ESO TheoryCRAFTING: Endeavors, Year One

In this article, we celebrate the first year of ESO Endeavors and I have done the math so you do not have to. The numbers are broken down by percentages and categories such as PVE, PVP, Paywells, and Task Category.


If you are new to the Elder Scrolls Online or haven’t played Elder Scrolls Online in a while, let’s quickly review the Endeavors System.

Added shortly after the release of the Blackwood Chapter, Endeavors were introduced to provide ways to earn in-game currency to purchase items that were only found in loot boxes called Crown Crates. This new in-game currency called Endeavors, can be earned by completing up to 3 daily tasks and 1 weekly task. The Seals of Endeavors can be used in a special section of the Crown Store to purchase items available during the current Crown Crate Season.

You can access the Endeavors using the Group and Activity Finder on your PC or Console Menus.


Since some of you may not be interested in all the dark “mathemancy” and charts, I’m providing an executive summary at the beginning of this article for your convenience. If you wish to brave the charts, you will find that they are pretty simplistic and include breakdowns by percentages or provide a straight trend line to illustrate positive or negative trends.

The Good News

The graphs trends suggest that the endeavor rewards are starting to level off and therefore for a bit more easier to predict when you might get that next Apex Mount. With the inclusion of new endeavor categories later in the year, such as housing and fashion, it suggests that the developers are trying to make endeavors more accessible to different play styles.

Overall, The Elder Scrolls Online has done a really good job at minimizing the number of Endeavors locked behind a DLC or Chapter Paywall. Over the year, we have seen Base game Endeavors increase to about 94%. The most common DLC endeavors are antiquities and dark brotherhood tasks.
However, it should be mentioned that there have been several recent Destroy/Kill quests that target mobs found in DLC areas like Clockwork Foes, Iron Attronachs, Stone Golems, and Void Creatures.

The Bad News

Looking at the numbers, the endeavor system provide more options for the PvE Playstyle. There is a higher percentage of PvE Endeavors than pure PvP Endeavors. However, according to the numbers, around 60% of daily endeavors and about 50% of weekly endeavors can be done in Cyrodiil or the Imperial City (e.g. harvest nodes, craft/deconstruct, etc.). That being said, The Elder Scrolls Online appears to work hard to include PvP tasks in the daily and weekly groups. For example, one day a task was missing. Within a short period of time, a PvP endeavor was added.

Finally, it looks like the developers have removed Transmute Crystals and Tel Var Stones rewards as it has been a very long time since we have seen these rewards.

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