ESO TheoryCRAFTING: Endeavors, Year One

Endeavors Completed With Base Game (Paywalls)

These chart shows the percentage of Endeavors that could have been completed in the base game. In the first 200 days, most of the Endeavors could have been completed with just the base game. The majority of the paywall tasks were Antiquities, Thieves’ Guild Dailies (Heists), and Dark Brotherhood assassinations.

ESO Weekly Endeavors By Paywall Categories
ESO Daily Endeavors by Paywall Categories

*Note: Imperial City activities were considered base game as players could obtain the DLC for free from the Crown Store.

Endeavors by Playstyle

I attempted to breakdown the endeavors by playstyle. The general classification method was if a task could be completed in Cyrodiil, Imperial City, or Battlegrounds. Since there are crafting set stations in Cyrodiil, harvest nodes, treasure chests, PvE mobs, these PvE tasks could be completed in PvP areas. However, most PvPer’s would agree that these are not PvP activities. In that case, the both category would also be considered PvE. Basically, 20% of weekly endeavors and 9% of daily endeavors involve active PvP.

ESO Weekly Endeavors by PVP Category
ESO Daily Endeavors by PVP Category
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