ESO Cyrodiil: Do you know about the town daily quests?



Found near the center of town.

An Evil Presence: Investigate Graveyard and Cave to the southwest.

Essence of Flame: Collect Essence of Flame (4) from the ruins at Ceyatatar

Momentos: Recover Stolen items (3) from Nornalhorst.

Silver Scales: Steal silver scales from poachers.




Nelerien is found in the workers barracks.

Bear Essentials: Kill Gaping Maw northeast of Vlastrus to kill it.

Death to the Crone: Kill Barasatii in Nisin Cave.

For a Friend: Kill Captain Juras to the east at Juras Falls.

Rock Bone Diplomacy: Kill Rock Bone Goblins (8) at a camp northeast of Vlastarus.

Stolen Banner: Collect banner. Return to Vlastarus or Burn Banner in campfire.

The Direct Approach: Kill Shadowed Path Necromancers (3) in Haynote Cave, North of Vlastarus.




  • 250 AP for completion
  • Reward Container that represents the town’s wares when captured. These containers have a single item from one of the town’s item sets. The item inside may be Green, Blue, or rarely Purple-quality.
  • Cyrodiil Citrus

Achievements (100pts.)

  • Vlastarus Adventurer 10pts.
  • Chorrol Weynon Priory Adventurer 10pts.
  • Cheydinhal Adventurer 10pts.
  • Cropsford Adventurer 10pts.
  • Bruma Adventurer 10pts.
  • Cyrodiil Champion 50pts.


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