ESO Cyrodiil: Do you know about the town daily quests?


Prefect Antias

Caution: Antias is located inside the small building to the southwest of the town square and can be a popular spot for gankers and griefers.

Seeds of Hope: Get seeds back from Bloody Hand Goblins.

1. Cracked Wood Cave delve northeast of town.
2. Use caution, entrance is guarded.
3. Sneak or kill your way to the large cavern with the water located to the north and then east. (see maps below)

Goblin’s Delight: Description

Offerings to Zenithar: Collect Hedoran Treasure. Travel to the Hedoran estate southeast of town. The quest can be sped up by having Persuade (Mages’ Guild) and Intimidate (Fighters’ Guild) perks unlocked.

Lorene Menillet – just outside house. They will give you the item when you talk to them.
Lulius Asellio – Can be persuaded (Mages’ guild passive). If not, you need to collect 4 ears of corn from his flooded field.
Shagol gro-Gular – Caution, alliance guards patrol the path in which their cart is on.
Bosekus Sun-Belly- Can be intimidated (Fighters’ guild passive). If not, you need to retrieve his axe from the fast travel fort. (shown as the sword on the map below)
Once you have all the items, you burn them at the shrine.

Crown Point: Re-light the flame atop Crown Point.

1. Collect Firewood southwest of town
2. Travel to Crown Point (south)
3. Enter tower. Use door to top.
4. Light brazier

Hedoran Estate: Collect Hedoran Treasure. Travel to the Hedoran estate southeast of town. The items are found in and around the ruins. NPC combat likely.

You need only one of the three treasure quest nodes at the estate.
The easiest is in the ruined room on the first floor on the the north side.
You can loot it from outside and run away.
There are several guards but they can’t jump the short wall but will path around to attack.



Ufgra gra-Gum

Ufgra is located in the town square next to a lamp post and momument.

Harvest Time: Collect 6 Sacks of produce from around the town. The flat sacks are found leaning next to carts on the roadside or near buildings. Sack of produce often found by carts and one is in a pumpkin patch. They will respawn after a few minutes.

Unfortunately, the quest nodes are shared and if you have competition, you may have to run the circuit (map below) a few times or wait for the grain to respawn (2.5 minutes).

The Dead of Culotte: Kill 8 Undead in Culotte ruins to the west of town.

The ruins are not far from town. Combat is required.

Bloody Hand Spies: Kill a Bloody Hand Skirmisher near the town. The Bloody Hand Skirmishers can be found crouching overlooking the town on the cliffs and by the waterfall.

There are several spies a short distance from the quest giver. They are usually hiding on cliff or behind tree. See map.

Securing Knowledge: Stow Books in Chest northeast of town.

The chest is not far by a waterfall. When you open the chest, you will be ambushed but you can run away from the chest immediately to avoid the ambush.

Timberscar Troubles: Kill Timberscar Leader on the road south and east of town.

The goblin chief is not to far away from town. See map. He has one guard with him.




  • 250 AP for completion
  • Reward Container that represents the town’s wares when captured. These containers have a single item from one of the town’s item sets. The item inside may be Green, Blue, or rarely Purple-quality.
    • Almalexia’s Mercy
    • Alteration Mastery
    • Ancient Grace
    • Arch-Mage
    • Curse-Eater
    • Cyrodiil’s Light
    • Desert Rose
    • Imperium’s Wraith
    • The Swift
    • Lead: Sorcerer-King’s Blade
  • Cyrodiil Citrus


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