enemy players is higher than quests involving visiting ruins or camps in the wilderness.

If you are not familiar with Cyrodiil, there is a separate fast travel system, transitive shrines, that allows you to travel to most of the keeps currently under your faction control (not currently flagged / under attack or at least one keep resource under your faction’s control).




Grigerda is located inside the manor house on the left stairs.

Bring Down the Magister: Kill the Shadowed Path Magister.

Magister spawns in a ruined house just outside the building to the east.

Requests for Aid:  Find the lockbox and put the supplies in it. The chest is not far to the south.

Run to locations and use chest.

Timely Intervention: Search for Merthas Andavel and Halfara Black-Bear.

Once you talk to the contacts, there will be combat involving 2 or more daedra.

The Unseen: Use the crystal she gave me to search and  destroy any portals you find. The portals are inside the house at the end of corridors. Beware of daedra spawns when the gates are closed.

This one doesn’t involve leaving the manor.

Know thy Enemy: Kill a Dremora Churl, Dremora Caitiff, Dremora Kyngald, Kill Dremora Karkynaz.

This quest is easier if you can recognize the enemies from a distance.
Churl – 1H Sword (belt)
Caitiff – 2H Sword (back)
Kyngald – Mage with Red Flame Staff
Narkynaz – Mage with Blue Flame Staff




Hjorik is located inside the chapel  building in the south part of Bruma.

If you don’t like a quest, abandon and ask again.

Dangerously Low: Search to the ruins in Bruma for water and 3 baskets containing clothes.

I suggest heading around the main structure from along the south side and then west.

Capstone Caps: Look for the mushrooms inside Capstone Cave. This one requires travel to a delve northwest of town.

This quest requires you to retrieve items from a populated delve. Easily done by stealth characters, DPS character, or small group.

Lost and Alone: Search for survivors and give each an invisibility potion to reach the church safely. The survivors are found inside structures and in the guard posts along the south walls.

There are three survivors just to the east and south in and around the rampart structures.

The Standing Stone: The standing stone is located southeast of town.

This is a simple go there, use, and return quest.

Enemy Reinforcements: Stop Dremora from entering Bruma. The locations for this quest are on the left side of the road leading north out of town.

Head north and talk to contact. Then kill a two waves of Dremoras and then the final Titan (200,ooo Health)




  • 252 AP for completion
  • Reward Container that represents the town’s wares when captured. These containers have a single item from one of the town’s item sets. The item inside may be Green, Blue, or rarely Purple-quality.
    • Cyrodiil’s Ward
    • Deadly Strike
    • Eagle-Eyed
    • Hawk’s Eye
    • Kyne’s Kiss
    • Morag Tong
    • The Sentry
    • Shadow Walker
    • The Valiante
    • Vengence Leech
  • Cyrodiil Citrus
  • 362 Gold



Sylvian Herius

Sylvian is located in the well just east of the town marker on the map.

Bloodied Waters: Kill 4 Imperial Archers on the east bank of the river.

See map below for locations.

Keepsake: Retrieve heirloom in the cathedral across the river.

This quest is easily completed by swimming across the river, avoiding the guards, and climbing the rubble to access the inside of the Cathedral.

A Debt Come Due: Kill an Imperial Lieutenant.

The Imperial Lieutenant patrols the road from the bard to north edge of the circle.
Cannot use blade of woe.

Stacking the Odds: Meet the spy and provide them with their orders.

The spy is found just on the other side of the north bridge next to cathedral. After you talk to them, they will disappear and you will be attacked.

For Piety’s Sake: Deliver petitions to the nearby shrine.

Travel to location and use chest. You will then be attacked by two Imperial Legionaires. You do not have to kill them to complete quest.


Vyctoria Girien

Ayleid Treasure: Search the ruins of Vahtacen for her and collect any Ayleid items you find. The ruins are found east of nearby Harlun’s Outpost.

Prisoners of War: Go to graveyard and free the prisoners.

Spice: Cross the river into Imperial territory and poison the food that’s stored in a house (downstairs and upstairs) and in the old church.

Thorns in Our Side: Retrieve some of the rebels’ valuables from Bandit band “The Thorns” located at the lodge northwest of town. The box is located behind the house.




  • 250 AP for completion
  • 262 Gold
  • Reward Container that represents the town’s wares when captured. These containers have a single item from one of the town’s item sets. The item inside may be Green, Blue, or rarely Purple-quality.
    • Elf Bane
    • Eagle Eye
    • Morag Tong
  • Cyrodiil Citrus


Chorrol / Weynon Priory


Lliae is located behind a house overlooking a lava fissue.

Death to the Black Daggers: Kill Black Daggers (10).

Guard Work is Never Done: Travel to Narsinfel and return Captain Minwe to reset.

