TheoryCRAFTING: Provisioning Rank 50 in under 6 minutes?

TheoryCRAFTING is a series of articles where I examine an Elder Scrolls Online theory, crafting, and or both.

In this article, we investigate multi-crafting and how long it would take to level a new character to Rank 50 in Provisioning.

This information will be useful for non-crafters and crafters which will benefit from the Provisioning Profession passive abilities.

Find written guides TL;DR? Check out the 12 minute video version of this guide on YouTube
Note: this is not the most efficient method but it involves significantly less time running around  to find leveling recipes.


Why Level Provisioning?

A Crafter or Non-Crafter can benefit from Provisioning Skill Line Passives which

  • Increase the duration of food and drink buffs by up to 20 minutes
  • (Gourmand – Food, Connoisseur – Drink)
  • Increase the number of items crafted without increasing the number of ingredients (up to four items per set of ingredients)
  • (Chef – Food, Brewer – Drinks)
  • Give free mats including rare purple ingredients generally only available from hirelings and reward boxes (if you do the dailies).
  • Unlock top-tier crafting writs to earn a chance a getting sealed provisioning writs that can be used to earn vouchers (crafting currency) or sold for gold.


Getting Started

  • Need 3 Skill Points
  • Need 2700g for 4 recipes (recipes differ by faction)
  • Green level 10 writ recipe (Four-Eye Grog, Lemon Flower Mazte, Clarified Syrah Wine)
  • Need the ingredients in quantities identified on next slide.
  • Bag or Bank space need for one recipe and all their ingredients (8 slots) if you do not have a craft bag.
  • Access to a starter apartment (The Rosy Lion apartment is preferred)
  • Boost your Inspiration (Crafting XP) – ESO+, Orc Race, 30+ Thief Champion Points spent in The Tower tree (Inspiration Boost perk)


Shopping List

  1. Level 10 – 130 of each ingredient
  2. Level 25 – 75 of each ingredient
  3. Level 35 – 85 of each ingredient
  4. Level 40 – 125 of each ingredient

The ingredient list will vary with your faction.
Wheat (215), Seaweed (205), Barley (75), Honey (85), Guarana (125), Isinglass (125)
Rice (130), Lemon (130), Wheat (75), Ginger (75), Surilie Grapes (85), Seaweed (85), Guarana (125), Isinglass (125)
Surilie Grapes (130), Isinglass (255), Rye (160), Honey (75), Metheglin (85), Guarana (125), Isinglass (125)


If you shop around and purchase from other players, you will save some money. Beware some players sell writ recipes at a higher price that you can obtain from the NPC’s. You can avoid being overcharged by knowing the NPC prices. Often you can get recipes for 15g – 100g each.

Level 10 – 270g
Level 25 – 540g
Level 35 – 810g
Level 40 – 1080g

If you can’t find any ingredients, you can reliably farm them in any delve or public dungeon with bandits.  
Good farming spots are 
Sanguine’s Demense (Shadowfen)
Vile Manse (Reaper’s March)
 the Hollow City (Coldharbour)



  1. Create character, skip tutorial, and claim your level 2 and 3 rewards
  2. Take 2700g from the bank
  3. Travel to your apartment and go to the nearest brewer.
  4. Make 130 or less* level 10 food or drink items
  5. Spend Skill Point to unlock next tier, buy next recipe from brewer, and learn
    1. Green level 25 writ recipe (Mermaid Whiskey, Ginger Wheat Beer, Honey Rye)
  6. Make 75 or less* level 25 food or drink items
  7. Spend Skill Point to unlock next tier, buy next recipe from brewer, and learn
    1. Green level 35 writ recipe (Sorry, Honey Lager, Nereid Wine, Rye-in-Your-Eye)
  8. Make 85 or less* level 35 food or drink items
  9. Spend Skill Point to unlock next tier, buy next recipe from brewer, and learn
    1. Green level 40 writ recipe (Blue Road Marathon)
  10. Make 125 or less* level 40 food or drink items

*Note: the quantity needed will depend on the inspiration bonuses



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