ESO The Zeal of Zenithar Event

The official date has finally been announced and the event details were confirmed this week.

The God of Commerce ensures hard work pays off for the laborers of Tamriel during the Zeal of Zenithar in-game event.


  • Jul 27th at 10AM EDT until August 8 at 10AM EDT.


  • Zenithar’s Sublime Parcel boxes
    • daily quest, “Honest Toil.
  • Zenithar’s Delightful Parcel boxes
  • Parcel Contents
    • A tradeable outfit style page for the new Kwama Miner’s Kit outfit style armor [NEW]
    • A tradeable outfit style page for the new Ashen Militia weapon style [NEW]
    • Durable crafting materials, provisioning ingredients, alchemy reagents, runestones, or a motif style item
    • Crafting boosters
    • Chance to drop a gold-tier booster or a research time scroll
    • Furnishing or provisioning recipes
    • Repair kits, siege repair kits, or a small chance for an Impresario Group Repair Kit
    • Treasure Maps, Survey Reports, Imperial City vault keys, Companion gear, or a random currency pouch
    • The random currency pouch can contain either gold or Tel Var stones; there is an extremely small chance that you discover a jackpot that allots 100,000 of the associated currency!
    • The earnings from this pouch, jackpot or otherwise, are unaffected by any form of currency boosts
  • Global Event Modifiers
    • Wayshrine travel costs are reduced by 75%
    • Repair costs on vendors are reduced by 50%
    • Crafting inspiration gain from all sources is increased by 100%
    • Vendor prices across Tamriel are reduced by 10%
      These include:
      • Vendors that sell items for gold, AP, or Tel Var stones, including the Golden Vendor
      • Houses purchasable for gold
      • New rare social and combat wilderness encounters are peppered throughout Tamriel for you to find, related to Zeal of Zenithar


To access the event, pick up the introductory quest “The Unrefusable Offer” from Amminus Varo at the Belkarth festival grounds in the Craglorn region (or get the free quest starter from the Crown Store). If you need help locating Belkarth, travel to the nearest Impresario tent, and use the portal nearby to transport yourself to the city.

To earn 3 Event Tickets per day when you complete the daily quest “Honest Toil” daily quest.

  • Earning Zenithar’s Delightful Parcel boxes
    • “Hard Way”
      • Completing the introductory quest “The Unrefusable Offer”
      • Completing any Master Writ, per disciple, per account, each day [NEW]
        • Subsequent Master Writs of the same discipline won’t provide further boxes until the daily reset [NEW]
      • First daily Crafting Writ, per account, completed each day
      • Defeat a world boss while grouped with a player who is in at least one of your player guilds
      • Complete a world event while grouped with a player who is in at least one of your player guilds
      • Conquering each round of a group-based arena challenge while grouped with a player who is in at least one of your player guilds has the chance of dropping a box
      • The final round’s reward chest contains a guaranteed parcel
    • “Easy Way”
      • a small chance to steal parcels from hard-working Tamrielic citizens through pickpocketing, strongboxes, or thieves’ troves.

You can acquire 39 Event Tickets during this event.

Check out Tianlein’s YouTube Video
Check out Tianlein’s YouTube Video

Impresario Tent


  • All three Passion Dancer Blossom pet fragments
    • Chartreuse Lily Petals
    • Enchanted Silver Flute
    • Mystical Sheet Music
  • First Passion Dancer Garment costume fragment
    • Bolt of Indigo Cotton
  • Bound style pages for the Kwama Miner’s Kit outfit style armor
  • Bound style pages for the Ashen Militia weapon style
  • Group Repair Kits
  • Companion Guild Commendations

Who is the Impresario?

Philius Dormier [NEW]

  • All three Unstable Morpholith pet fragments
    • Deadlands Flint
    • Rune-Etched Striker
    • Smoldering Bloodgrass Tinder
  • All three Deadlands Firewalker personality fragments
    • Vial of Simmering Daedric Brew
    • Vial of Bubbling Daedric Brew
    • Vial of Scalding Daedric Brew

Nenulaure the Indrik Vendor

  • Nascent Indrik Feathers
  • Onyx Indrik Berries
  • Mossheart Indrik Berries
  • Ebon-Glow Indrik pet
  • Sapling Indrik pet


Here’s a collection of tips and tricks for this event

  • Pick up that expensive house you have been wanting to buy with gold for a while (10% off)
  • Level those crafters (Crafting Inspiration 100% bonus)
    • Alchemy (Note: I levelled my new character to level Alchemy level 27 by just learning the standard potion and poison reagent traits)
    • Enchanting (Note: I was able to level a new character to 50 enchanting in under 2 minutes by maxing out CP Inspiration Boost and deconstructing 100 CP160 Purple Glyphs made by another character)
    • Provisioning
  • Fill up you crafting bag (especially while free ESO+ Trial on) with basic style items for writs (10% off)
  • Purchase items for resale or items you need from the special currency vendors (10% off)
  • Complete your missing event collections
    • Unstable Morpholith pet
    • Deadlands Firewalker
    • Nascent Indrik
    • Mounts
      • Onyx Indrik
      • Mossheart Indrik
    • Missing Event Pets
      • Ebon-Glow Indrik
      • Saply Indrik


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