ESO TheoryCRAFTING: Endeavors, Year One

What did you have to do?

On my website, I have categorized Endeavor tasks into 11 groups. Over the year the Elder Scrolls Online has tweaked the endeavors to include activities for Housing, Fashion, Crafting, and Lore.

Endeavor Categories
Arenas / Dungeons / Trials
Crafting (Making, Deconstructing, and Harvesting)
Dark Brotherhood (Killing people, Killing Citizens with Blade of Woe, and Sacraments)
Destroy / Kill (Kill Mobs, with poisons, with class abilities, with weapon abilities, etc.)
Fashion (Outfits)
Legerdemain / Thieving (Stealing, Pickpocketing, Lockpicking)
Player vs. Player (Kill Players, Kill Patrolling Horrors, Town quests)
Questing (Complete quests)
Use / Consume/Do (Food, Drinks, Ultimates, Sell Items, Acquire Mundus Boon, Read Lore Books, etc.)
First Year ESO Endeavors

Endeavors By Category

Here is a breakdown of the weekly and daily endeavors offered. Arena/Dungeon/Trial Endeavors were the largest weekly category, followed by PVP, and Kill/Destroy quests.

Comparing this graph to similar charts I have made in the past,

Weekly ESO Endeavors by Category

The Destroy / Kill quests were the largest daily endeavor category, followed by Crafting and Use/Consume/Do tasks.

Daily ESO Endeavors by Category
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