ESO Cyrodiil: Do you know about the town daily quests?


Sylvian Herius

Sylvian is located in the well just east of the town marker on the map.

Bloodied Waters: Kill 4 Imperial Archers on the east bank of the river.

See map below for locations.

Keepsake: Retrieve heirloom in the cathedral across the river.

This quest is easily completed by swimming across the river, avoiding the guards, and climbing the rubble to access the inside of the Cathedral.

A Debt Come Due: Kill an Imperial Lieutenant.

The Imperial Lieutenant patrols the road from the bard to north edge of the circle.
Cannot use blade of woe.

Stacking the Odds: Meet the spy and provide them with their orders.

The spy is found just on the other side of the north bridge next to cathedral. After you talk to them, they will disappear and you will be attacked.

For Piety’s Sake: Deliver petitions to the nearby shrine.

Travel to location and use chest. You will then be attacked by two Imperial Legionaires. You do not have to kill them to complete quest.



Vyctoria Girien

Ayleid Treasure: Search the ruins of Vahtacen for her and collect any Ayleid items you find. The ruins are found east of nearby Harlun’s Outpost.

Entrance to delve is guarded by two skeletons. The ruins are filled with wraiths and skeletons.

The Burned Estate: Destroy Daedric Stones (3)

The stones are guarded by mobs of 2 to 3.

Prisoners of War: Go to graveyard and free the prisoners.

The two prisoners are side-by-side and guarded by an Imperial Legionnaire.

Spice: Cross the river into Imperial territory and poison the food that’s stored in a house (downstairs and upstairs) and in the old church.

The house is guarded outside and inside.
House interiors are a popular ganking location because you cannot leave a house unless undamaged for 2 seconds.

Thorns in Our Side: Retrieve some of the rebels’ valuables from Bandit band “The Thorns” located at the lodge northwest of town. The box is located behind the house.

You will have to pick the chest to complete this task. NPC patrol the chest area.




  • 250 AP for completion
  • 262 Gold
  • Reward Container that represents the town’s wares when captured. These containers have a single item from one of the town’s item sets. The item inside may be Green, Blue, or rarely Purple-quality.
    • Elf Bane
    • Eagle Eye
    • Morag Tong
  • Cyrodiil Citrus


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