TheoryCRAFTING: Alchemy Rank 50 in under 6 minutes?

TheoryCRAFTING is a series of articles where I examine an Elder Scrolls Online theory, crafting, and or both.

In this article, we investigate multi-crafting and how long it would take to level a new character to Rank 50 in Alchemy.

This information will be useful for non-crafters and crafters which will benefit from the Alchemy Profession passive abilities.

Find written guides TL;DR? Check out the 10 minute video version of this guide on YouTube
Note: this is not the most efficient method but demonstrates how to level to alchemy 50 with only 3 skill points. A more reagent efficient guide can be found on my more detailed ESO Alchemy Leveling Guide

If you have deep pockets or a hoard of crafting mats, the fastest method can been found on my bonus video  TheoryCRAFTING: Leveling Alchemy to 50 with no inspiration bonuses or skill points 


Why Level Alchemy?

A Crafter or Non-Crafter can benefit from Alchemy Skill Line Passives which 

  • Increase the duration of potions by 30%
    (Medicinal Use)
  • Increase the number of items crafted without increasing the number of ingredients (up to four potions or 16 poisons per set of reagents)
  • Unlock three reagent crafting to allow tri-trait potions and poisons (Laboratory Use)
  • Unlock top-tier crafting writs to earn a chance of getting sealed alchemy writs that can be used to earn vouchers (crafting currency), sold for gold, or completed to earn an incredible amount of experience points (adventure level)


Getting Started

  1. Need 3 Skill Points
  2. Need the reagents and solvents / oils identified on next slide.
  3. Bag or Bank space need for at least one formula and all materials if you do not have a craft bag (8 or more slots).
  4. Access to an alchemy table
  5. Boost your Inspiration (Crafting XP) – ESO+, Orc Race, 30+ Thief Champion Points spent in The Tower tree (Inspiration Boost perk)


Shopping List

  1. Proficiency Level 1 – 20 of each reagent and solvent / oil
    (Clear Water / Ichor)
  2. Proficiency Level 2 – 40 of each reagent and solvent / oil
    (Pristine Water / Slime)
  3. Proficiency Level 3 – 41 of each reagent and solvent / oil
    (Cleansed Water / Gall)
  4. Proficiency Level 4 – 152 of each reagent and solvent / oil
    (Filtered Water / Terebinthine)


253 of any two reagents with the same trait (ravage stamina, ravage magicka, etc.)


Any two reagents sharing a trait will work for levelling.
The traits with the most reagents are

Drain Health / Restore Health

Blue Entoloma, Bugloss, Butterfly Wing, Columbine, Luminous Russula, Mountain Flower, Water Hyacinthe

Damage Health / Ravage Health

Blessed Thistle, Corn Flower, Emetic Russula, Nightshade, Nirnroot, Stinkhorn, Violent Coprinus

Damage Stamina / Ravage Stamina

Emetic Russula, Fleshfly Larva, Imp Stool, Luminous Russula, Stinkhorn

Looking for other reagent combinations? Check out my trait list on my poisons guide.


  1. Create character, skip tutorial, and claim your level 2 and 3 rewards 
  2. Locate an alchemy table (starter town or main region town)
  3. Make 20 or less* level 10 poisons / potions
  4. Spend Skill Point
  5. Make 40 or less* level 20 poisons / potions
  6. Spend Skill Point
  7. Make 41 or less* level 30 poisons / potions
  8. Spend Skill Point
  9. Make 152 or less* level 40 poisons / potions
  10. Celebrate

*Note: the quantity needed will depend on the inspiration bonuses



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