TheoryCRAFTING: Enchanting Rank 50 in under 5 minutes?

TheoryCRAFTING is a series of short articles and YouTube videos where I examine Elder Scrolls Online theories, crafting, and or both.

In this article, we follow up on our investigation on how the inspiration caps discovered during mass deconstruction could be used to make leveling enchanting more efficient and possibly cheaper.

This information will be useful for crafters which interested in leveling enchanting quickly, unlocking enchanting hirelings, and knowing the effects on inspiration caps in ESO.

Find written guides TL;DR? Check out the 10 minute video version of this guide on YouTube


Why Level Enchanting?

A Crafter or Non-Crafter can benefit from Enchanting Skill Line Passives which 

  • Allow crafting of enchantments for weapons, armour, and jewelry.
  • Unlock Hirelings to receive enchanting materials every 12 hours or next time you login
  • Increase extraction skill to recover more crafting materials when deconstructing
  • Unlock top-tier crafting writs to earn a chance of getting sealed enchanting writs that can be used to earn vouchers (crafting currency), sold for gold, or completed to earn an incredible amount of experience points (adventure level)


Getting Started

  1. Need 0 Skill Points
  2. Need Materials for 219 CP160 Enchanting Glyphs crafted by another character or player (see shopping list)
  3. Bag and/or Bank space (219 slots) or 37 available mail slots.
  4. Access to an enchanting table
  5. Boost your Inspiration (Crafting XP) – ESO+, Orc Race, 30+ Thief Champion Points spent in The Tower tree (Inspiration Boost perk)
Note: If you are not crafting the glyphs to be deconstructed to level, you may be interested in another leveling method that requires fewer kinds of glyphs to be made.
See Spoiler: ESO Enchanting Leveling.


Shopping List

  1. Aspect Runes – 219**
    1. Jejota – 25
    2. Denata – 55
    3. Rekuta – 139
  2. Potency Runes – 219
    1. Itade (usually cheaper)
    2. Repora
  3. Essence Runes – 219
    1. Does not matter which ones
  4. An Enchanter Master friend, guildie, contractor, or another character that can make top-tier glyphs.

*Note: the quantity needed will depend on the inspiration bonuses (no inspiration bonus numbers shown here)

**For simplicity, you could go with 219 (Purple) Rekuta’s but because the game uses inspiration caps, you can split them up.

At lower levels crafting levels, inspiration is limited by a cap, the inspiration gain is the same for different quality glyphs. There appears to be “jump-points” at 15, 25, 30, and 40.


  1. Create character, skip tutorial, and claim your level 2 and 3 rewards 
  2. Obtain your glyphs. If space challenged, mail is the easiest method.
  3. Locate an enchanting table (starter town or main region town)
  4. Leave around 3 slots in your pack (need room for extracted runes)
  5. Fill up your bank and pack (see note above)
  6. Deconstruct the glyphs in following order
    1. Green
    2. Blue
    3. Purple
  7. Depending on available inventory / bank slots, refill bank and pack with more glyphs.
  8. Deconstruct the more glyphs
  9. Repeat until steps 6 and 7 until done.
  10. Celebrate

*Note: Leave around 3 slots in your pack. If you have different kinds of runes, you are going to need more. Personally, I prefer to use the account bank while I am crafting.


Demonstration Highlights

  1. If you skipped the tutorial on your new character, save your two SP for later during the leveling process. (see item 6 below)
  2. If you do not have an enchanting table in your house or guild hall, you will find them in one of the major towns in a region.
  3. The fastest method to level Enchanting is deconstructing glyphs made by other characters. ESO uses the term “Extraction” for deconstruction.
  4. ESO has crafting “jump-points” created by scaling Inspiration (crafting experience) caps. Higher quality glyphs do not add any addition inspiration as lower levels.
    1. Level 10 (Use green glyphs up to this point)
    2. Level 25 (Use blue glyphs up to this point)
    3. Level 25+ use purple glyphs
  5. If you have any leftover glyphs at a jump-point, remember to clear them from your extraction list. Selecting more than one glyph stack for extraction will trigger the Mass Deconstruction feature. Since the Mass Deconstruction feature uses the current levels inspiration cap, you may lose a significant amount of inspiration / levels earned.
  6. You will recover some materials as you level. These can be sold or saved for later.

    Tip: If you want to recover more of your materials, spend your two Skill Points from skipping the new character tutorial at level 4 and 19 on the extraction bonus passive in the Enchanting Skill Line.
  7. The final jump is at 40. You could switch to gold (Kuta) glyphs to level but given their cost, it is not advised.
  8. Fun Fact: It takes one stack of Kutas (200) to level to 50 without inspiration bonuses.


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