You will want a fast mount for this quest. You can take a short cut through the mine but you may have to fight one or more Imperial legionnaires. Once on target, you will attack Captain Minwe’s ghost.

Fields of Fire: Kill Fire Atronachs (4) in the lava fissure in the middle of Chorrol.

The Cache: Resupply Lliae’s Case Northeast of Fort Glademist by the Moranda ruins.

The High Cost of Lying: Trigger a Black Dagger ambush north of Chorrol.

You will want a fast mount for this one. This quest requires you to travel north of the nearby keep. You will a suspicious backpack at the objective. Two bandits will attack you when you inspect the pack.



Mael is located on the front steps of Weynon Priory

Abominations: Find the corpses of the two villages taken by the vampires of Lipsand Tarn  (delve North of Fort Rayles) and burn them. Travel North to the delve. The bodies are on the East side of the largest chamber.

Black Dagger Supplies: Taint Supplies (4) in camp to the West. Take the road west then cross the river to the south. Turn west and follow the river until to arrive at a ruined farmhold. Go inside house, clear of enemies, and taint the 4 containers

Claw of Akatosh: Recover the claw from the Black Dagger on an island to the West.

Overdue Supplies: Search Coldcorn Ruin for any sign of Lucius to the East. Find Lucius in the ruined tower and examine him to read note. Take the stairs up, jump the gap, and then climb along the wall to the top to find the chest.

The Lich: Destroy the Lich in Lindai ruins to the east.




Prefect Antias

Beware. Antias is located inside the small building to the southwest of the town square and can be a popular spot for gankers and griefers.

Seeds of Hope: Collect seeds from Bloody Hand Goblins in the Cracked Wood Cave delve northeast of town. The seeds found in the large cavern with the water located to the east.

Offerings to Zenithar: Collect Hedoran Treasure. Travel to the Hedoran estate southeast of town. The quest can be sped up by having Persuade (Mages’ Guild) and Intimidate (Fighters’ Guild) perks unlocked.

Crown Point: Collect Firewood southwest of town and re-light the flame atop Crown Point Tower. Head to house to the south, grab wood from stack at side of house, go to tower to the south, and light flame.

Hedoran Estate: Collect Hedoran Treasure. Travel to the Hedoran estate southeast of town. The items are found in and around the ruins. NPC combat likely.


Ufgra gra-Gum

Ufgra is located in the town square next to a lamp post and momument.

Harvest Time: Collect 6 Sacks of produce from around the town. The flat sacks are found leaning next to carts on the roadside or near buildings. Sack of produce often found by carts and one is in a pumpkin patch. They will respawn after a few minutes.

The Dead of Culotte: Kill 8 Undead in Culotte ruins to the west of town.

Bloody Hand Spies: Kill a Bloody Hand Skirmisher near the town. The Bloody Hand Skirmishers can be found crouching overlooking the town on the cliffs and by the waterfall.

Securing Knowledge: Stow Books in Chest northeast of town.

Goblin’s Delight: Description

Timberscar Troubles: Kill Timberscar Leader on the road south and east of town.



  • 250 AP for completion
  • Reward Container that represents the town’s wares when captured. These containers have a single item from one of the town’s item sets. The item inside may be Green, Blue, or rarely Purple-quality.
    • Almalexia’s Mercy
    • Alteration Mastery
    • Ancient Grace
    • Arch-Mage
    • Curse-Eater
    • Cyrodiil’s Light
    • Desert Rose
    • Imperium’S Wraith
    • The Swift



Found near the center of town.

An Evil Presence: Investigate Graveyard and Cave to the southwest.

Essence of Flame: Collect Essence of Flame (4) from the ruins at Ceyatatar

Momentos: Recover Stolen items (3) from Nornalhorst.

Silver Scales: Steal silver scales from poachers.



Nelerien is found in the workers barracks.

Bear Essentials: Kill Gaping Maw northeast of Vlastrus to kill it.

Death to the Crone: Kill Barasatii in Nisin Cave.

For a Friend: Kill Captain Juras to the east at Juras Falls.

Rock Bone Diplomacy: Kill Rock Bone Goblins (8) at a camp northeast of Vlastarus.

Stolen Banner: Collect banner. Return to Vlastarus or Burn Banner in campfire.

The Direct Approach: Kill Shadowed Path Necromancers (3) in Haynote Cave, North of Vlastarus.


Achievements (100pts.)

  • Vlastarus Adventurer 10pts.
  • Chorrol Weynon Priory Adventurer 10pts.
  • Cheydinhal Adventurer 10pts.
  • Cropsford Adventurer 10pts.
  • Bruma Adventurer 10pts.
  • Cyrodiil Champion 50pts.