ESO Cyrodiil Town Vendors

Merchant Stall

Originally I found this gem of knowledge on Reddit regarding the sets of special non-crafted sets in Cyrodiil. I have updated the content to include the changes after Patch 2.7.x and the introduction of Regional Zone sets.

The option to buy Regional Zones offered the ability to farm PvE gear in PvP areas.


  • Bruma — Medium
  • Cropsford – Light
  • Vlastarus – Heavy
  • Zone Sets
Originally submitted on  Reddit by powerman123 and related to [PC]. Map added.

Patch 2.7.x altered the offerings of the vendors (sets with a * will be removed) and reduced their prices (75%).
Cyrodiil Map showing major settlements

Here are all the sets sold by Cyrodiil town merchants. These were found on the PC version.

Bruma (Medium)

  • Eagle Eye 12,000AP
  • Hawk’s Eye 12,000AP
  • Kyne’s Kiss 12,000AP
  • Sentry 12,000AP
  • Shadow Walker 12,000AP
  • Shield of the Valiant 12,000AP
  • The Morag Tong 12,000AP
  • Vengeance Leech 12,000AP
  • Ward of Cyrodiil 12,000AP

Cropsford (Light)

  • Almalexia’s Mercy 12,000AP
  • Buffer of the Swift 12,000AP
  • Curse Eater 12,000AP
  • Desert Rose 12,000AP
  • Grace of the Ancients 12,000AP
  • Light of Cyrodiil 12,000AP
  • Robes of Alteration Mastery 12,000AP
  • The Arch-Mage 12,000AP
  • Wrath of the Imperium 12,000AP

Vlastarus (Heavy)

  • Affliction Item 12,000AP
  • Alessian Order 12,000AP
  • Bastion of the Heartland 12,000AP
  • Beckoning Steel 12,000AP
  • Blessing of the Potentates 12,000AP
  • Crest of Cyrodiil 12,000AP
  • Deadly Strike 12,000AP
  • Elf Bane 12,000AP
  • Ravager 12,000AP
  • The Juggernaut 12,000AP

Golden Vendor

A special vendor that only appears on the weekend.

See Chronicle of the Golden Vendor Items

Regional Equipment Vendor

  • Unknown Alik’r Desert Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Auridon Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Bangkorai Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Coldharbour Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Craglorn Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Deshaan Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Eastmarch Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Glenumbra Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Grahtwood Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Greenshade Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Malabal Tor Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Reaper’s March Item 5,000AP
  • Unkown Rift Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Rivenspire Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Shadowfen Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Stonefalls Item 5,000AP
  • Unknown Stormhaven Item 5,000AP
Items sold are of purple quality

Each set has its own box. The contents of the boxes are random but it will be a piece for the set you choose