ESO Best Places to Do Crafting Writs

In the past, crafters doing daily crafting writs would have to turn-in their writs in various locations depending on writ level (proficiency). Fortunately, The Elder Scrolls Online changed that and you can now turn your writs in several locations.

Note: This article has been updated from a simple list of all the craft writ boards and turn-in locations to include suggestions on the best places for players to do their crafting writs.


  1. Best Places to Do Writs?
  2. Writ Turn-in Locations
    1. Aldmeri Dominion
    2. Daggerfall Covenant
    3. Ebonheart Pact
    4. All Factions (Craglorn and Coldharbour)
    5. Morrowind
    6. Summerset
    7. Elsweyr
    8. Western Skyrim
    9. Blackwood
    10. High Isle

Best Places to Do Writs?

There is a lot of debate amongst crafters which location has the most efficient location for doing your daily crafting writs.

To determine your best location, in my opinion, you will need to consider the following factors

  • The zones you have access to.
  • The proximity between the two writ boards and the writ turn-in location.
  • The proximity of the various kinds of crafting stations
  • The proximity of an NPC banker
  • Number of loading screens to access any of the above
  • The proximity of the crafting area to a wayshrine
  • The proximity of a stables
  • Do you have a bounty?
  • The proximity of a shadowy supplier
  • Personal zone esthetics
  • Access to outfit station

Fun Fact: The style of the reward items received (Intricate and Ornate items) from various crafting writ turn-in locations vary slightly. Vivec City, for example, we give you some Ashlander style items.

My Personal 3 Best Overall

  1. Vivec City
  2. Leyawiin
  3. Alinor

While not all players will appreciate doing their crafting writs in a construction site, Vivec City offers the most overall best balance of crafting writ factors. The crafting writs circuit is quick, no loading screens, a NPC banker to sell writ rewards on your traders, a shadowy supplier under the crafting writ turn-in to collect free reagents each day, and Morrowind is included in all current editions of The Elder Scrolls Online available for purchase.

The layout of the crafting area in Leyawiin is great. The boards are at the entrance/exit of the crafting area and it has the most compact crafting area with all stations and no loading screens. The bank isn’t too far to sell things on your trader and the close proximity of the wayshrine to the crafting area makes it easy for your main characters to fast travel in and do their writs. However, doing writ repeatedly in that area on characters that have not done the guild quests, it can be very tedious to hear the message calling out “The guild needs you or I have an urgent message for you…” over and over.

The layout of Alinor is not as compact as Leyawiin but all of the stations and writ boards are close together and a short distance from the turn-in. Personally, I pre-make my consumables items and store them on the character or in the bank for Lazy Writ Creator to access. Writ turn-in is slowed down using a mount because I cannot mount to run to the turn-in because of the restriction of mounts in the Alinor crafting area.


  1. Leyawiin
  2. Gonfalon Bay
  3. Alinor

If you are a min/maxer looking for the fastest and most efficient place to do writs, then the only thing that matters is the distance between the writ boards and the turn-in. To complete crafting writs the fastest, pre-make several days of items ahead of time and then you just need to login, get writs, turn-in, and return to boards for the next day. These three locations have some of the shortest distances between writ board and turn-in.

A few ways you can quickly pre-make your items. How many items can I pre-make? Use my calculator!

  • Change Lazywrit Crafter Settings to make more items
  • Use the default mass crafting feature to make more of the quest items (quest filter on, quantity increased from one)
Dolgubon’s Lazywrit Creator Addon can premake multiple items.

Sealed Writs

  1. Elden Root (Grahtwood) with Snugpod House (45,000g)
  2. Wayrest (Stormhaven) with Gardner House (1,015,000g)
  3. Mournhold (Deshaan) via wayshrine or Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret (13,000g)

The best place to do sealed writs is in a guild hall with all the crafting stations. To make the turn-in of master sealed writs faster, I recommend you invest in the Snugpod House in Grahtwood. You can fast travel to the outside the front door and the make the short run to Rolis on the other side of the nearby bridge. Also, the Undaunted pledge NPCs and wayshrine is nearby.
The Snugpod and The Gardner House are great places to setup a mini sealed writ crafting area with alchemy, enchanting, and provisioning stations.

New Alt Characters (Base Game)

  1. Belkarth

For some this choice may be surprising and may not be for all players. This choice will appeal to players who don’t want to do a lot of crafting writs and will be logging in to new characters to do mount training anyways. Belkarth is accessible to all characters by using the Navigators to travel to the capital cities of Mournhold, Elden Root, and Wayrest and then taking the Star Gazers cart to Belkarth.
Once in Belkarth, the characters once certified crafting writs can do a quick circuit of blacksmithing, clothing, and woodworking crafting writs and then return to the equipment writ board to visit the stable to train their mount. Using this method, the gold from the crafting writs will pay for their mount training and slowly level their crafting skills. Worth mentioning, I don’t have a craft bag on my Xbox account and I don’t have a lot of free time after doing my writs on PC. Limiting my writs to the three main equipment makes it easy to manage my crafting inventory and still do writs on multiple characters.

Other Opinions

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