ESO Account Ban Serves as a Reminder to Be Cautious with Character Names

Recent ban for character names serves a reminder to be cautious naming characters after existing NPC’s and items.

“A member of the community got banned for having lore-friendly thematic names honoring the sets dropped from their favorite raid encounter that they’ve had for years. Could we get a member of ZOS looking into this, please? They’ve had the names for thousand of hours and have interacted with support plenty, and now their account is permanently deactivated; wiping out all of their progress over has to be an automated mistake from a bot.”

The official reply from the developer was as follows.

“Hey all, while we’re not able to get into the specifics of this particular ban, we can clarify that names of in-game item sets, locations, major NPCs, bosses, etc are technically against the TOS (outlined in section 6.1).”


Hey all, we’d like to provide some clarification here based on what was said earlier.

First, we typically don’t ban an account for a bad character name if there is no other TOS history on the account. We will simply just have you change the name. Now, if there is an extensive TOS history, there may be situations where your account could be suspended or banned for a character name that breaks the TOS.

We also want to clarify that using Tamrielic house names or other lore-friendly names is fine and isn’t breaking the TOS. What we don’t allow is using the proper name of major characters, bosses, etc. For example, you can’t name your character Abnur Tharn but you could name a character Gina Tharn.


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